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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Tandoori Bandits Fall at Last Post
May 13, 2013, 6:53 am

Southampton Southsiders 98 - 82 Weymouth Tandoori Bandits

With the close of the season fast approaching, Weymouth Tandoori Bandits took a road trip to Southampton to take on the Southsiders in one of the last games of their season.

The opening quarter saw a strong start from the Tandoori Bandits Dzintars Kalkis scoring three baskets in consecutively giving the team an 8 point lead in the opening 3 minutes of the game. The offensive pressure was set and along with Dzintars Kalkis 12 points for the quarter, the fellow team members all chipped in to see out the quarter with a 28 to 14 point lead.

The second quarter started a little slower than the first, but the Tandoori Bandits were still trying to replica the pressure that they had seen the first out with. This quarter saw the opposition start to come to life with the first half of the quarter seeing a pretty even matchup between the teams and as a result an equal trade of points at both end of the court. The Southsiders managed to score more than they did in the first quarter but still went into the halftime break trailing 36 points to the Weymouth side 46.

After the break Weymouth felt a new revived onslaught of attack from the Southsiders with a barrage of points scored from turnovers of the Weymouth teams’ offense. Within two minutes the lead that Weymouth had accumulated in the first half was down to a single point. Despite several trips to the free-throw line and several baskets scored, the Tandoori Bandits had no answer for the refreshed Southsider offence attacks. Weymouth couldn’t muster up any kind of answer and as a result had one of the lowest scoring quarters of the season and to make matters worse the Southsiders managed to score almost everything they threw at the hoop and ended up scoring 45 for the quarter.

Weymouth had to shake of the deflated sensation from the fourth and finish the fourth with the determination and tempo that they had started the game with. Once again led by Dzintars Kalkis, Weymouth piled on the pressure at both ends of the floor. Every attack on their end was met with high pressure defence with every rebound and turnover converted into fast paced, determined offence. This sudden come back to the same pressure that they had started the game with saw the Tandoori Bandits finish the quarter once again outscoring their opposition 28 to 17.

Sadly for Weymouth the damage in the third quarter meant that although they had outscored the Southsiders in the other three, they still finished the game as the loss, the final score Southampton Southsiders 98 Weymouth Bandits 82.

Scorers/Roster: Dzintars Kalkis 33, Vitoldas Balciunas 17, Ian Manley 14, Chris Canham 12, Carl Carter 4, Jim DeBertrand 2, Jordan Daniels, Josh Turner

A Needed Win For The Bandits
May 7, 2013, 4:36 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 60 – 55 Winchester Wasps

Weymouth were in need of a win, with the team balancing on the fine of the relegation zone. The Tandoori Bandits went onto their home court with their heads held high and raring to win after a hard fought loss at Bournemouth.

The first quarter saw the Bandits take an early lead with quick baskets from Dzintars Kalkis and Ian Manley, the team made it clear that they deserve to be in division one with the best of the Solent leagues. Alex Fuhrmann added to the early score, making it a total of 9 unanswered points. The early burst saw that the Tandoori Bandits were leading 19 – 15.

The Weymouth side kept their tempo into the second quarter, the team quickly realised that they’re fast breaks were too much for the Wasps to handle as Dzintars and Jordan teamed up for 8 fast break points. The Bandits made sure that they’re lead was kept with a strong defensive effort from the guard Julien Lawes keeping the Wasps top scorer at bay, allowing him only 2 points in the quarter. The Bandits continued to assert their dominance with a 33 – 25 lead at half time.

In the third quarter the Winchester came straight back at Weymouth going for 8 unanswered points. The Wasp’s control was short lived with the Dorchester duo, Ian Manley and Carl Carter, putting up points for the home team and stamping Winchester’s run. Strong defence from Ian Manley and Chris Canham saw that the Wasps were unable to have a scoring spree again, the quarter ending 50 – 39 seeing the Bandits till with the lead.

The fourth quarter was a different story; the Winchester side made it their mission to take control of the game. Being behind all game they had nothing to lose and quickly showed the home side that they were down but not out. They had found a way around the Bandit defence and won the quarter by 6 points. This final effort was not enough as the Bandits, who had been ahead the entire game, had made the lead too far for the Wasp side to catch. The end of the game finished with a win for the Bandits; 60 – 55.

Player/Coach Alex Fuhrmann said “It was a needed win for the Bandits today, we went out their knowing that this game could be the difference between securing a place in division one next year or being relegated. We set the tempo early on and made at too difficult for the Wasps to catch up. The whole team turned up tonight and worked hard. Everyone was able to leave the game with their head held high knowing they help the team.”

Roster/Score: Dzintars Kalkis 19, Alex Fuhrmann 10, Vitoldas Balciunas 10, Ian Manley 8, Chris Canham 5, Jordan Daniels 4, Carl Carter 4.

Tandoori Bandits’ Cup Run Comes to a Dramatic end
Apr 17, 2013, 5:16 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 62 - 65 Bournemouth Bears

The Weymouth Tandoori Bandits have had an exceptional run of results in the SABA Senior cup, playing some of the top teams from within the SABA first division. The latest fixture in the SABA Senior Cup Semi-Final would be against the Solent Division One leaders Bournemouth Bears, who had already amassed enough points to win the league title. The Tandoori Bandits had already played them twice this year where they had lost on both occasions, so this was to be a challenge for the Seaside outfit.

A late change in the Tandoori Bandits usual defensive set up saw them change from the typical man to man defence to the rigid zone defence. This seemed to start the game off at an electric pace for the Tandoori Bandits, with them trying to prove a point to the Bournemouth side, strong drives from star Dzintars Kalkis and dramatic defensive stands by Tandoori Bandits key man Ian Manley seemed to be too much for the league winners as Weymouth steamed on to 16 -12 lead in the first quarter.

With the Bears already looking tired the Tandoori Bandits carried on their charge dominating with a well organised and energetic zone defence, keeping the Bears to only scoring 11 points for this quarter. The quarter also saw the introduction of Ben Stokey and his rebounding, which had been missing for parts of the season through injury. On the offensive end of the court Vatoldas Balciunas beat two Bears players to scoring on several occasions. The end of the half saw Weymouth Tandoori Bandits leading 34 – 21.

The second half the game then changed, Bears with their experience and quality took hold and they starting working to reduce the lead Weymouth had already produced. Bears managed 6 unanswered points until Chris Canham forced several steals, turning defence into a quick offence and taking the ball to the line for free throws. Youngster Josh Turner played an integral part of this quarter for the Tandoori Bandits, to control the play on offence. Even with Bears effort of a comeback Weymouth still controlled the game 47 – 41.

The fourth quarter Bears were still on the offensive and with some long range three point efforts they wiped out the deficit and turned it into a positive. Now with Weymouth trailing, Canham called a time out and reshuffled the defence again to the more familiar man to man, this again flipped the game around as Tandoori Bandits got stuck into Bears attacks coming off with the ball. Weymouth managed to tie the game and the play went to the dying seconds for a winner from the Bournemouth Bears 65 - 62.

Chris Canham said, “Tough game today, up against the league winners in the cup can be quite daunting, but the guys played really well, some of the best individual performances this year I feel. This result, even though it was a loss, can be turn into a positive and set us up nicely for next week’s game and hopefully looking for a top four finish in the league.”

Scorers/Roster: Dzintars Kalkis 29, Ian Manley 10, Vatoldas Balciunas 10, Chris Canham 5, Jordan Daniels 8, Josh Turner, Ben Stokey.

Tandoori Bandits Keep Rolling
Apr 10, 2013, 12:24 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 72 – 56 Winchester Knights

With the season coming to a close and sitting at the bottom half of the table, Weymouth Tandoori Bandits played host to the travelling Winchester Knights. The Tandoori Bandits were desperately seeking a win in an attempt to securing a position above the relegation zone of the Solent Division 1.

The first quarter saw Winchester Knights set the tempo, managing to take control of the game for the opening 5 minutes of the quarter. This was short lived after Julien Lawes entered the game and dominated Winchester’s scoring talent, a flurry of six points in the final minute of the period allowed the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits to cut the deficit to 3 points.

The second quarter saw the Tandoori Bandits carry on the momentum from the first quarter. A combination of an improved offensive and defence allowed the home side to catch up with the Knights score, with the offense of the quarter being led by Bridport pairing of Dzintars Kalkis and Jordan Daniels. This partnership managed to score 19 points within the second quarter, allowing Weymouth to cut the lead from the Winchester side. Weymouth finished the first half only 1 basket behind at a close 32 - 30 score line.

The opening to the third quarter saw Weymouth give away a couple of early fouls allowing the Knights to start the quarter with a quick basket, this however would spark a Weymouth with Kalkis and Daniels joined by Alex Fuhrmann going for a combined 17 unanswered points. Weymouth managed to close out the quarter with another flurry of points ending the quarter with a lead of 52 - 42.

Weymouth opened the final period with 3-pointers from Chris Canham and Fuhrmann, having taken the lead, knowing that they could control the tempo of the game from here on out. The Tandoori Bandits then closed out the quarter scoring a ease and shutting down any chance of Winchester catching up with a strong 72 – 56 victory.

Player/Coach, Alex Fuhrmann, “This game was one of our best of the season, we passed, shot well and played defensive as a unit from start to finish. Though we had a massive scoring effort from Dzintars, we really have to give credit to Julien who played nearly the entire game guarding their best player. He allowed the rest of us to take advantage of certain mismatches and put his full effort into what we needed as a team.”

Weymouth MVP: Julien Lawes

Roster/Scorers: Dzintars Kalkis 34, Alex Fuhrmann 15, Jordan Daniels 11, Chris Canham 5, Jim DeBertrand 4, Julien Lawes 4, Josh Turner, Carl Carter, Rich Camp, Vitoldas Balciunas.

Tandoori Bandits Show Best Game Against Smugglers
Apr 9, 2013, 12:06 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 76 – 64 Portsmouth Smugglers

Tuesday 2nd April the Tandoori Bandits host the smugglers, with the hope of keeping their two game win streak going. The Tandoori Bandits started the match with a great first quarter to really put the visiting team on the back foot. The home side’s forwards did most of the damage in the first quarter with Ian Manley and Dzintars Kalkis combining for 8 points, leading Weymouth 24-15 ahead. In the second quarter Portsmouth started to defend the basket much better, this give a chance for the Tandoori Bandits guards to get going. Player coach Alex Fuhrmann hit two big 3-pointers back to back and Julien Lawes hit a three point shot it gave the home team much need boost to keep a good lead going into the next half, holding a 42–32 lead.

In the second half the game started to slow down with the referees getting more involved as the visiting team started to show their frustration. The Weymouth side tried to take advantage of the mental melt down from their opponents but unfortunately the Tandoori Bandits got into a bit of foul trouble themselves. Going into the fourth quarter the game quickly got back up to speed with the larger Smugglers side on full attack to try and cut into the Tandoori Bandits lead. Fortunately for the Tandoori Bandits, the whole team played great defence with Manley, Kalkis who joined by Fuhrmann started to make their shots and closing out the game 76–64 to one of the strongest side in division 1.

Scorers/Roster: Dzintars Kalkis 19, Ian Manley 16, Julien Lawes 14, Alex Fuhrmann 13, Chris Canham 6, Rich Camp 4, Carl Carter 2, Jake Kinder, Jim DeBertrand.

Ravens hungry for win, but sent away scavenging by Cowboys
Mar 22, 2013, 6:02 pm
Weymouth GH Podiatry Cowboys 53 - 46 Southampton Ravens

Despite missing a few key players, the Cowboys were focused on getting their first win of the season against a big physical side with a few wins already under its belt.

The Cowboys came out strong with defensive rebounds and fast breaks resulting in an eight point lead from the unanswered baskets of Jim de Bertrand and Josh Turner, putting the Ravens on the back foot and establishing an early dominance on the home court. Cowboys showed good intensity at both ends of the court while Ravens tried to find its shot and respond. Cowboys moved the ball well on offence and some good simple basketball put points on the board. A strong cut to the basket saw Ben Stokey add an easy two points to the Cowboy's lead at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter saw continued strong zone defence and boxing-out from the likes of Eric Olson to help the Cowboys dominate rebounds and regain possession. A huge shot block from Matt Board sparked further spirited offensives from the Cowboys and three-pointers from Brett Dunster and Jack Speary. Cowboy big men crashed the boards at the offensive end to earn second chances and push the Ravens for missed shots, while Jim de Bertrand continued to take it hard to the hoop. A dominant Cowboys closed the half leading 33 - 23 and, despite finding some shooting form, the Raven's had it all to do.

The second half saw the Cowboys switch to a man-on-man defence to mix it up and put extra pressure on the Raven's shooters. Raven's tried to score inside, but were met with good help-side defence from the Cowboys to make a low-scoring third quarter. Cowboys continued to run hard, making use of the bench and the extra player over the Raven's six to tire the opposition. Strong hustle from Jack Speary put Ravens' ball handlers under pressure and resulted in forced passes being intercepted. Cowboys closed the game out in the fourth despite increased pressure from Raven's outside shooters; Josh Turner making important baskets from the free-throw line as the Cowboys kept their heads and retained possession for the 53 - 46 win.
Coach Eric Olson said, "We are really pleased to get this win. We feel like we have deserved a result like this for a long time. We have had a couple of games where a few little things didn't go our way and we feel like it was finally time for our luck to turn. We have been working hard at staying positive and really playing for each other. We know that if we carry on then we will start to get more results like this." 

Game MVP: Josh Turner

Scorers/Roster: Jim de Bertrand 16, Jack Speary 13, Josh Turner 10, Brett Dunster 6, Matt Board 4, Ben Stokey 4, Eric Olson.

Tropics feel the Freeze
Mar 16, 2013, 8:47 am

Weymouth College Tropics 36 – 31 Salisbury Spires
Weymouth College Tropics 25 – 27 Dorset Storm B

In the latest round of U16 local league games, Weymouth College Tropics travelled to Poole in hopes of keeping their league title hopes alive following some recent stellar play.

In their first game they matched up against Salisbury Spire who despite being new to the league this season, have given most teams a run for their money. This took a shift, as unusually the Weymouth side came out guns blazing by running up an 11 point lead in the first quarter. Weymouth’s success was short lived as their second unit were unable to emulate their teammate’s success, allowing the Spires to creep back towards the lead. Luckily for the Tropics, they were able to rely on the consistent play of Scott White and Jake Kinder to steady the ship and walk off with a 36 – 31 win.

U16 Assistant Coach, Josh Turner “This is a team we should have no trouble dispatching. We took a while to get the rotation right and as a result allowed Salisbury some room to succeed. We’re fortunate that we made a great run in the first quarter and were able to set the tone and come off with the win.”

In Weymouth’s second game they squared off against league leaders Dorset Storm B who had only managed to lose 1 game over the entire season thus far. Unfortunately for the young Tropic side, it was a total lack of edge that they provided that allowed the Storm side to stay 2 baskets ahead in what can be described as a lacklustre period of basketball. It was only until the latter stages of the game that the reality of the league title set in and players began to take note. Joseph Heffell provided much needed rebounding as the Storm offence was unable to gain any ground. As the final minutes of the game ticked down and with the scores level is was the lacklustre approach again that struck Tropics, though despite a herculean effort for recently signed Scott White, Weymouth allowed Dorset to claim the game on a disappointing 27 – 25 loss.

Head Coach, Alex Fuhrmann “These games are the most frustrating for me. I can’t stand the thought that we would just give away possession and eventually the game, despite our true ability. If we were beaten by a better team I would find it easier to digest, but effectively giving the opposition the game sits far heavier. I truly hope the lads take a life lesson from this game and realise that you don’t get anything in life by expecting it to come to you.”

Weymouth MVP: Scott White

Roster: Scott White, Joseph Heffell, Harry Bown, Joe Stickley, Josh Purslow, Jake Kinder, Taine Mackay, Matt Clarke-Williams, Dion Benson, Josh Westlake, Jerry Thompson.

Tandoori Bandits beat Wasps in the Nest
Mar 3, 2013, 12:54 pm

SABA Division 1
Winchester Wasps 73 – 85 Weymouth Tandoori Bandits

After slow start in the new year and few lost games, the Tandoori Bandits travelled to Winchester to face the Wasps at their home ground at Winchester college.

Tandoori Bandits started strong willing to prove that although they are the smallest town in Division 1, they can compete with all teams. Shots came from Chris Canham and Vatoldas Balciunas with good team defence and Weymouth looked at a 8-2 lead after three minutes. Tandoori Bandits keep the control of the game in first half with good defence and excellent ball movement in offence, keeping them in front of Wasps at the half 42-33 ahead.

During the halftime break, the team highlighted the need of keeping the intensity both in offence and defence, also rotating players to stay fresh. Brilliant defence from Ian Manley continued to prove that he can defend any player in the league, which assisted a great bench effort by Sam Dodge and Jordan Daniels which helps to keep the intensity and the pressure. Wasps received a technical foul for not controlling their emotions and Tandoori Bandits increases the difference even more. Weymouth kept the game in their hands and took the win from Wasps with a final score 73 – 85.

Chris Canham, said “Great game, outstanding performance by the team in offence and defence. It felt like Wasps tried everything to try to get back to the game but Tandoori Bandits did not let go and kept everything in control.”

Weymouth MVP: Dzintars Kalkis

Scorers/Rosters: Dzintars Kalkis 28, Ian Manley 22, Chris Canham 13, Julien Lawes 8, Vatoldas Balciunas 8, Carl Carter 6, Jordan Daniels, Sam Dodge.

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