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Monday March 18 2019 

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Cowboys shoot the Ravens out of the sky
Feb 1, 2012, 6:56 pm

Weymouth Cowboys 69 - 59 Southampton Ravens

On the last weekend of January Weymouth Cowboys travelled to Southampton looking for their first away win. Their opponents, the Southampton Ravens who in the last match up took away what could have been, Cowboys first win of the season. Needless to say the team were looking for a different result this time, even with the Ravens having the home team advantage.


The Ravens took the tip but it was the Cowboys who took first blood with Dan Campbell making the first basket of the game very early on. A foul added an extra free throw which Campbell took with ease. Another foul, this time on Sam Dodge gave him the chance to show how you make free-throws putting the score 5-0. By this time the Ravens had decided they wanted a piece of action and managed to get a basket but great use of the zone defence put a break on the Raven’s getting more than 8 points in total the entire quarter.  The same didn’t apply to the Cowboys, especially with Andy Steel taking several great pressured lay-ups and sinking them. The score of the first quarter was 23-8 to the Cowboys. The 2nd quarter was not much different; the Weymouth Cowboys were making it clear that this was their game today. A few controversial calls by the referees could have cut the tempo but the Cowboys kept their heads like true athletes and carried their momentum with excellent use of the full-court press and moving the ball to make the end of the first half 39-18 to Weymouth.


It was the 2nd half where things started to become sticky for the boys from the west. The Ravens started to use their big men more and became a lot more physical. The Cowboys upped the tempo but started to lose their heads and allow for some bad turnovers.  The Ravens made the most of this turn-around and started to slowly creep up the score board to catch the Weymouth wonders, at one-point there only being a four point difference between the two teams. Some good rebounding from Rob Legg and Sam Dodge slowed the Ravens down but it wasn’t enough and so Coach Alex Fuhrmann called for a much needed time out. Rejuvenated the Cowboys went back out and played their game. The Ravens still played hard but not hard enough to stop the Cowboys making the final score 69-59 and taking their first away win.


Coach Alex Fuhrmann, said “great run out for the lads today, we showed in the first half what we’ve been building on and will continue develop as we go on. I’m not too sure on some decisions from the players in the second half, nearly loosing grip of the game and sending us home empty handed. Regardless we pulled out the win and I’m happy.”


Weymouth MVP:  Andy Steel


Scorers/Roster:  Andy Steel 25, Sam Dodge 15, Dan Campbell 22, Gerry Legg 4, Jeff Robertshaw 1, Matt Board 2, Rob Legg, Eric Olson, James Ward.

Jan 31, 2012, 9:58 pm


Southampton Eagles 119 - 81 Weymouth Bandits


Having lost at home to the Eagles by 1point, the “Weymouth Tandoori” Bandits were keen for revenge when they headed to Southampton for the return fixture.  However, with the Bandits struggling for players and four places separating the two teams in the league, this looked like a tough ask.  


Coach Che Osborne gave debuts to 5 young players and one of these, Gerry Legg - Saunders, started at point guard.  He moved the ball well and in the first quarter the Bandits used this seasons new offensive strategy to good effect, using excellent movement to create multiple open shots.  Andy Steel was particularly effective, shooting well and driving strongly to the basket.  Jamie Dixon (Debut) came on as replacement point guard and James 'Dr.J' Ward (Debut) in the small forward both made some powerful moves to the hoop, the Eagles feathers were ruffled and the Bandits edged a high scoring quarter 25 - 26.  


In the 2nd quarter the Eagles started to recover and with strong offensive and defensive rebounding, started to make their superior height tell.  This didn't stop the smallest player on the court, young debutant 'Steve-O' Reece, from showing that good 'boxing out' gets you defensive rebounds.  With muscular work under the boards from Kyle Houlden (debut) and strong moves to the hoop from Chris Canham and Ian Manley, the Tandoori Bandits earned trips to the foul line, keeping them in the game.  A particulaly acrobatic scoring move from Legg-Saunders and continued excellent play from Andy Steel were highlights of this quarter, the latter scoring 22 of the Bandits first half points. Half Time: Eagles 55 - 44 Bandits


As the 2nd half started, Coach Che Osborne looked to stop the inside threat from the Eagles with a change of defense to zone.  This worked well but unfortunately The Eagles started to find their range with outside shots, M.Galla and A.Bajevas both hitting from beyond the three point line. As the Eagles focused their attentions on offence they began to yeild some space on defence, giving Bandits forward Ian Manley multiple looks at his favourite '12ft jump shot', and he didn't dissapoint scoring 12 points in the third alone. 


By the 4th quarter the Bandits were clearly tiring and despite spirited defense from Giles 'Soleman' Heaman and good fast breaking by Canham, they couldn’t convert the numerous breaks into points on the board while the Eagles finished strongly.  They ran the floor well and the exhausted Bandits could only foul as they sent the Southampton side to the free throw line 7 times.


Final Score: Eagles 119 - 81 Bandits


Coach Che Osborne said “ I was impressed today by the discipline and commitment of the raiders and cowboys players asked to step up. We fielded a hybrid team today made up of some of the most keen and commited players within the Weymouth basketball club and it showed on the court.  I would like to have seen a little more safe, calm play and control of the ball at the offensive end, as we made quite a lot of turnovers which are always critical when it comes to the final buzzer, That aside I was extremely impressed by the desire to play and win the game. The confidence shown out on the court by the players today, showed that we have strength and potential at all levels within Weymouth basketball club. This for me is very positive and poses nothing but good things for the future of our club”.





 A.Steel 31, I.Manley 23, C.Canham 12, J.Ward 5, G.Heaman 4, G.Legg-Saunders 4, K.Houlden 2, J.Dixon, S.Reece

Weymouth unable to secure second win of the season.
Jan 26, 2012, 10:54 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 59 – Dorset Storm Cavs 65


Monday 16th January saw the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits play host to the travelling Dorset Storm Cavs. Weymouth were looking for their second win of the season after having been unsuccessful in an away game just 4 days earlier.

From the tip off the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits got themselves into a good offensive rhythm with Ian Manley opening the scoring from the foul line.  Manley and Dzintars Kalkis then led the Bandits scoring for the quarter, bagging 9 of the Bandits 12 points between them. The end of the 1st quarter saw the visiting team find their own rhythm though, as they managed to go on an 8point uncontested run, overtaking the home team ending the first quarter with the Cavs up 15-12.

The second quarter was a period that the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits will want to forget. They were unable to keep the strong offensive that they had found in the first quarter going; this resulted with just 5 points scored by the home team for the quarter. Unfortunately for the Bandits this quarter also saw their defensive pressure on the visiting team severely lacking. The Cavs pushed the Bandits hard with there offensive play and managed to go on a spree of 11 unanswered points. The Weymouth Tandoori Bandits were relived to here the whistle goes for halftime with the score of the game at 32-17 in favour of the Cavs.

After a much needed halftime break the Weymouth Tandoori Bandits entered the 2nd half with the same tempo and determination that they had opened the game with. Once again Ian Manly came alive for the Bandits offence as he went deep into the Cavs defence to net two of ten points for the 3rd, it was looking like the Cavs defence would be unable to stop him. Julian Lawes helped finish the 3rd by making a midrange shot and then following up with a 3 pointer on the next home attack. The quarter ended with Weymouth outscoring the Cavs but still trailing by 9.  Although pleased with the outcome of the 3rd quarter, the Bandits knew that they would have to step up on both offence and defence if they wanted to take the game back in the 4th. It was all or nothing so Weymouth started the 4th quarter with their starting 5 players. This paid off when Dzintars Kalkis found his groove and began attacking the basket relentlessly. This spurred The home side on and whilst Kalkis alone managed to score eight points in the final quarter, Weymouth kept a strong attacking form and once again managed to outscore the visitors. Sadly though the defecit from the 2nd quarter proved too much to pull back and so the game ended with Weymouth Tandoori Bandits losing 59-65.

Coach Che Osborne Said “ I was pleased to see us yet again start the game strong, recognising where our strengths and the oppositions weaknesses were quickly. However I would like to see us keeping this momentum up and building on it throughout the entire game more, having strong consistent offence will allow our defence to suffocate the opposition, and defence is where Weymouth basketball has always been strongest in my opinion.  Overall I was extremely pleased with the team determination.  Even though we were trailing the Cavs throughout most of the game, the guys never gave up and played like they wanted to win right into the last seconds, I think if the second quarter had been offensively the same as the other three, the game would have been ours tonight for sure.”   


Ian Manley 19, Dzintars Kalkis 17, Brett Dunster  8, Julien Lawes  4, Sam Dodge  2, Carl Carter  2, Giles Heaman  2, Rich Camp  1, Chris Canham, Matt Board.



Bridport Duo Star for Weymouth
Jan 24, 2012, 7:35 pm

Weymouth Tropics 30 – 28 Dorset Storm B
Weymouth Tropics 22 – 40 Dorset Storm A

In their first game of 2012, U16 Weymouth Tropics travelled to Bournemouth to face off again Dorset Storms A and B teams in a Friday evening round robin league.

In their first game it was a shaky start as both teams were nervous to feature in the opening game, refusing to show their cards as both teams threw up a variety of misplaced shots. It was only until Weymouth focused to find a streak of baskets, the first coming from newly appointed captain Jordan Daniels, soon followed with some sharp shooting from Jay Willson. Storm did attempt a fight and things looked worrying as Gerry Legg was in foul trouble and forced to watch from the side lines. The Tropics refused to waver as they used efficient passing to find Josh Turner and outstanding defence from Jake Kinder to close the game 30 – 28 in their favour.

In their second game it was a different story from the young side as it was clear the first game had taken their energy and top scorer Daniels falling to injury. With a lack of focus through depleted fatigue, the Tropics struggled to get in a groove. Despite some great effort from U14 promoted player Jerry Thompson and Josh Kirby they attempted to give Storm a competitive game. Some flashes of skill then showed themselves in the final period as a focus on enjoyment brought the team a rejuvenated spirit led by Kirby and Kinder who finished the game with multiple rebounds and steals to show his side was not put off by the score line 40 – 22.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Great job from the guys tonight, we got a huge win over the more experience Storm side in the first game and gave a good fight in a match against their A team. Was a great team effort with some great performances, I’m especially pleased we were impressively represented by our boys from Bridport.

Game 1 MVP: Jordan Daniels
Game 2 MVP: Josh Kirby

Roster: Jordan Daniels, Josh Kirby, Jerry Thompson, Josh Turner, Jay Willson, Taine Mackay, Errol Marquez, Jake Kinder, Matt Clarke-Williams, Gerry Legg.

Jan 17, 2012, 5:32 pm

Weymouth Cowboys 59 – 52 Team Solent

By losing to team Solent in a previous encounter by 4 points, it was a must win game for the cowboy’s, hoping to win their first game of the season and boost moral.

The beginning of the first quarter both teams lacked the opportunity to finish baskets and were slow to put points on the board.  Weymouth had a number of looks from Dan Campbell, though the majority of shots missed and the strong physical defence and fast paced offence from Solent allowed the visiting side to take a 6 point lead. With a tactical time-out giving Weymouth the time to the re think their strategy, this still didn’t  stop the dominance from Solent’s forwards to commit fouls and score easy baskets to increase the gap.

With constant changing in defence from Cowboys in the second quarter, allowed the home team to use the most effect resistance against the fast passed offence and eliminate the taller opponents. The strong physical defence from Robb Legg and Eric Olson assured Weymouth rebounds and aided the guards Campbell  and Adam Bradley easy points to close the gap on Solent still trailing 24 – 17.

The third quarter Cowboys kept with the pressure on defence and used the momentum to work hard of offense.  Cowboys were still trailing and missing a large amount of shots, nevertheless Filippo Romano and Jack Speary helped rebound the missed baskets to give the Cowboy’s second chance on offence. With a strong lay up from Steve Howlett mid way in the quarter, both teams were tied at 32 - 32 applying pressure on the visiting team and ending the quarter in the favour for the cowboys.

With Cowboys high in spirit coming into the fourth quarter the starting five made sure to give their all and lead the game. On offense, Cowboys found their outside shot on more than one occasion Speary scoring back to back three point shots and a corner three point shot from Campbell put the home team in front by 5. Speary came alive once more in the last minutes with back to back layups giving Weymouth a comfortable lead. Holding onto the ball on offense Speary was fouled and with four seconds remaining. He made the first free throw for a convincing 59 - 52 win for Cowboys, their first victory of the season.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “I knew it was a matter of time before we dedicated 40 minutes to winning a game. We didn’t drop our heads from the start despite some frustrating misses. I hope we can keep this winning attitude up, to carry us forward for the second half of the season.”

Weymouth MVP: Eric Olson

Rosters/Scorers: Jack Speary 16, Filippo Romano 11, Dan Campbell 11, Adam Bradley 7, Andy Steel 5, Rob Legg 4, Mark Talmage 3, Steve Howlett 2, Eric Olson.

Bandits Burnt By Suns
Jan 14, 2012, 7:47 pm

Salisbury Suns 84 - 77 Weymouth Tandoori Bandits

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits travelled to Bishop Wordsworth school on Thursday 12th January with a strong squad, Hoping to come away with a win against opposition Salisbury Suns.  The Bandits were quietly confident as the two sides had already met earlier in 2011 where the Bandits narrowly defeated the Suns in a tight game on Weymouths home court at the college.

The Game began and it soon became apparent that this game was likely to be closely matched like the previous fixture, with both teams exchanging baskets for much of the first quarter. But the Suns pressuring the Weymouth side on the offensive rebounds led to a couple of second chance offences and the first quarter went to the Suns by 3 points 22 - 19.  The Tandoori Bandits came out of the break strong in the second quarter.  Some intense defence and 10 unanswered points saw the Bandits claiming the lead for the first time in the game. Baskets from Sam Dodge, Julien Lawes and Ian Manley forced the hosts to call a timeout in an effort to break the Bandits flow and get back in the game.  The Suns stepped back on court with a different setup and quickly began pressuring the ball. This forced the Bandits to make rushed shots and turn the ball over.  The home side went on a tear with 12 unanswered points, reclaiming the lead at the turn of the half 40 - 35.

The Second half was looking much the same as the first. Beginning with both teams exchanging baskets and playing tight defence.  The hosts kept the gap at 5 points for a good 4 minutes, until a change in defence and some outstanding offensive play saw the Bandits hitting baskets from all over the floor.  First inside with some good link up play between Ian Manley and Dzintars Kalkis, then outside with precision shooting from  Julien Lawes and Chris Canham. Aggressive defence and defensive rebounding at the other end allowed the Bandits to steal a high scoring 3rd Quarter 29 - 21 and left everything setup for a close and explosive fourth quarter.  The Tandoori Bandits took a marginal lead into the fourth, but knew that with such closely matched opposition the game was not over by a long way.  Going straight in all guns blazing the Weymouth team displayed some aggressive basketball culminating in Richard Camp and Dzintars Kalkis at the line adding to Weymouths Tally. With 5 minutes left to play the Bandits had taken their lead to 8 points as the Suns called time to make some changes.  Much the same as the second quarter the Suns came out of the timeout fired up and were pressurising the ball all over the court.  The Bandits began to make some questionable decisions on offence and on each turnover the Suns capitalised at the other end of the floor. Within three minutes the Salisbury team were back within touching distance of a win, but they also had momentum and confidence on their side.  The Suns continued attacking aggressively, and with the Bandits in foul trouble found themselves at the line on numerous occasions. They converted 9 of a possible 12 points in free throws. Then adding 5 points from regular play to take their run to 14 points unanswered.  A frustrated Bandits side fought hard to the end but could not find enough to answer the killer 14 point run of the Suns who took the game 84 - 77 come the final buzzer.

"I always knew that tonight would be a closely fought game" said the Tandoori Bandits coach.  "Salisbury have a good side and the game was constantly changing hands throughout.  We displayed some great interconnecting play again tonight, and with four players in double figures Its promising to know that we're developing as a team as well as individual players.  I do feel disappointed that we were unable to hold onto an 8 point lead with five minutes left to play, that along with 9 points worth of missed free throws lost us this game tonight in my opinion.  However that aside all players contributed 100% and some exciting basketball was played at both ends of the floor, the lessons learned from this game will give us some good stuff to work on in practice so next time were ready for any similar situations."


Julien Lawes 21, Ian Manley 18, Dzintars Kalkis 17, Chris Canham 10, Sam Dodge 7, Richard Camp 2, Giles Heaman 2, Carl Carter, Matt Board.

Weymouth Giants get the New Year started with a win.
Jan 11, 2012, 6:48 pm

Weymouth Giants 22 – 21 Dorset Storm
Weymouth Giants 17 – 19 Dorchester Tigers

The U12 Weymouth Giants got straight back into action after their Christmas break with two more games on the 6th of January. The first game back for the youngest Weymouth side came before their first training session of the year. This meant they were slightly out of practice heading into their games but were eager to get back out on the court and continue their so far successful season.

The first game came against their biggest challenger Dorset Storm. The game started of slow with both sides struggling to find the basket on their first few opportunities. Despite not shooting to their usual standard due to lack of practice the Weymouth side were not willing to give up and played with an intensity which the opposing side couldn’t match. This allowed them to go into the half time break with a 5 point lead after baskets came from Derek Marques and Jacob Coombs. The second half started and the Dorset Storm side didn’t look willing to lie down. They came out with a higher energy level than the first half and quickly turned things around to make it a close game. The score was even mid way through the fourth and final quarter but thanks to a big shot from Joshua Westlake and good defence from Charlie Durant the Weymouth side came out on top once again over their rivals.

The second game was against local side Dorchester Tigers who had not yet had success against the more advanced Giants but they were hungry for their first win against them and came out of the gates aggressively. This seemed to catch the Weymouth side of guard as they didn’t expect such a tough match against this side. The first quarter ended 8-0 in favour of the Tigers. Weymouth now had a tough task on their hands but was willing to take on the challenge and tried to overcome the early deficit. Daniel Hampson and Louis Weaver both took control as they found easy scores close to the basket. With the 4th quarter under way and Weymouth with the momentum after bringing the game back level it looked to be a good finish to the already thrilling game. With great hustle and rebounding coming from Jonah Osment and Rev Santos the Giants had a great chance to get their second win of the evening. But with only 2 minutes left they conceded a basket which put the tigers 4 points clear and the game just out of reach for the Weymouth side.

Coach Dan Campbell: “I’m really happy with how everyone played tonight after not having any practice for the past 3 weeks. I think if we had a full team of 10 the outcome of the second game could have been different but the guys all did a great job and competed hard for the whole game.”

Roster: Derek Marques, Louis Weaver, Joshua Westlake, Rev Santos, Jacob Coombs,Charlie Durant, Jonah Osment, Daniel Hampson.

Dec 20, 2011, 12:20 pm



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