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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Tandoori Bandits get edged out by the Eagles
Dec 8, 2011, 10:20 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 75 Southampton Eagles 76

Tandoori Bandits hit top gear in the first quarter scoring 28 of their 75 points and holding the Eagles to 18 points. Starting point guard Julien Lawes got the Tandoori Bandits off the mark with an early two points just under the basket.  Ian Manley then added his contribution with some outstanding rebounding and five points in the first quarter. The team did a great job offensively, running their new system finding good 3 point opportunities for Jack Speary, Sam Dodge and Brett Dunster, who found nothing but net to put the team up twelve points at the end of the first half, Weymouth 46 Southampton 34.

After the first half Bandits coach Che Osborne was asking for more of the same “Keep going through the offence, moving the ball and make them work on defence”. Unfortunately the Tandoori Bandits got off to a slow start and the Eagles took an early five points with no reply. After a quick time out the Tandoori Bandits settled down, Brett Dunster attacking the basket and getting to the free throw line for a three point play, and big forward Matt Board taking off and flying through the air with a layup and the foul. Despite this the Eagles stayed within touching distance and with minutes left in the game made their move to go one point up with just seconds left on the clock. Tandoori Bandits only needed 2 points to win and with 17 seconds on the clock Julien Lawes drove to the left side of the court drawing the defence and passing off to the corner found an open Carl Carter. Carter stepped up and narrowly missed the jump shoot closing the game 76 - 75 in favour of the Eagles.

Coach Che Osborne said, "I'm really pleased with the way we played this evening, the last three encounters Weymouth teams have had against the Eagles first and second teams have ended in 1 point margins. Unfortunately it was our turn to suffer defeat this evening. I think we played some good basketball but we just eased off a bit in the second half and allowed them back into the game, overall a good performance with plenty of room for improvement."

Scorers/Roster: Julien Lawes 15, Brett Dunster 12, Ian Manley 11, Dzintars Kalkis 10, Matt Board 7, Jack Speary 5, Sam Dodge 2, Carl Carter 2, Chris Canham, Filippo Romano.

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits Fiery Start
Nov 30, 2011, 5:14 pm

Weymouth Tandoori Bandits 80 - 75 Salisbury Suns

Weymouth has yet to play a single game in the Solent Division this season, but Salisbury already had a couple of games under their belt. Both teams were looking for the win as Salisbury have struggled in their games and Weymouth wanted the big start to the up and coming season.

Weymouth had a couple of things to be positive about, firstly they have teamed up with Weymouth Tandoori who are now officially the Bandits new team sponsor, secondly the addition of a new player Dzintars Kalkis and the return of Chris Canham from injury.

The opening 5 minutes saw Canham and new boy Kalkis team up pushing the home team well into head start, scoring seven unanswered points. But then the following couple of minutes indicated what the game was going to be about, where Salisbury returned with 7 unanswered points of there own. Then again with a combination of Dunster and Manley the game turned once again with Weymouth scoring further unanswered points. Then the start of the second quarter saw Salisbury once more pull the deficit back, this seemed to be the way the whole of the second quarter with the score ending Weymouth 40 Salisbury 33.

The second half proved to be an exciting affair, where neither Weymouth nor Salisbury willing to win or lose the game, this produced some exciting basketball from both sides, mainly end to end fast break basketball. An ideal situation for Weymouth’s Youth players Speary, Romano and Campbell to show what they are capable of with their speed and energy. The 3rd quarter finished up with both team still trading points. It wasn’t until the 4th quarter where Salisbury came out looking for the win and took control and put down 20 points to Weymouth’s 7points, this pushed Coach Che Osborne to make a couple changes and try to take the game back. With a stunning 2 minutes of basketball Speary and Romano combined to score back to back points without Salisbury barely touching the ball to drag Weymouth into the lead for the dying seconds. Weymouth managed to hold on for the win. Weymouth 80 – Salisbury 75.

Coach Che Osborne said, "There were some silly turnovers and mistakes but the guys showed spirit and composure, especially the youngsters to pull the result back in our favour. A great game, a great win for the guys on a positive evening for Weymouth Bandits and the Tandori."

Scorers/Roster: D.Kalkis  34, I. Manley 20, J. Speary 9, C. Carter 6, C. Canham 4, G. Heaman 2, F. Romano 2, B. Dunster 3, E. Olson, D. Campbell

Online Fantasy NBA Basketball
Nov 30, 2011, 9:56 am


We're running our yearly fantasy NBA league again and if your interested in joining, please check email account as link/password has been sent out.

Kestrels out shoot Huskies
Nov 28, 2011, 10:47 pm

Solent Kestrels 69 Weymouth Huskies 26

Looking for the first win of a season on Wednesday 23rdNovember Weymouth Huskies started off confidently against the Solent Kestrels and opened the scoring in the first quarter with a clean shot from Carly Dean. The Kestrels responded but the Huskies weren’t fazed as Sarah James took the next drive to the basket keeping the Huskies two points clear. The Kestrels then went on a run of baskets scoring 21 in the first quarter which included a three pointer.

The second quarter and the Huskies came back fighting but in the process gave away two fouls and four more points for the Kestrels. Two consecutive baskets from Jo Telfer and Nicole Cornish and the Huskies were not letting up on their attack. This was followed by Ellen Blackwood who stormed three breaks towards the basket and the Kestrels defence was no where in sight.

The third quarter and the Huskies went for a change in tact and used a zone defence. This took the Kestrels by surprise and they struggled to penetrate towards the basket and were forced to take shots outside the key. The Kestrels still had an edge on the Huskies but they had to work hard with the new line of defence.

The fourth quarter and the Huskies were unable to prevent the Kestrels top shooter from scoring. Despite a strong defence from Huskies newest players Jo Flint and Rebecca Hayes the Kestrels top shooter scoring multiplebaskets in a matter of minutes. Even shots from Rosie Moore and Ellen Blackwood in the last minute were not enough to disrupt the Kestrels defence and there attack went unanswered. Despite applying drills and plays coached over the last few months the Huskies just couldn’t get back confident start they began the game with.

Final score Kestrels 69 Huskies 26.

Coach Che Osborne said, "The ladies show massive improvement every game. They listen in training and you can really see them putting 100% into every game. The score line is harsh and doesn't really reflect how competitive the game was, but I think we let our foot off the gas a bit once they pulled away in the fourth and we allowed a lot of easy baskets towards the end of the game".

Scorers: E Blackwood 8, C Dean 6, S James 4, N Cornish 4, J Telfer 2, R Moore 2, R Hayes, Flint J, S Osborne

Bandits Team With Tandoori
Nov 28, 2011, 8:54 pm

Bandits Team With Tandoori

In recent months the popularity of basketball in the local area has remained at a steady growth, Weymouth Basketball Club boasting 9 separate teams and having one of the biggest sporting influences in south Dorset. With the increased popularity and membership it was only a matter of time before the community took note, so in stepped an exciting opportunity for local businesses to strengthen their support.

Though there has been interest from the business community, it was Indian cuisine restaurant Weymouth Tandoori that were most interested in giving their support, stepping forward and forming an agreement with Weymouth Basketball to be the leading sponsor of the clubs first team.

Weymouth Basketball Development officer Alex Fuhrmann, “After an initial conversation with Tandoori owner Jamal Urrin on the potential benefit of such a partnership, it was clear we were both heading in the right direction. They were very keen to stay involved in sport after their previous success and with our increased membership and popularity they seemed like the perfect match.”

It’s also with great pleasure that the club has renamed their first team the ‘Weymouth Tandoori Bandits’ in respect to their new partners.

“We feel this is the natural progression of how the basketball club will develop in the coming years. With the added exposure to sport with the Olympics, it’s a fantastic time to be involved and this just highlights how close the ties can be within the Weymouth & Portland area. Weymouth Tandoori is a great example of those supporting their community and we hope our partnership will continue for many years.”

You can see Weymouth Tandoori Bandits play their next home games December 5th & 12th at Weymouth College, 8pm tip off time.

Weymouth Basketball Mid Year/Xmas Social 2011
Nov 24, 2011, 7:35 am

‘A Tandoori Harbour Shuffle’

Friday 2/12/11 : Start @ William Henry 18.30 - 19.00

Swerve down the Harbour en route to ‘Weymouth Tandoori’ Newly Appointed Sponsors of ‘The Bandits’

Everyones welcome from all the Squads

Over eighteens for drink but younger welcome as long as you toe the line

Your Faithful Social Secretary.........Steve H (Goldstein) 07771565905

Note – I will not book the curry house but will advise them that circa 21.30 we will be arriving en force. Coaches can you please gauge interest and let me know on numbers!!

Cowboys still searching for first victory
Nov 22, 2011, 7:40 am

Team Solent 61 – 55 Weymouth Cowboys

After losing their first three games of the season and not getting of to the quick start they had hoped, the Weymouth Cowboys headed to Southampton to take on Solent University students. Solent had also lost their first three games of the season so this looked to be a hard fought and competitive game between the two youngest sides in the league.

The Cowboys looked hungry from the start and outmatched the bigger Solent side in the first quarter jumping out to a quick 18-8 lead. Weymouth appeared to be the more aggressive team pushing the ball up the floor and playing the fast paced game they are known for. Starting point guard Dan Campbell finally found form and opened the game hitting back to back 3 pointers and giving the Weymouth side the boost they needed. Due to technical difficulties the game was stopped for nearly 10 minutes in the second quarter and it seemed that when the game started again, the Weymouth side had lost their intensity and started to play a relaxed style of basketball, allowing Solent back in the game. After undoing all of their good work the Weymouth side went into the half only leading by 2 points, 31-29.

The momentum was now with the home side and the Cowboys looked venerable opening the second half. Coach Eric Olsen called a quick timeout to make some simple adjustments on defense and attempt to fire up his young team. With a lack of experience and some key players missing, Weymouth struggled to slow down the red hot Solent team and allowed them to score 21 points in the 3rd period. When the 4th period started and the Cowboys appeared to have stepped up their intensity and were fighting their way back into the game, the momentum once again shifted back to the Weymouth side, signaled by Jack Speary’s  emphatic chase down for an epic block in hopes of getting the rest of his team fired up. Cowboys quickly found success on the offensive end of the floor with good inside play coming from Sam Dodge and Eric Olsen which brought them back level at 50-50. Despite some great defense inside from Robb Legg the Weymouth side didn’t manage to hold off the eager students as the game finished 61-55.

Player Coach Eric Olsen, “The young guys did an excellent job tonight against a much bigger and physical side. Despite still not having a win under our belt I feel we are getting better each and every game as a team and I am confident we will be in winning form very soon.”

MVP: Dan Campbell

Roster: Dan Campbell, Sam Dodge, Jack Speary, Steve Howlett, Eric Olson, Mat White, James Ward, Adam Bradley, Chris Edmonds, Robb Legg.

U16 Tropic find great start to season
Nov 19, 2011, 10:19 am

Dorchester Tigers 13 – 52 Weymouth Tropics
Dorset Storm A 53 – 47 Weymouth Tropics

In there first games of the season, Weymouth Tropics travelled to Bournemouth to tip off their opening under 16’s central venue league games of the season. Coach Alex Fuhrmann feeling positive with the addition of new blood to the team via last year stand outs Jake Kinder and Bridport junior Jordan Daniels.

In their first game of the evening they faced local derby side Dorchester Tigers who since starting 2 seasons ago have enjoyed huge steps of improvement. Tropics were able to get the upper hand on their neighbours from the tip as both Gerry Legg and Jordan Daniels found the baskets via some solid assists from point guard Max Gilmartin. Dorchester did manage to find a way through the tough Weymouth defence at times, hitting several response baskets to the Weymouth attack. This was soon thwarted by defensive plays from Matt Clark-Williams and a full court 1 man offence from rookie Jo Heffell. Tigers remained defiant as the game continued, though Weymouth proved too much and closed the game 13 – 53 ahead.

In the Tropics second game, they were to face last years league winner who edged them by a single basket on several occasions. Dorset Storm A were quick to pick up on their success from last season as they ran out to a 13 point lead, leaving the Weymouth guests a little shell shocked. Coach Fuhrmann was forced to take a quick time out and have some stern words to his young side, with the hope it would put them back on track. With the second quarter underway the Weymouth side became rejuvenated as Legg and Daniels went on a scoring run and despite Daniels having to sub out due to foul trouble his teammates were willing to step in. Starting guard Errol Marquez fell with an ankle injury, though with no thought of the negatives, baskets from Mackay and Jerry Thompson clawed Weymouth back to within 6 points. As both teams went back and forth for the remainder of the game trying to gain the edge, it was the more experienced Storm side that managed to cling to their lead finishing the tough battle 53 – 47.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “What a fantastic way to start off our season. With an almost new team we came in and showed we are to be reckoned with in this league. We had superb performances from our new guys and our team found great success working as a unit, even with a couple of missing personnel. I’m very excited to see these guys develop as the season progresses and excited to see us challenge for the league title.”

Weymouth MVP – Gerry Legg

Roster: Gerry Legg, Jordan Daniels, Taine Mackay, Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Jo Heffell, Errol Marquez, Matt Clarke-Williams, Jake Kinder.

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