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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Three of Weymouth’s finest picked for Southwest England
May 23, 2012, 7:11 pm

Each year the regions most promising junior players are invited to attend trials for the southwest area performance centre in light of representing South West England.

Weymouth Basketball Club has been continuing to develop its junior coaching program, promoting basketball across South Dorset and was able this year to send a dozen players at various age groups. Throughout the day players were put through a minimum of 4 hours of training, testing their skill, conditioning and determination in front of regional coaches.

Though all of Weymouth’s representatives were not fortunate enough to be offered places, 3 players were given the opportunity. At U13 level, Weymouth will be represented by three players; Josh Westlake and Derek Marquez for the boy’s squad and Emily Screen for the girl’s squad.

Club Development Officer Alex Fuhrmann, “We’re really excited for our players that have been able to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s down to their hard work on the court and our coaches’ commitment to raising standards.”

“If any young players (boys or girls) are interested in trying out basketball, they are welcome to attend Weymouth College Sports Hall on Saturdays (U12 11.30pm – U16 1pm – U14 2.30pm), first session is free.”

Additional information can be found at www.weymouthbasketball.co.uk

Cowboys get Kicked by Bucks
May 16, 2012, 6:20 am

Weymouth Cowboys 46 – 58 Hythe Bucks

The Cowboys visited the bucks for the second time this season, hoping to get revenge after a loss in the previous meeting.

It was the bucks made the first move in the game with some very solid shooting from all over the court, this included a couple of 3’s and gave the home side an early double digit lead.  However Cowboys didn’t give up and brought the deficit back, this was thanks to some solid rebounding from Lee Bennett and some scoring from Sam Dodge.

At the start of the 2nd quarter the Weymouth side started to bring the game back, Jack Speary and Filippo Romano managing to get a number of steals between them and scoring on the fast break. This was followed by great offence and both Giles Heaman and Steve Howlett managing to make shots when called upon. The half finished with the margin damaged, but Hythe still took a 39-24 lead. 

Straight from the start of the 2nd half Weymouth took the game to the Bucks starting with a 3 pointer from Speary. A great defensive effort from Ben Stokey and some athletic rebounding helped dent the margin causing the Bucks to call a time out. This didn’t go in their favour though as Heaman managed to convert and then Andy Steel making some tough shots with no reply from Hythe, close the third period 41-48.

At the start of the 4th quarter both teams were struggling to score but the Bucks stepped up first hitting a 3 pointer, it was the Cowboys turn next, answering back with a lay-up and the end of a good offence and a made free throw from Romano. Bucks then had their go, making a good run, putting the Weymouth side away giving them little time to come back, finishing the game 58 – 46 ahead.

Coach Eric Olson said, “It would have been a great game from a neutral’s view but for us it was upsetting as we had enough chances to win, it was just a couple of possessions in the first quarter that let us down.”

Roster/Scorers: Sam Dodge 13, Andy Steele 11, Jack Speary 8, Filippo Romano 5, Steve Howlett 3, Eric Olson 3, Jamie Dixon 2, Giles Heaman 2, Lee Bennett 2, Ben Stokey.

Tropics loose grip on title
Apr 30, 2012, 7:49 pm

Weymouth Tropics 33 – 40 Dorset Storm B
Weymouth Tropics 28 – 31 Dorset Storm A

In the opening game of the night’s games Storm B exploded to a 13 – 4 first quarter lead after Weymouth went into a 4 – 0 lead.  Tropics kept up the pressure outscoring Storm B with Jordan Daniels and Matt Clark-Williams. Weymouth opened the second quarter going on a 7 – 0 run, via scores from Jake Kinder and Josh Turner.  At the half, Tropics gave a strong fight back only trailing 17 – 20.  Storm continued to struggle and get into any rhythm as Weymouth tied the game at 29 heading into the final quarter. Unfortunately, a different Storm team came out in the final quarter, opening with a crucial 8 – 0 run and finishing the game 40 – 33 winners.

In Weymouth’s second game they squared off against Storm A. A tight first quarter saw Storm A lead 11 – 8, behind some strong play from Tropic Gerry Legg. Continuing their strong performance in the first period, Weymouth got right back into the game taking advantage of numerous Storm fouls, trailing 15 – 14.  Starting the second half, Turner helped Weymouth remain competitive, soon followed with back to back baskets from Daniels. The final quarter was again a nip-and-tuck affair as both team exchanged baskets, Weymouth coming up short with their foul shooting, giving Storm A 31 – 28 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “unfortunately in our last 2 games we failed to seal the double win to lock the league title. In both games we outplayed our opponents over stretches, though unable to do enough for victories. It’s been a pleasure coaching the lads this season, we had a shot at the title through some solid play and look forward to them moving up the club ranks.”

Roster: Jordan Daniels, Josh Kirby, Josh Turner, Matt Clark-Williams, Gerry Legg, Jay Willson, Jay Zhou, Taine Mackay, Jake Kinder, Joe Heffell.

Tandoori Bandits Signing off in FURY.
Apr 30, 2012, 7:42 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 79 - 55 Portsmouth Fury

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits’ final trip of an up and down season saw them spend a wet April Friday evening in Portsmouth, playing Portsmouth Fury who has been a great adversary over the years. Games between the two sides have been physical, challenging, high scoring and enjoyable for many of season, both teams taking result from each other in the past.

This season’s reverse leg of this fixture saw the Bandits destroy the Fury 105-68, but Coach Che Osborne wasn’t expecting such an easy ride on their turf. Weymouth are fighting to end the season on a high and try and concrete fourth spot, where the Fury are trying to keep the heads out of the relegation positions, so a fight was on the cards. Weymouth went into the fixture missing a couple of key players, veteran playmaker Brett Dunster and this seasons scoring machine Dzintars Kalkis but still looked strong.

The first quarter started with a quick pace, end to end for the first couple of offences, with only the Portsmouth side having the points to show for it, with a quick shake down on court the Tandoori Bandits turned themselves around and Carl Carter scoring from a well worked passing move in his first game back after injury, this then lead a series of good baskets from Canham and Manley to take the game back in their own hands. Big men Rich Camp and Matt Board also got the scoring fever weighing in with some very nicely worked inside moves. The quarter ended 20-12 to Weymouth. 

Much the same in the second quarter, as it started and ended with three pointers from Chris Canham, in-between that the Bandits’ guard Julien Lawes showed his superior vision and passing, as he has all season long, setting up the vital plays and getting the ball to the likes of Manley and Giles Heaman to score. Portsmouth Fury at this point didn’t seem to have an answer to what Weymouth had to offer, the 1st half ended 44-27 to the Tandoori Bandits.

Portsmouth had a quick shuffle in the third, and came out and subdued the Weymouth side for a couple of minutes, even though they stopped the Weymouth scoring, the Bandits refused to give away easy points to them, forcing them outside for some long range efforts, some of which paid off. Che Osborne called in a time out, made the subs and sent the Bandits back out with more confidence; Weymouth ended the 3rd quarter matching the Portsmouth Fury in scoring. During the quarter enthusiastic guard Giles Heaman showed his rise in confidence and form playing up from Weymouth Cowboys scoring vital basketballs from inside and outside of the 3 point arch.

The final quarter brought in a new feeling of relaxed play from Weymouth. Another returnee from injury Ben Stokey started to shine, defensively with some strong athletic rebounds and offensively a good turn around jump shot. The Game ended 79-55 to Weymouth Tandoori Bandits.

Coach Che Osborne said after the game, “A great result here travelling away on a Friday evening, everyone played well and hopefully we have done enough to confirm fourth spot.”

Roster/Scorers: Ian Manley 30, Chris Canham 21, Giles Heaman 10, Julian Lawes 5, Carl Carter 5, Richie Camp 4, Matt Board 2, Ben Stokey 2.

Apr 25, 2012, 4:42 pm

Please do not attend tonight Wednesday 25th April 2012

There is a game Vs Portmouth Smugglers women next Wednesday 2nd May, team details to follow on coaches corner shortly.

See you all next week


GH Podiatry Cowboys Send Team Solent Away Empty Handed
Apr 24, 2012, 4:20 pm

Weymouth GH Podiatry Cowboys 65 – 38 Team Solent

Thursday night Weymouth played host to division runners up Team Solent in a definitive and emphatic victory giving Weymouth 4 wins under their belt.

The first half opened with some strong playing from both teams with the forwards from Weymouth dominating in the key with Lee Bennett and Sam Dodge making a strong showing off the boards. Both teams struggled to take the lead, exchanging points leaving the first quarter with a tied score. After the break Weymouth started to pick up their game with strong driving from Filippo Romano who made 6 consecutive points and some great rebounding from the home side, giving Weymouth a noticeable lead. With excellent low post moves from Dodge and a great and a shot from Giles Heaman, the half ended with the score Weymouth GH Podiatry Cowboys 31 – 17 Team Solent.

The second half started with Weymouth dominating the score sheet, barely allowing Team Solent any baskets. Some tight defence from Jack Speary and Andy Steele led to multiple steals and fast breaks for easy baskets. With the other team calling a time out, Weymouth took this as an opportunity to improve their game even more with coach Alex Fuhrmann asking that they refuse to give the visitors any space at all. Solent responded to this by attempting numerous shots outside the key, all of which missed due to the intense pressure they were receiving. A frustrated Solent started to give away fouls, which were quickly used by Weymouth to build on their lead, with Jeff Robertshaw and Steve Howlett sinking 5 foul shots and 2 respectively. Weymouth were in fine form and the game ended with them almost doubling the oppositions score; Weymouth GH Podiatry Cowboys 65 – 38 Team Solent.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann said, “I’m really happy with how our team played today, definitely one of the best games of the season. We now have to focus on playing like this every game especially with our defence, as that played a crucial part tonight. I think we played really well as a team and are improving in many areas. We still need to concentrate on keeping up the pace of our game and not sitting back and letting it slip.”

Game MVP: Sam Dodge

Scorers/Roster: Giles Heaman 15, Andy Steele 10, Sam Dodge 9, Jeff Robertshaw 8, Lee Bennett 8, Filippo Romano 6, Jack Speary 5, Eric Olson 2, Steve Howlett 2, Rob Legg.

Weymouth GH Podiatry Cowboys struggle against Barracudas
Apr 24, 2012, 6:32 am

JP Barracudas 82 - 63 Weymouth GH Podiatry Cowboys
The Weymouth Cowboys needed a win to kick start a poor season, travelling to the 3rd placed Barracudas.
The Cowboys scored first with a 3 pointer from Andy Steel but from then on it was all the home team, as they end the first quarter up by 7. The second quarter was much the same with the good play of the home team continuing to frustrate the Cowboys who finished the half down by 13 points.
The second half started well for the Cowboys with Sam Dodge scoring 12 points in five minutes to give the Weymouth side the lead, but it was short lived as the home team again took control to end the quarter up by 9 points. The good play of Dodge and Steel was not enough as the Barracudas team controlled the game in the final minutes, Cowboys continuing to lose their focus and it costing them a 82 - 63 lose.
Scorers/Roster: Andy Steel 20, Sam Dodge 19, Lee Bennett 7, Filippo Romano 5, Eirc Olson 3, Dan Campbell 3, Giles Henman 3, Jack Speary 1, James Ward, Rob Legg.    

Tandoori Bandits lose out in Bournemouth
Apr 22, 2012, 1:10 pm

Dorset Storm Cavaliers 83 – Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 67

Following a set of convincing back to back wins against lower league sides the Bandits were buoyant as they stepped into this away fixture against second in the league Dorset Storm Cavaliers. At home the Bandits came within six of the Cavaliers and a win away would stabilise a mid table position going into the last game of the season.

The game started well with an early three from Canham followed by some good exchanges of play between Kalkis, Lawes and Manley. This gave the Bandits a commanding position for the majority quarter, but it was the Cavs who finished strong with three unanswered scores to see out the period.

The early part of the second followed a similar tempo to the first with several quick scores. However the Bandits struggled to settle into their offence as they had done in previous games. After some valuable foul line shooting from Heaman the team took a time out to talk it over and changed the defence to a zone. This proved costly with the Cavs responding well to the change dropping three unanswered threes to put the Bandits on the back foot. The half ended 28-20 to the Cavs.

For the mid part of the season the Bandits had managed to shake of a spate of poor third quarters but this old foe came back to haunt them in this game. The offence broke down and ultimately stalled while the Cavs continued to score consistently exploiting the baseline and exposing the Weymouth side on several occasions. The Cavs outscored the Bandits 21 to 7 which left a 24 point deficit to chase in the fourth. Going into the final phase the Bandits upped the tempo and pressed on all scores. This change of tactic troubled the home team with Canham, Lawes and Steel all adding to the chase. Unfortunately mid way through the quarter Kalkis took a knock resulting in him seeing out the game on the bench. Weymouth finished the game strongly but this was a case of too little too late. 

Scorers/Roster: Ian Manley 26, Dzintars Kalkis 18, Chris Canham 10, Andy Steel 6, Giles Heaman 3, Julian Lawes 3, Matt Board, Rich Camp.

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