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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Oilers held off the double
Jun 23, 2016, 5:23 pm

Winchester Royals 64-59 Weymouth Oilers (Double OT)
Period Scores 6-16, 8-7, 9-14, 22-8, 8-8, 11-6

The undefeated league champions Weymouth Oilers went into the final looking for the league and cup double. Winchester, who finished 3rd in the Under 14 league wanted their own silverware after improving throughout the season.

Louis Weaver dominated early scoring 12 of the Oilers first quarter points as Weymouth pulled away to a 10 point lead going into the second. Winchester pulled back to 14-18 with 1 minute to play in the 2nd, The Oilers then stepped it up again with Weaver and Bradley Morgan scoring the last 5 points of the half giving Weymouth a 14-23 lead at the break.

14-4 over the first 7 minutes of the 3rd quarter gave the Oilers an 18-37 lead. Weymouth then seemed to take their foot off the gas and Winchester took advantage going on a 24-2 run over the next 11 minutes of game play to lead 42-39 with 2 minutes to play. Jack Wiseman hit a 3 with 40 seconds left to give Winchester a 45-42 lead but that was answered by Weavers 3 to take the game into overtime.

Carl Daras gave Winchester a 49-45 lead with a nice inside score but the Oilers fought back and Winchester needed another Wiseman basket to take the game to double OT.

By this time Daras had fouled out for Winchester while the Oilers lost their top scorer in Weaver after just 2 minutes of the 2nd OT with the scores at 55-53 to Winchester. The Royals stretched the lead to 60-53 before Eoin Goring pulled the Oilers back to 60-57 he then also fouled out in the final minute. A nice driving layup by Emily Screen wasn't quite enough for the Oilers as Winchester caused the upset coming away with a 64-59 win.

Nov 30, 2015, 7:28 pm

Torbay Turtles 61-84 Weymouth Bandits

Exeter and District Division 1

The Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits travelled to Torbay on Thursday evening to try and lift the team spirit again after suffering several defeats recently. The evening didn't have the best of starts as The Weymouth 1st team could only manage to get 6 players to travel to the away fixture, but that didn't phase the mentality of the team as all 6 started off very positive.

As the first quarter got under way,  Bandits Craig Sorrell got the game rolling scoring the first 13 points for the away team as they pulled away swiftly from Torbay Turtles, out classing the home side offensively and defensively, taking the quarter 15-33.


The 2nd quarter had the same tempo from the Mission Fitness Bandits with all 6 players getting on the score sheet and putting 110% into their game. With  Alex Legg and Jeff Robertshaw getting good open shots from outside the key, Bandits kept applying the pressure on offence whilst at the other end Jordan Daniels was playing a key part in keeping the defence tight and denying the home side Torbay any chance of getting easy buckets under the ring.

Bandits came off on top of the 2nd quarter, managing to keep Torbay to 15 again against their 27. Going into the 2nd half with a healthy 30-60 lead, Weymouth looked a little fatigued as the Turtles hit 8 points with no answer but it didn't take long for Bandits to pull it back again after strong drives into the key from Chris Canham and Craig Sorrell started getting Torbay into foul trouble and with 10 from 13 shots from the free throw line made meant the 3rd quarter finished tied at 15-15.

The 4th quarter was obviously going to be tough for the Mission Fitness Bandits as all 6 players had worked so hard to keep in front for the whole game, it was all about the defence and maintaining a strong composure for the last few minutes. With help from Tom Storey getting out to stop the outside shots, Weymouth held the home side to only lose the last quarter 16-9 bringing home the Win 84-61. 

It might of been a stand out personal performance by Craig Sorrell but all 6 players deserved the MVP award for this game as they all put in an all-star performance.


MVP: Craig Sorrell


Scores: Craig Sorrell 45, Jeff Robertshaw 10, Jordan Daniels 9, Tom Storey 9, Chris Canham 7, Alex Legg 4.


Oct 27, 2015, 9:44 am

Mission Fitness Weymouth Bandits 48 vs Exeter Nomads 46

Exeter and District Division 1

The Mission Fitness Weymouth Bandits welcomed Exeter Nomads to Weymouth for their first match up of the season following a number of close match ups during the previous campaign.

The 1st quarter began with both teams slow to start. Craig Sorrell opened the scoring and Doherty and Fuhrmann scored to counter to the Nomads early points before the visitors put together a 12 point run to take the quarter 8-17.

With Weymouth not quite gelling as a team yet the Nomads continued their scoring runs into the 2nd quarter mitigated only by Mission Fitness Weymouth Bandits' de Bertrand and Canham making mid-range baskets. Towards the end of the quarter Bandits' Fuhrmann and Sorrell hit consecutive 3's sparking more assertiveness into the home side's play, with the half finished 21-34 in the visitors' favour.

The Mission Fitness Weymouth Bandits were down but not out going into the 2nd half with a 13 point deficit to reclaim. Unfazed, the home side turned to their defence to flip the momentum of the game in their favour with Storey keeping the perimeter threat in check, Doherty bringing his defensive intensity to bear on the inside and Daniels chasing down rebound after rebound cutting the Nomads second chances out. Nomads were held to only 4 points in the quarter, scores from Sorrell, Carter, Fuhrmann and Daniels reduced the deficit to 5 points going into the 4th quarter.

In the final period an early 3-point make was countered by a 10 point run by the Mission Fitness Bandits with a second Nomads score bringing the game back to 43 a piece. A 3 point shot from the corner from Fuhrmann followed by a timely fast break from Robertshaw put the Bandits up by 5 going into the last minute. Nomads' captain hit a 3 to keep the visitors hopes of claiming the game alive but the Bandits defence stifled their efforts, preventing them from getting a last chance shot off as the game ended.

The Bandits reflected after the game that despite not quite gelling as they’d like to, they showed resolve to stay with the game and acknowledge that there is still plenty of room to improve as a team as the season continues.

Craig Sorrell 17, Alex Fuhrmann 10, Connor Doherty 6, Jordan Daniels 5, Jim de Bertrand 4, Jeff Robertshaw 2, Chris Canham 2, Carl Carter 2, Tom Storey,

Weymouth MVP: Craig Sorrell

Jul 24, 2015, 10:12 am





Tropics Roll on to Championship
Jul 6, 2015, 7:27 pm

Weymouth College Tropics 69 – 26 Basingstoke
Weymouth College Tropics 46 – 26 Winchester
Weymouth College Tropics 43 – 26 Gosport

In the most successful basketball season in recent memory, Weymouth’s U16 side rolled on to the regional playoffs as the top ranked team and favourites to take the title.

In their first game of the brackets they came up against the lower ranked Basingstoke who were without their leading scorer who gave the tropics their only test when the sides met in the league. Weymouth made short work of their opponents led by a strong surge from the second unit, capping off a comfortable 69 – 26 win.

For their semi-final match up they faced an awkward Winchester side that sported a 6’8 centre that challenged even the most confident player, as Weymouth didn’t manage to find their groove until the second half kicked in. Luke Strong and Jerry Thompson went full throttle as they used the inside outside game to pull the Winchester zone apart and drive towards a 46 – 26 victory.

With a place in the finals, it was time for Weymouth to show why they were the top ranked team in the competition and why every team was gunning for them. Their opponents for the game were the Gosport Scorpions who had made their way to the final as the lowest ranked team in the competition.

Despite the lower ranking, it was obvious from tip off that the game in its high heat and expectation was not going to plan. The first half was a sloppy affair as team were unable to catch a rhythm, relying on the opposite to make a mistake. It was only until coach Alex Fuhrmann (his last game as U16 coach) was requested to use choice words to ignite his team and remind them “… of their duty to the people of Weymouth they represent.” This was a key turning point in the match as Weymouth quickly turned their opponent’s faults into their own success. Jerry Thompson and Max Gilmartin drove their team ahead as Gosport could only watch as their own standout players crumbled under pressure. It was then Weymouth who had the upper hand as Dan Hampson grabbed every available rebound, as Ewan Goodwin gave a the perimeter the much need defensive pressure. As the clock wound down it was clear Weymouth had done enough to take the final 43-26 ahead.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “The boys have tested my nerve all season. Despite our success I am always keen to put emphasis on the performance rather than the result. This was a classic teenage matchup, loose nerves and missed layups allowed Gosport to stay in the game and it was only when the boys had a talking to that they decided they wanted to win. It’s been a great team effort all year and its most important to stress that it’s their hard work in practice at Weymouth College each week that gave them the tools to win. A great way to finish the season, and as my time as Weymouth’s U16 coach.”

Roster: Max Gilmartin (Playoff MVP), Jerry Thompson, Luke Strong, Rory Legg, Dan Hampson, Ewan Goodwin, Kim De Leon, Eric Robertshaw, Bruce Florentino, Derek Marquez, Matt Chubb.

Army Falls to Mission Fitness Bandits
Jun 18, 2015, 6:43 pm

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 59 – 49 Blandford Army

Going into the second game of the summer league for the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits they were looking to keep up the momentum from their first home win. With fewer players than expected the hopes were still high for the Mission Fitness Bandits going into the game despite Blandford having a full 12 man squad that gave them an advantage over the Mission Fitness Bandits.

Looking to solidify a spot among the top teams in the Summer League the Mission Fitness Bandits came out to a strong start finding Robertshaw converting multiple fast breaks and playing at a high intensity. Whilst the offence was rolling the defence was a bit lacklustre from the Mission Fitness Bandits and were allowing  easy points around the basket. The first quarter finished with the Mission Fitness Bandits up 14 to 11.

Going into the second quarter Weymouth’s offence was a lot more patient than before and more half-court basketball was played by using a pass and cut offence. By using this Weymouth were able to get open for many mid-range and long range shots that Sorrell and Canham were converting. However the Mission Fitness Bandits defence was still lacking the intensity that would let them pull away from the Blandford team. The first half finished with Weymouth still on top but only by two points.

Going into the second half the Mission Fitness Bandits focused on limiting Blandford’s offence to mainly outside shots that was working well in slowing down their scoring. Whilst the problem on defence had been solved, Weymouth also started to attack the basket more and was looking to be more aggressive with their scoring, allowing Steel and Carter to get good position under the basket and add to the Mission Fitness Bandits lead. The third quarter ended with Weymouth being up by 8 points and looking to increase the lead.

The fourth quarter showed the fatigue, despite Blandford having a full team; bad turnovers were caused by both teams. Even though either team wasn’t looking as great as they were in the first three quarters the Mission Fitness Bandits continued to push on with more experience behind them and were passing around a lot more to get each other open for better shot opportunities. The experience behind the Weymouth pushed them on to win the game by ten points.

Roster/Scorers:  Craig Sorrell 16, Jeff Robertshaw 15, Chris Canham 10, Andy Steel 9, Carl Carter 6, Jay Willson 3, Jamie Dixon.

Team Dorset put up a fight to hold on against a buoyant Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits.
Jun 18, 2015, 6:31 pm

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits travelled to Bournemouth for the hugely anticipated encounter against the old rivals Team Dorset. The Bandits have started the summer season with two unchallenging games; this was set to change against Team Dorset if any of the build-up was to go by. Team Dorset have been playing in the Solent leagues and finish their regular season with satisfactory results, where the Bandits ended a good first year in the Exeter and Districts league division 1 coming third.

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits started the game very slow as they adjusted their line up to account for a couple players unable to make the fixture. Team Dorset managed a quick 7 – 0 run on the Bandits as they fail to organise their defence. Coach Craig Sorrell refused to take a time out and demanded a response on court from his players, this seemed to provoke a reaction from them as Weymouth went on their own 9 – 0 run which saw an introduction to the game from young Josh Westlake, who has impressed through training, and Craig Sorrell himself hitting several long range jump shots from the 3 point line.

The second quarter again started like the first with Team Dorset coming out of the blocks quicker due to some uncharacteristic errors from the Bandits, but this time with Weymouth steward Chris Canham pushing the Mission Fitness Bandits to improve, they once again 10 – 0 run where Jeff Robertshaw and Chris Canham shared the spoils. This quarter saw an impressive defensive display combination of Jaime Dixon and the mighty Carl Carter who very rarely gives anything away. Unfortunately due to the defensive push both Carter and Canham got drawn into foul trouble and had to sit out the remainder of the second quarter. The first half ended 41 – 36 to the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits.

The theme seemed to continue during the start of the third quarter where yet again Team Dorset hit 5 shots without a reply. Team Dorset seemed to be a better team this quarter due to a shake-up of their own personnel. I time out was called from Coach Sorrell and the Bandits returned to the court with their heads held high, none more so than Jay Wilson and Josh Westlake, where through some very nice link up play and solid rebounding made 4 returned baskets. This pushed the bandits on with confidence and once again Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits veterans Canham and Sorrell scored some promising drives through the Team Dorset defence.

The fourth quarter had the Bandits and Team Dorset matching each other on the score board. Jim DeBertrand controlled the Bandits backline and even instigated play on the offensive end of the court. Again Craig Sorrell weighed in with three 3 pointers taking his tally to seven for the game. The game finished with a narrow win to Team Dorset 77 – 73 Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits.

Chris Canham said after the game: “We did feel we were the better side and it was a shame to lose the game after all of our guys pushed themselves so hard throughout. But even so we enjoyed the game and it showed off some great young talent coming through at Weymouth. We’ll get them when they come to us!”

Scorers: Sorrell 35, Robertshaw 13, Westlake 9, Canham 8, DeBertrand 6, Carter 2, Wilson 0, Dixon 0.

Great Start To Summer League For Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits
Jun 8, 2015, 8:48 pm

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 80 – 40 Southbourne

On Thursday night at Budmouth College, The Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits played Southbourne in the first game of the summer league, which to a surprise start for the vetern side.

The game began with a very fast tempo, the Mission Fitness Bandits pushing the fast break against the less experienced Southbourne side with Craig Sorrell scoring 6 successive points and strong offensive rebounding from Vitoldas Balciunas. The outlet pass was used often, and Jeff Robertshaw and Simon Dean collected easy buckets on the break. The first quarter ended with the Mission Fitness Bandits 26 – 6 ahead.

The second quarter was used as an opportunity for the Mission Fitness Bandits to try out different types of offensive plays and defensive formations that they had used all season, also to give the players making their debut some experience for the coming season. Josh Westlake and Andy Steele looked strong in the post, making drives through the lane and with Chris Canham getting steals on defence, the first half finishing ahead  by 29 points.

The second half was just as high scoring as the first for the Mission Fitness Bandits as they continued to dominate the court. Carl Carter performed well under the basket blocking shots and rebounding for the fast breaks and Jim DeBertrand made shots from outside the key. Balciunas was also a dominant presence in the key both on offence and defence in his final game for the Weymouth Club. However the Southbourne side had found their accuracy and were trying to stay in the game and so the amount of points scored in the quarter by both teams was very close 14 – 12.

Ultimately for the remainder of the game, the Mission Fitness Bandits still continued to dominate. By switching their defence to man marking which the Southbourne team could not cope with offensively and so with the opposition unable to make enough points to contest the lead, the game ended with the final score Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits winning 80-40.

Player/Coach Craig Sorrell mused after the game, “Great start to the summer league for Weymouth, this was Josh Westlake, Jamie Dixon and Jeff Robertshaw’s debut for Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits and they played very well. We just need to keep up this quality of play throughout the summer to win the league.”

Roster/Scorers: Craig Sorrell 17, Chris Canham 13, Jeff Robertshaw 11, Vitoldas Balciunas 10, Simon Dean 7, Carl Carter 6, Jim DeBertrand 6, Josh Westlake 6, Andy Steele 4, Jamie Dixon.

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