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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Senior Easter Social 2012
Mar 25, 2012, 1:22 pm

‘A Good Ole' Bounce, Sip & Tandoori’ - Saturday 31st March

Social Scrimmage: 4pm - 5pm at College Sports Hall for Pre-Drink/Curry run out... All senior club members welcome (bring £1 for kitty).

Start @ William Henry 6.30pm/7pm.
Then swerving down town to the Weymouth Tandoori for 9.30pm (sponsors of ‘The Bandits’)

Your Faithful Social Secretary: Steve H (Goldstein) 07771565905

Note - Over eighteens for drink but younger welcome as long as you toe the line.


Cowboys Burnt Out by Ravens
Mar 23, 2012, 7:45 pm

Weymouth Cowboys 54 – 61 Southampton Ravens

Weymouth were coming into this game strong after a win against the Ravens and were looking to take revenge after a 1 point loss to them at home previously. The game started well for the Cowboys with them taking an early lead after a quick 2 points from Giles Herman followed by scores from Dan Campbell, Sam Dodge and Jack Speary. Leading 8 – 0 the Cowboys were looking strong with some great defence from Rob Legg and Andy Steel but the Raven’s returned the favour and finished the first quarter with 12 points to the Cowboy’s 16.

Starting the second quarter Dan Campbell came out firing coming up with 3 back to back baskets to give the Cowboys a further lead. After some back and force defence from both sides the Ravens came back again to finish the first half down 27 – 33.
Coming into the second half the Cowboys were still looking strong after a 3 pointer quickly followed by a quick layup from Dan Campbell. The Raven’s followed up with a two pointer but the Cowboys took advantage of some weak defence and scored a further 4 baskets to give them an 18 point lead. The Ravens looked to have given up but after 4 quick baskets they were back in the game just before the fourth quarter trailing 39 - 47.

The long game was starting to take its toll on the tiring Cowboys as they gave away 5 unanswered baskets to start the fourth quarter. The Ravens started to pressure the Cowboys into turnovers and fouls and took control of the game leaving the Cowboys behind for the first time in the game. But the fast paced play of the Ravens was too much for the Cowboys as the Ravens took the second win at the Weymouth College.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “I’ve got to admit that I’m a little speechless after this loss. Everything we worked so hard for in the first half was thrown away in the second, with our opponents getting full credit for simply wanting the win more than we did.”

Roster/Scorers: Dan Campbell (15), Sam Dodge (11), Andy Steel (11), Giles Herman (6), George Scott (5), Steve Howlett (2), Jack Speary (2), Rob Legg (2), Mark Talmage, Mike Dixon.

Tandoori Bandits go 2 from 2 at home
Mar 13, 2012, 8:31 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 82 - 70 Bournemouth Razors

The Tandoori Bandits went into this gamewith a strong first team bench, looking to build on their first home win of the season and repay the Razors for an earlier away loss. Unfortunately with the Razors residing in third spot in the Solent mens Division 2 and the Bandits one up from relegation, form favoured the Razors.

Sam Dodge opened the scoring with 2 baskets in the opening 2 minutes, as the Tandoori Bandits went 9 points unanswered. Although slow to respond, the guests closed the gap through the rest of the first quarter, to finish only a point behind going into the break. The second quarter though was all Razors', outscoring the home team three points to one to finish the half up 40-23 despite several defensive fouls from Chris Canham & Brett Dunster.
Julien Lawes and Ian Manley took the game back to the Razors in the thrird quarter, scoring a combined 24 points for Tandoori Bandits to take the quarter 31-19 and close the gap to 5. The Tandoori Bandits starting five kept the intensity up throughout the fourth, the same 5 running the whole period, with the Razors always on the back foot. Lawes and Manley dominated the score sheet again, to steal a second win for the Bandits 82-70.
Coach Che Osborne said, "It's a great win, with the Seniors' resolve turning round a tough game for a well deserved win."

Scorers/Roster: Julien Lawes 29, Ian Manley 23, Dzintars Kalkis 13, Chris Canham 6, Sam Dodge 5, Brett Dunster 4, Matt Board 2, Carl Carter, Richard Camp, Dan Campbell.

Next Bandits home game Monday 19th March Vs Portsmouth Royal Navy 8:15pm Tip off at Weymouth College.

Double Win for U16 Tropics
Mar 11, 2012, 11:27 am

Weymouth Tropics 57 – 20 Dorchester Tigers
Weymouth Tropics 41 – 39 Dorset Storm A

In the latest Solent U16 league fixtures, Weymouth’s under 16 team saw themselves squaring off against both Dorchester Tigers and Dorset Storm, hoping to push their position up the table.

In the first game Weymouth were fortunate to face Dorchester after the county town side came off a tough 3 point loss to Dorset Storm. This however didn’t have the desired effect as Tigers were still in a competitive mode, resulting in Tropics going basket for basket in the first period. As the half continued Weymouth used their subs effectively to keep fresh legs on the court in an effort to wear down their opponents. This worked to perfection as Tiger became fatigued, allowing Jordan Daniels and Jay Willson to make multiple layups and grow a sizable lead going into the second half. The third period picked up from the end of the second, with Josh Turner and Jay Zhou providing a secure defensive presence allowing Matt Clarke-Williams and Errol Marquez to extend the lead to 30 points. As the game closed, Weymouth were able to rest their starting line up, giving everyone a strong run out with a convincing 57 – 20 score.

In their second game it was hoped that Weymouth would come away with their first double win of the season as Storm were only able to field a 5 man team. In basketball nothing is ever certain, as Storm with a match break came out rejuvenated taking a 7 point lead and leaving Weymouth scratching their heads. Fortunately Weymouth were ready to take back their opportunity, with Turner returning to the court finding success scoring consecutive baskets and Taine MacKay playing solid defence. As the game came into the closing minutes the two teams traded the lead until with 10 seconds left, Josh Kirby pulling down a rebound, hitting Daniels as he sprinted down the court to finish the layup, giving Weymouth the 41 – 39 win and top position in the league.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “I sometimes wonder if these lads are trying to give me a heart attack, almost toying with their opponents and then coming up with the goods in the last 5 seconds. We were fortunate to get some great production from our second unit and some great defence from individuals down the stretch. I’m looking forward to our next game in 3 weeks, in hopes of securing our top position.”

Weymouth MVP – Jordan Daniels & Josh Turner

Roster: Jordan Daniels, Josh Turner, Taine Mackay, Jerry Thompson, Jay Zhou, Josh Kirby, Matt Clarke-Williams, Gerry Legg, Errol Marquez, Jay Willson.

Giants shocked by Storm
Mar 8, 2012, 6:16 pm

Weymouth Giants 28 - 7 Dorchester Tigers
Weymouth Giants 12 - 31 Dorset Storm

The Weymouth Giants headed to Bournemouth for a double header against Dorset Storm and Dorchester Tigers, with the Giants currently holding the top spot in the league feeling confident going into their first game against the Tigers.

The young Weymouth side had the clear size advantage from the start with the 3 biggest players on the court all playing for their team. This proved too much for the Tigers in the early going as the Giants kept finding success close to the basket, not only did the size advantage give them easy scoring opportunities inside it allowed them to dominate on the rebounds and not give their smaller opponents any chance of scoring close to the basket. With an impressive defensive performance and consistent looks inside the Giants finished the game 28-7.

The second game didn’t go as planned for the young Weymouth side as all their confidence from their previous win was quickly taken away as Dorset Storm went up to a quick 10-0 lead. Coach Dan Campbell called a quick time out to stop Storms momentum and instruct his players, where they soon stepped up their level of play but were unable to cut the deficit before half time. The second half started with some good play but unfortunately the deficit was too big to over come and the game finished 12-31.

Coach Dan Campbell, ”The first game was the best basketball we’ve played all season but unfortunately the second game was the worst basketball we’ve played, hopefully next time we come away with two victories.”

Roster: Derek Marquez, Josh Westlake, Louis Weaver, Jacob Coombs, Emily Screen, Kieran Scott, Luke Brown, Daniel Hampson, Jay Bennett.

Huskies eaten by Dragons
Mar 6, 2012, 9:39 pm

Dorset Storm Dragons 92 - 29 Weymouth Huskies

Weymouth Huskies travelled to Bournemouth Uni to face Dorset Storm Dragons who currently lie second in the league.

The first quarter started with some positive play from both sides. Strong defending from both sides saw the teams only allowing each other to score 2 points a piece early in the 1st. however it wasn't long before the home team found gaps in the Weymouth sides defence to score some easy baskets. With the score at 7-2 the Huskies decided to go to work on their offensive play, allowing Rosie Moore to get to the basket and draw the foul, where she put away one of two free throws. This was quickly followed up by a lay up from Ellen Blackwood. This positive play was soon ended as the Dragons tightened up the defence and scored 11 points before the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter started with a Dorset Storm basket. Before some impressive offensive play from the Huskies, with Blackwood being fouled twice in a row. Allowing two points to be added to the Huskies points through some strong shooting. Strong man to man defending from the Huskies resulted in the Bournemouth side having to work hard for their baskets. With the score at the end of the first half 42-11.

Into the third quarter the Huskies went out ready to score some more baskets which have been hard to find. This new lease of life the Huskies had, resulted in a fair quarter between the two sides with baskets coming from Carly Dean and Ellen Blackwood. Some well timed passing ended up with Kelly Browne on the list of scorers this week with some clinical finishing at the basket. With Moore and Sadie Osbourne adding more points as well in the form of well executed jump shots. The weymouth side scoring 16 points to the Dragons 18 meant this was Weymouths best quarter of the night.

As the fourth quarter began the huskies began to look tired and this took its toll on the defense. As the Dorset Storm Dragons seemed to result from every basket they shot. Whilst the huskies play seemed to get cut down by the dragons defence with the only points of the quarter coming from a shot from just inside the three point line from Moore in the last minute of the game. Ending the game. Dorset Storm Dragons 92- 29 Weymouth Huskies.

Huskies - Ellen Blackwood 11, Carly Dean 7, Rosie Moore 5, Sadie Osbourne 2, Kelly Browne 2, Steph Jones 2, Jo Telfer, Crissie Mayers, Nadine White.

Cowboys close to top team, not close enough.
Mar 6, 2012, 5:06 pm

Winchester Wizards 56 - 46 Weymouth Cowboys

It was the Weymouth Cowboy’s third encounter with the top team in their league, The Winchester Wizards and after a narrow defeat in the last game; the Cowboy’s were hungry for a victory against this confident team, who were not afraid to verbalize their greatness.

Rob 'The Chief' Legg was first to score for the Cowboys, followed by Andy Steel and Dan Campbell. Jack Speary gave up two early fouls sending the Wizards to line back to back. Lee Bennett a new edition to the team but not new to game made his debut appearance and first basket to stop a short scoring spell by the visiting Wizards before the end of the first quarter. It was shot for shot throughout the second quarter with George Scott, Filippo Romano, Sam Dodge and Dan Campbell all getting a share, leaving the Cowboys going out strong but down by four at the end of the half 25 – 29.

The third quarter the Wizards controlled despite efforts from Bennett, Speary and Campbell, all keeping the home side within striking distance. With the closing period upon them, Jack Speary came alive but the Wizards had somehow magically kept their moral high. With Speary fouled out and Andy Steel unable to find his stride, the Wizards reminded us of why they are the top in the league, finishing 56 – 46 ahead.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann said “Our guys played really well yet again against a well formed team and now winners of the league. I believe that we can beat them on our best day and it’s only a matter of time before we mould as a unit and reap the benefits."

Roster/Scorers: Dan Campbell 12, Jack Speary 9, Andy Steel 7, Lee Bennett 5, Filippo Romano 4, George Scott 3, Rob Legg 2, Steve Howlett 2, Sam Dodge 2.

Cowboys Shoot Down University
Mar 5, 2012, 4:48 pm

Southampton University 62 – 72 Weymouth Cowboys

Weymouth where playing Southampton University for the first time, knowing only a win will do. Confidence was high amongst the team as they played some of their best basketball against league leading Winchester a few days earlier.

The first quarter was very even with both teams sizing each other. Weymouth started the brighter of the two teams thanks to the Andy Steel, but Cowboys played the brighter of the two teams and was unfortunate to be down 21-19. In the second quarter Weymouth took the game to the university side. This was done by out rebounding them, in both offence and defence. This was mainly thanks to Sam Dodge and Eric Olson, Weymouth outscoring the university team in the second quarter by 11, and the half finishing 39-28.

The third quarter university mixed it up by playing a man to man defence, this proved to be fruitful for them as they scored three unanswered baskets. Giles Heaman could see that Weymouth where about to have their traditional bad quarter and called for a time out, hoping to get Weymouth to compose themselves. This seemed to be perfectly timed, as it put Weymouth back in control of the game with more baskets and free throws made by Steel.  By the end of the third quarter Weymouth where only up by three.

The fourth quarter Weymouth had continued where they had left of in the third quarter, by being more composed and controlling the game with more baskets from Steel and Dodge. University could see the game was getting away so the pushed to try and get something out of the game. Weymouth made it very hard for them to score, gaining great transition play thanks to “Mr Cowboy” Steve Howlett spin moves with Steel and Speary both benefitting. The final whistle being blown, Weymouth won a hard fought game 72-62.

Assistant coach Eric Olson, “it’s a fantastic result and that most positive thing for the team is that we all contributed. Hopefully the team can benefit from this result and that this result will help give us the extra motivation that we need to win the rest of our games.”

Weymouth MVP: Andy Steel

Roster/Scorers: Andy Steel 31, Sam Dodge 18, Jack Speary 9, Filippo Romano 8, Giles Heaman 4, Mark Talmage 2, Eric Olson, Steve Howlett and Rob Legg.

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