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Monday March 18 2019 

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Jan 19, 2014, 7:30 pm
Dorset Cavs 131 Weymouth Bandits 72
Solent League Division 1
With only 8 players able to make the away fixture, the Bandits looked like the underdogs against a fully benched and strong Poole based team right from the start.
The Cavs took an early lead, ending the 1st quarter 27-16 and continued to dominate with their height advantage playing a huge part and finishing the half 55-30.
Although the Bandits had some impressive moments of play with the likes of Richie Camp being strong on the offensive plays, the 2nd half was much the same as the 1st and the Cavs continued to be more aggressive and strategic in finding the ring and making baskets. The final score really didn't represent how well the Bandits played as they finished 131-72 with 7 of the 8 players making it on the score sheet. 
MVP for Bandits: Richie Camp
Scorers/Roster: Richie Camp 16,  Craig Sorrell 16,  Jim de Bertrand 13,  Ben Stokey 12,  Jake Kinder 7,  Josh Turner 5,  Max Gilmartin 3,  Steve Matthews.

Knights' charge to victory in final quarter
Jan 8, 2014, 8:02 am

Weymouth Bandits 54 - 63 Winchester Knights

Going into their 3rd game of the season after consecutive defeats to Div 1's top side the Weymouth Bandits were looking to register their first win against the Winchester Knights.

Weymouth Bandits started the first quarter aggressively with Chris Canham driving to the basket and drawing fouls from the Winchester side and Heaman and de Bertrand getting early scores. Despite finding early success with composed offence and suffocating defence the Weymouth side momentarily lost their intensity. An 11 point run in the final 2 minutes of the quarter from the Winchester side was answered only by Josh Turner's 3 point shot leaving the Weymouth Bandits trailing 12-15.

During the second quarter Weymouth regained composure with scoring from Canham, Brown and Gilmartin.  Bandits defence forced the Knights into making turnovers which resulted in more Weymouth points in transition, including a fast break layup from Jay Willson making his debut for the Bandits. Sam Brown made his rebounding presence felt on both ends of the court. Weymouth's defence stifled the knights into scoring only 3 points in the quarter with the Bandits taking a 24-18 lead into the half.

The third quarter started with the two sides exchanging baskets tit-for-tat. Weymouth's Carl Carter stepped up, scoring 6 points with strong moves to the basket in a 4 minute stretch. Weymouth combined this with periods of more stagnant attack and sloppy fouls which allowed the Winchester side to get into an offensive rhythm and earn second chance baskets for by dominating rebounding. Weymouth's Scott White, another up and coming player making his Bandits debut, made his athleticism count on the offence boards, making a strong put back basket despite drawing contact from the Winchester defender.

Going into the 4th and final quarter with the scores at 43-39 the game was there for the team that wanted it most. Winchester went on a timely 14-1 run with Weymouth's defence struggling to contain their two best players. This was answered only by Carter and Canham getting to the foul line. Weymouth could not regain the deficit lost at the start of the quarter and the Winchester side finished with a 9 point victory.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann summed up the mood of the players, "This is a disappointing loss. We were the better side for three quarters of that game, with very good spells on offence and defence. Unfortunately in the short spells that this lapsed we were unable to do enough to keep the advantage that we had earned and we have to learn to raise our game in these slumps in order to earn victory in these kinds of games"

Weymouth MVP: Chris Canham

Roster/scorers: Chris Canham 15, Carl Carter 8, Sam Brown 6, Giles Heaman 5, Jim de Bertrand 5, Josh Turner 5, Max Gilmartin 4, Jay Willson 4, Scott White 2.

Seahawks Attacked by Raiders
Jan 2, 2014, 4:14 pm

Weymouth Raiders 77 – 58 Bournemouth Seahawks

Solent Mens Division 4

Josh Turner and Jake Kinder got the first baskets for Weymouth in what looked to be a tense game. Both went on a scoring runs and destroyed Bournemouth's defence, scoring at will. Max Gilmartin also got Weymouth some points giving them an early lead heading into the second half score, Raiders 43 Seahawks 27.

Rob Legg got the Raider's first point to start the second half as the Kinder/Turner combo got to the free throw line, scoring again. The Raiders relied on their young scoring core to keep pushing forward as Turner, Kinder and Gilmartin all scoring to add to Weymouth’s lead. Weymouth's last shot fell to Alex Mills who came up with his first basket of the season, capping off a final score 77 - 58.

Guard Jake Kinder, “Great win for Weymouth and this should give us a positive momentum moving forward to the next game. We played good defence which leads to easy offense and ultimately the win."

MVP: Josh Turner

Scorers/Roster: Josh Turner 34, Jake Kinder 25, Max Gilmartin 12, Alex Mills 2, Rob Legg 2, Steve Reece, Jerry Thompson, Kyle Houlden.

The Bandits handed home defeat from the Bournemouth Bears
Dec 17, 2013, 7:05 pm

Weymouth Bandits 48 – 79 Bournemouth Bears

Tuesday 10th December saw the first home game at Budmouth College for the Weymouth Bandits who took on the travelling league leaders the Bournemouth Bears.

The opening quarter saw the Bandits start slow out the blocks having 7 straight points scored on them by the tough opposition. Vitoldas Balciunas opened the scoring for the Bandits, but sadly couldn’t fire up the offense as much as needed and after a flurry of baskets the Bandits ended the quarter trailing the Bears 5 – 16.

The second quarter was a much more intense than the first with both teams ramping up the pressure on both the defensive and offensive ends of the court. With multiple baskets from both Craig Sorrell and Jim de Bertrand helped the Bandits go onto score 14 for the quarter. Sadly though, the Bears also managed to put in an impressive quarter for offensive, meaning that once again the quarter ended for the Bandits trailing the Bears 20 – 40.

After the halftime break and a team talk the Bandits started the struggle of trying to gain some ground on the Bears. The offensive pressure was stepped up a notch resulting in a quarter that saw the majority of the Bandits points come from the free throw line. The Bandits ended the quarter having scored 11 points, but sadly the Bears traded point for point and were still in command 53 – 41.

The fourth quarter sadly saw the Bandits struggle stopping the offense of the Bears allowing them to go on runs of scoring consecutive baskets. With this tempo and the lead they had already created, the Bandits sadly ran out of time before managing to catch up with the Bears. The final score for the game was Weymouth Bandits 48 – Bournemouth Bears 79.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “I thought we played very well, considering we are facing such an impressive side in Bears and we are not close to league favourites. We had a plan to push them towards the basket and force them to win from the free throw line. It’s still not a victory, but switching from a 50 point defeat to a 30 point defeat, shows in only a couple of weeks, we are a better team.”

Scorers/Rosters: Jim de Bertrand 8, Giles Heaman 8, Max Gilmartin 6, Craig Sorrell 6, Chris Canham 6, Vitoldas Balciunas 5, Sam Brown 3, Richard Camp 2, Carl Carter 2, Josh Turner 2.

Cowboys Teach College a Lesson
Nov 26, 2013, 7:34 pm

Weymouth Cowboys 58 – 30 Exeter College

Exeter & District Division 2

Weymouth went in to the game, against Exeter College in high spirits after exhilarating game against the Exmouth Jesters. Whereas this week's opponent Exeter College have had mixed fortunes this season with only two wins out of their seven games.

Weymouth started with a mixture of experience and youth to help combat such a youthful side. The first quarter was very competitive where Weymouth played a man-to-man. This was very successful as Weymouth finished first quarter up by 11 points with baskets from Dunster, Turner and Canham the first quarter finished 13 -2.

The second quarter followed a similar pattern, as the first quarter with more baskets from Canham, Stokey and Camp to help Weymouth outscoring Exeter College by six points, leaving the half-time score as 29 -12.

The second half was where Weymouth had their traditional third-quarter syndrome. When the man-to-man defence had failed, coach Alex Fuhrmann decided to play a zonal defence to see if Exeter could cope with the change. But unfortunately Weymouth put themselves into foul trouble, through a lack of concentration. Still managing to maintain the 17 point gap that was achieve in the first half of the game.

The fourth quarter, Weymouth found the gear that they had been playing In all night as zonal defence wasn’t be as effective as Fuhrmann would have liked so he switched it back to man-to-man. This seemed to be inspired decision even more so when Dunster fouled out with about 7 minutes left to play. Weymouth wanted the ball more with Camp and De Bertrad helping to tick the scoreboard over. For the final couple of minutes Fuhrmann put all the members of the roster that were in foul trouble on the court at the same time. This worked as the defence was near on impossible to get through with College only scoring 5 points in the whole of the fourth quarter.

MVP: Richie Camp

Roster: Josh Turner 12, Ben Stokey 12 , Jim DeBertard 11, Chris Canham 10, Richie Camp 8, Brett Dunster 3, Rob Legg 2, Max Gilmartian and Jerry Thompson.

Tres Barriles too hot for Raiders
Nov 23, 2013, 12:15 pm


Weymouth Raiders 50 - Tres Barriles Heat 73


Solent Men's Division 4


The Raiders were looking for a much needed win after multiple good performances and a youthful Weymouth team were hopeful to grab that all important win.


Weymouth came out to a strong start by taking the lead quickly. Early baskets from Kyle Houlden and Jay Wilson help Weymouth jump into the lead. Tres Barriles were closely following Weymouth due to some weak defence which lead to easy baskets for the visitors. Jake Kinder scored 11 points in the first quarter to push the Raiders ahead 15-13. A second quarter was, however, not as successful for Weymouth. Missed free-throws and poor turn-overs meant Tres scored the early points in the second quarter. Weymouth didn't stop with back-to-back scoring from Matt Clarke-Williams and a nice basket by Jerry Thompson. After that, Tres finished the half strong and ahead by 10 points.


The start to the second half saw a mentality change from Weymouth when they came out tougher on defence and quicker on the fast-break opportunities. 19 straight points from Kinder helped change the way the Raiders looked at the game. Every time Tres looked to try and run away with the game Weymouth would claw right back with multiple steals and a nice jump shot from Max Gilmartin. At one point Weymouth were only 1 point adrift from Tres but as the quarter finished Tres took the lead by 5, 47-42. Unfortunately, the worst was yet to come for Weymouth when Tres tore away from Weymouth and scored 26 points in the fourth quarter. Conciliation baskets from Jay Wilson and Max Gilmartin were not enough to keep close to Tres, closing the game 73-50.    


Coach Andy Blackwood said “It was unfortunate for the boys to put in a great performance and not come away with a win because of a poor 4th quarter. If we tighten up our defence, our future performances might see a dramatic change”.


MVP: Jake Kinder


Scorers/Roster: Jake Kinder 32, Matt Clarke-Williams 6, Jay Wilson 4, Max Gilmartin 4, Jerry Thompson 2, Kyle Houlden 2, Steve Reece, Scott White, Jake Durston, Alex Mills.

Huskies outrun the Police
Nov 14, 2013, 9:30 pm

Devon Peelers 49 - Weymouth Huskies 57

After defeats in their two opening games Weymouth Huskies got off the mark in the women’s’ division of Exeter District Basketball League win a hard earned victory against a Devon Police team.

With Steph Jones unavailable the Huskies travelled to Exeter with a squad of only seven players. However they got off to a very bright start in the first quarter, playing effective fast breaking basketball that allowed Carly Lawes to score several lay-ups. More good attacking play from Laura Bucke and Jayne Guppy combined with strong team defence gave the Huskies a 15-6 advantage at the end of the first quarter - a lead that was to prove decisive by the end of the game.

A very close second quarter swung one way then the other as the Peelers closed the gap to just three points before a strong finish in the last three minutes, including scores from Bucke, Lawes and Rosie Moore, saw the Huskies re-establish their nine point advantage at the halftime buzzer with a 29-20 scoreline.

The third quarter followed a similar pattern, this time with Weymouth extending the lead to twelve points before the Police came back once more with four unanswered baskets taking the score to 37 -33. In the last minute however crucial scores from Lawes and Guppy gave the Huskies a 41 - 33 lead going in to the fourth and final quarter.

The Peelers were starting to tire  and an impressive 12 -2 scoring run for Huskies in the opening spell of the last quarter, including two successive baskets from the energetic Anna Goulding, seemed to have put the game out of reach at 53 - 35. But back came the Peelers once again. Two three-point shots and some effective breaks from star player Hannah Porter brought them right back again as the game entered the final two minutes with the score at 53 - 47. A well judged time-out by Huskies coach Andy Blackwood allowed them to steady their nerves and stop the Peelers’ momentum. Baskets from Bucke and Guppy in the last minute of the game set the seal on a fine win for Weymouth.

Speaking after the game coach Blackwood said “I thought we put in a very gutsy performance and bounced back really well after a heavy defeat in Taunton last week. It was particularly pleasing to win by playing the style of basketball we’ve been working on in our training sessions, and to see that hard work paying off in a game situation. I’m really proud of my team tonight.”

Having started with three away games the Huskies can now look forward to a run of three home games starting on Wednesday 20th November against Newton Abbott. Games start at 7.15 p.m. at the Budmouth Community Sports Centre and spectators are welcome to come along.

Huskies: C Lawes 19 points,  J Guppy 16 pts,  L Bucke 14 pts,   R Moore 4 pts,

  A Goulding 4 pts,   I Hodder   K Flint

MVP: Carly Lawes

Mauled by the Tigers
Nov 7, 2013, 7:10 am

Taunton Tigers 106 Weymouth Huskies 16


They were good. Very good indeed. What else do you need to know?

And we almost spent the night locked in the car park.


Huskies: Jayne Guppy 6 pts  Rosie Moore 6pts  Carly Lawes 2 pts  Laura Bucke 2 pts  India Hodder  Anna Goulding   Steph Jones  Kathryn Flint

MVP Carly Lawes

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