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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Darts defeat the Huskies
Mar 1, 2012, 11:34 pm

Weymouth Huskies 15 - 71 Aldworth Darts

Weymouth Huskies went into their sixth game of the season feeling positive about their previous performances, ready to give the top of the league Aldworth Darts a good game despite there strong season.

The first quarter the huskies stepped out onto the court with a man to man defense. Straight from the tip off it was clear to see it would be a tough game for the Weymouth side with the Darts scoring three consecutive baskets in the first minute, followed by some more impressive shooting from the away side, before the Huskies got their first basket through a free throw from Ellen Blackwood. This was followed by several more baskets for the Basingstoke team. With the score at 16-1 the Huskies called a timeout to regroup and set out a new strategy to work the ball around to create more shooting opportunities. From the restart this allowed some positive Huskies play resulting in baskets from Rosie Moore and Kelly Browne. With the first quarter ending 24-5.

The second quarter started with a change to the defense going out in a 1-3-1 defense. This seemed to stop the flow of close shots from the Darts as they were forced to take more shots from outside the key which weren't as successful allowing the Weymouth side to get the rebounds and start an attack towards the darts basket. The only points of the quarter came from some strong shooting from Moore. But the strong defense from the Huskies only allowed the Basingstoke side to score 12 points. This proved the best quarter for the huskies. With some strong defense from the whole team.

The huskies kept with the same defense as they went into the third quarter as it seemed to be more effective. The Aldworth Darts came out fighting again getting 8 baskets with no return from the Huskies until a breakaway saw Blackwood gain another two points for the Weymouth team. She then followed this up two minutes later from a perfectly timed ball from Carly Dean to allowed Blackwood to score another basket. The huskies were able to follow this straight up with some more attacking play resulting in the Darts fouling Moore, allowing her to step up to the free throw line for two shots with one being successful ending the third quarter 50-12. This quarter also proved strong for the Huskies in defense as they kept there defense together only allowing 14 points to be scored against them.

Going into the fourth quarter the Huskies were feeling upbeat about their performance despite the score as they had played some very strong defense against the top of the league side who have scored 540 points in 8 games this season. The huskies reverted back to man to man defense which seemed to allow the opposition more chances to shoot as they managed to score 21 points through impressive shooting and fast breaks. The Huskies were finding it hard to find space to attack the basket from the press being played on them the whole game from the Darts but in the fourth quarter Moore in bounded the ball quickly to Browne allowing her to get to the basket before the Darts defense was ready allowing an easy basket for the home side, which was then followed by a shot from the free throw line from Blackwood once more. Ending the game Weymouth Huskies 15- 71 Aldworth Darts.

Coach Che Osborne said, "The girls did really well this evening, they kept their heads up and battled for the game right up to the last minute.  The opposition were well organised and very skillfull and with two ex England players in their ranks, they were always going to be tough opposition.  We made some good strong moves to the basket, and our passing in the offensive half was good, but we just couldn't convert the good moves to points when we got close to the basket.  Full court pressure defence proved difficult for us to deal with and the resulting turnovers cost us the game in my opinion, however we will take this and use it in training to improve and be better prepared next time we face this kind of full court pressure."

Huskies: Ellen Blackwood 6, Rosie Moore 5, Kelly Browne 4, Carly Dean, Sadie Osborne, Jo Flint, Steph Jones, Chrissy Mayers, Nadine White. 

Southsiders struggle as Bandits find their form
Feb 25, 2012, 12:37 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 93 - 60 Southampton Southsiders

Monday 20th February and the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits played hosts to Southampton Southsiders.  The two teams are only separated at the bottom of the Saba mens division 2 by a single point, and with the visitors having a game in hand the Tandoori Bandits were in a must win situation.

The first half started strongly for the Tandoori Bandits, tenacious defence and making it difficult for the Southsiders to see the basket clearly from anywhere closer than the 3pt perimeter.  Although the visitors managed to keep themselves level with a couple of big 3 point shots, it was the Weymouth side that looked the more confident outfit, working the ball well and getting the ball to the basket for high percentage scores. Ian Manley and Dzintars Kalkis were causing the visitors a lot of problems inside. Manley claimed 19 points in the first half and Kalkis added 23 to the Tandoori Bandits total of 48 for the half and the Weymouth team took a 16 point lead into the second half.

The Southsiders talked tactics at half time and decided on a change in defence to slow the Tandoori Bandits attack.  Opting for a Zone alignment the visitors filled the scoring zone looking to keep the Tandoori Bandits away from the basket. The tactics were making it tougher for the Tandoori Bandits to get the ball inside, but with some good shooting from the perimeter as an answer, the visitors began to get frustrated.  The outside threat was opening up the Southsiders defence allowing space for Manley, Kalkis and Matt Board to attack the basket again, drawing fouls and converting from the freethrow line. Chris Canham, Julien Lawes and Dan Campbell all dropped 3 pointers in from the perimeter to keep the visitors defence stretched and it seemed that there was no answer to the Tandoori Bandits constant attack.  Returning from injury for his first outing of the season, Tandoori Bandits veteran point guard Alex Fuhrmann controlled the Bandits offensive tempo on court as the home side continued to work the ball well and find good looks at the basket.  As the final buzzer approached some good ball movement and moves to the basket finished the game strongly for the Tandoori Bandits as the took the game Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 93 - Southampton Southsiders 60.

Coach Che Osborne said ” I feel that the team went into this game knowing it was crucial to come away with a result tonight.  They showed determination and intensity on both ends of the floor, and their efforts were rewarded with a convincing win and three points. This result can only have a positive effect on the remaining games this season, and I am 100% sure that if we continue to play and improve in this way, we are capable of defeating any team in our league. I am extremely pleased with all the players on our team tonight and I will be looking forward to our next game”

Roster/Scorers: Dzintars Kalkis 34, Ian Manley 27, Matt Board 8, Brett Dunster 7, Dan Campbell 5, Chris Canham 5, Alex Furhmann 4, Julian Lawes 3, Rich Camp, Carl Carter.

Cowboys Close to Shooting Down Top Team
Feb 19, 2012, 12:25 pm

Weymouth Cowboys 65 Winchester Wizards 71

Having played inconsistently this season, Weymouth Cowboys hosted the top club in the league Winchester Wizards, boasting a number of ex division 1 players. However, this turned out not to be the as case as the Cowboys played their best basketball of the season so far.

From the tip, the Cowboys took the game to the Wizards, with Andy Steele scoring 4 points without return; however the strong Wizards side soon got in to their groove and demonstrated their dominance by scoring 11pts without answer. A substitution was made by coach Fuhrmann for Matt Board to enter the game resulting in a stronger Cowboys defence to stem the Wizards offence.  In turn the Cowboys offence began to match the Wizards and baskets by Steve Howlett and Dan Campbell meant that the after the first quarter the Cowboys finished a even quarter leading Wizards by 17-16.

The obviously shocked Wizards changed their offence to a press with the immediate effect of scoring 10 pts with only a single basket from Fil Romano in reply. Coach Fuhrmann called the necessary timeout to change tactics and strengthen the defence. Strong rebounding by Sam Dodge and Mark Talmage kept the wizards play to outside shots and fast breaks, in a quarter in which the Wizards out scored their hosts by 13 to secure a 37 – 25 lead.

During Half Time, Coach Fuhrmann gave clear instructions how to prevent the fast break being employed by the Wizards.  However, Wizards immediately scored 8 pts on fast breaks forcing a frustrated coach to call another time out after only 2 minutes. This proved to be the turning point for Cowboys, as trailing 47 – 25 to the top team it looked like the Cowboys could be about to suffer a very heavy defeat.

With fresh instructions the young Weymouth side constantly looked to press Wizards and with a combination of forced errors and fast intense offence, the Cowboys themselves went on a scoring spree with baskets scored by Romano and Jack Speary. The highlight being Romano’s basket, who after winning a rebound accelerated past all players to score a decisive layup.  Cowboys closed the 3rd quarter 21 – 26, but were 63 – 46.

Weymouth commenced the final quarter with players immediately forcing the Wizards to turn the ball over after excellent offensive pressing by both Dodge and Romano.  Cowboys were in the ascent with scores by George Scott bringing the Cowboys to within 10 pts of the Wizards. Wizards clearly shaken, called a timeout and restructured. This was to no avail as the Cowboys continued to defend superbly and contested Wizards for every ball and in typical fashion Speary chased the Wizard’s top scorer and blocked him on a fast break.  Further scores resulted in the Cowboys outscoring the Wizards 19 to 8 in the final quarter, cutting the final score to a competitive 71 – 65 Weymouth loss. 

Coach Alex Fuhrmann said, “Today we played the top team in our league, containing a number of players who have played at a very high level and we matched them. We have played good basketball at times this season but tonight my team played this level of basketball all game. The intensity, desire and commitment were there from the initial tip off through to the final whistle.”

Scorers/Roster: Dan Campbell 16, Andy Steele 14, Sam Dodge 11, Fil Romano 9, Matt Board 5, George Scott 4, Jack Speary 4, Steve Howlett 2, Eric Olson, Mark Talmage.

Blogging in Basketball
Feb 15, 2012, 6:56 pm

It's with great pleasure Weymouth coach and development officer Alex Fuhrmann has been added as a contributor for popular blogging site http://www.courtsideblog.com

The site offers a place to express your opinion on basketball, the team sport we all love because there is only two outcomes: your team wins or it loses!

Check out Alex's article...


Huskies lose out after long journey to the Amazons
Feb 8, 2012, 10:39 pm
Weymouth Huskies           14
Bognor Regis Amazons    84

On the 31st of January, a depleated  Huskies side  travelled to Bognor Regis to face a strong amazon team who were fielding 12 players to the huskies 6.

The huskies started with a steady defence blocking many of the bognor sides shots. But it took the weymouth side several attempts to get their first points of the game which came through some fast paced play by the huskies resulting in Carly Dean scoring the first two points with a lay up. Dean continued with her good shooting pulling a three pointer out of the bag. With Ellen Blackwood following her suit by scoring another three points bringing the huskies up to 8 points within the first quarter.

Into the second and third quarter the pace of the game was starting to take its toll on the huskies team who only had 6 players, with them giving easy baskets away to the Amazons. The game was out of the reach of the huskies by the end of the second quarter. Which was shown in the third quarter as the huskies legs began to tire resulting in the break down of all offensive plays.

The fourth quarter the Huskies went out with a new lease of life. With the motivation to score more baskets. The huskies went searching for them with a lay up from Blackwood. The huskies continued to put pressure onto the bognor regis side through their strong defence. Only allowing the amazon side to score 16 points in the final quarter. Making the final score Weymouth Huskies 14- 84 Bognor Amazons. But the Huskies came out of the game with a positive attitude looking for a better outcome in their next match.

Coach on the night Andy Blackwood said "the girls put in a lot of hard work tonight, even though the opposition were a whole league above us it didn't seem that way during regular play. The good offensive moves the girls put together need some fine tuning to make sure they finish with points at the basket more often. Overall I enjoyed coaching the girls and would happily do it again."


Carly Dean 7, Ellen Blackwood 5, Nicolle Cornish 2, Rosie Moore, Sadie Osbourne, Rebecca Cameron

Bournemouth Razors prove too sharp for the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits
Feb 4, 2012, 12:09 am

Bournemouth Razors 73 – Weymouth Bandits 61

For the second time this season the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits travelled to Bournemouth for the customary early tip at the sea side town. Once again the Bandits were depleted in numbers which is becoming common place as the season progresses. With only seven players and no coach (get well soon Che!) the team knew from the outset this was going to be another tough ask.

Nevertheless following an extensive warm up with some shiny new balls the Bandits started well. The first quarter saw both teams trade baskets in what appeared to be a well matched contest, with the Bandits trailing by three at the end of the period.

The early part of the second contained much of the same with some improving phases of play allowing Lawes and Manley to keep the scores ticking over. However a change of defence for the Bandits proved unwise, the Razors caught fire and rained in a series of threes and fast breaks to leave the visitors reeling as they entered half time. Bournemouth leading the scoring 28 to Weymouth’s 12

The third quarter saw the Bandits enhance their offensive game to a new level, using quality passes and cuts to create good scoring opportunities. Dunster and Laws drained threes of their own along with contributions from Campbell, Canham, Dodge and Manley. However the blow dealt by Bournemouth in the second lingered on with the Bandits finishing down by 24 at the end of the third.

Defiant until the end the Bandits chased hard in the fourth with a series scores from Manley and Canham. As the game drew to a close Weymouth had reduced the deficit to 12 outscoring the Razors 19 to 7. Full credit for ending on a high note, despite failing to secure three much needed points.

The search for a win continues.......

Scorers: Manley 21, Canham 14, Lawes 11, Dunster 5, Board 4, Campbell 4, Dodge 2

Weaver hit games winner to seal double wins
Feb 3, 2012, 6:35 pm

Weymouth Giants 32 - 16 Dorchester Tigers
Weymouth Giants 31 - 30 Dorset Storm

Weymouth’s youngest yet most successful team so far this season head to Bournemouth for another double header against Dorset Storm and the Dorchester tigers. After finding success against both teams so far this season and currently holding the number 1 spot in the league Weymouth went into the games with a lot of confidence despite being shocked last time around by the Dorchester Tigers who got their first win of the season against the so far superior Giants.  The young Giants were left with a bad taste in their mouth after the surprising loss and were eager to get out on the court and get back to their winning ways.  Weymouth came out determined to win the game and proved that they were still the team to beat in this league as they jumped out to a 10-0 start. With some impressive defence and rebounding coming from Kieran Scott and  Luke Brown  the Tigers were struggling to find the basket whilst Weymouth continued to find success on the offensive end. Most of the scoring came from Derek Marquez who exploded for an impressive 22 points carrying the team to a convincing 32-16 win.

The second game against Dorset Storm was a thriller from the start. The Giants started the game the same way they did the first out hustling their opponent on defence and finding easy baskets on the other end which allowed them to jump out to a 8-0 lead and forcing Storm head coach to call a quick time out to instruct his players. Despite the early lead the well drilled storm managed to get back into the game and the score was evens going into the second half. The second half started fast paced with both teams going back and forth which resulted in multiple lead changes for each team. Weymouth Giants also had two players make their debut for the club, James Cotson came into the game and supplied an instant energy boost for his team whilst Jay Bennett joined school team mate and fellow big man  Josh Westlake in the front court . They both did a great job of dominating inside grabbing rebounds and blocking shots. Rev Santos and  Emily Screen both chipped in on the offensive end having success on their lay ups for easy scores.
After  an unbelievably competitive game so far the game came down to the final seconds. Weymouth found themselves with the ball with less than 5 seconds on the clock and the score 29-30 in favour of Dorset Storm, it all came down to the final possession where Weymouth stayed composed and under control. Louis Weaver one of the Giants key played managed to beat his defender to the basket and received a brilliant pass from Jacob Coombs which lead to a lay up which Louis shot with confidence and found the bottom of the net to put Weymouth up 31-30 with just one second left to play. The game finished 31-30 to the Weymouth Giants in what was an exciting competitive game from the start.

Coach Dan Campbell: “ I’m really happy how my team played in the first game determined to get the win after coming up short against the Tigers in our previous encounter  and finishing the game with double the amount of points. As for the second game it was a thriller from the start and one of the most entertaining games I have ever seen, both teams played to the very best of their ability and I’m very happy we came out on top.”

Roster: Derek Marquez, Josh Westlake, Louis Weaver, Jacob Coombs, Emily Screen, Kieran Scott, Luke Brown, James Cotson, Jay Bennett.

Cowboys lose out to Bucks
Feb 1, 2012, 9:27 pm

Weymouth Cowboys 63 – 72 Hythe Bucks


With Weymouth Cowboys starting to find some form they hoped to avenge away defeat to The Hythe Bucks when they played at Weymouth College.

Cowboys seemed to come out slowly against their opponents and were 4 – 0   down after 3minutes but 3 pointers from Sam Dodge and Dan Campbell opened the home team’s account.  Coach Alex Fuhrmann called a time out mid way through the first quarter to rally the team and with a change in personnel and defence the Cowboys finished the quarter strongly with hard work inside from Rob Legg and strong driving from Giles Heaman resulting in points.


At the start of the second quarter Weymouth were again slow to start and allowed Hythe to open out an 11 point lead. With emphasis placed on the zone press and an injection of intensity in the form of Steve Howlett, Weymouth were able to cause turnovers and bring the deficit back to 5 by the half. Cowboys 27 – 32 Bucks.

The third quarter was much better for the Cowboys as they used their intensity from defence to generate their offense.  Andy Steel started to dominate in the key and continued excellent defence and passing from Sam Dodge meant that the sides finished level going into the final quarter.


Unfortunately, as has been the case for most of this season, the Cowboys were unable to maintain their good play as Hythe repeatedly broke down the press defence to score easy baskets.  A run of 10 unanswered points, resulting in another frustrating loss for the Weymouth side 72 - 63.


Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Seemed to be there were only a few players out there tonight giving 100%, I’m thankful those guys stepped up as we would of gotten hammered without them. If the other guys are willing to put in the same effort then we’ll defiantly beat them in our next encounter.”


Game MVP: Sam Dodge


Scorers / Roster: Andy Steel 16, Dan Campbell 13, Sam Dodge 10, Giles Heaman 9, Jack Speary 7, Rob Legg 4, Steve Howlett 2, Fillipo Romano 2, Eric Olson.

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