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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Weymouth Cowboys fail to find form against JP Barracudas
Nov 9, 2011, 8:27 am

Weymouth Cowboys 47 – JP Barracudas 67

Weymouth Cowboys were left looking for their first win after being beaten by JP Barracudas at Weymouth College Sports Hall on Monday night.  It was the Cowboys third defeat on the trot and second consecutive loss to Barracudas after the two sides met in a cup match last Wednesday.  It left the hometown side failing to truly gel at either end of the court and still searching for their best form after being outmatched by a more physical Barracudas side.

Phil Romano opened the scoring for Weymouth inside the first minute but basic mistakes and an inability to settle into an offensive rhythm then saw Cowboys fail to score for five minutes.  By then the Barracudas had raced out to a ten point lead.  Giles Heaman and George Scott both answered back by burying three pointers, but it was still not enough to stop the visitors ending the first quarter with a lead of 21 – 12.  The second quarter saw play continue along the same lines as the first with the Barracudas moving the ball around at a fast tempo.  Phil Wilson kept the Cowboys hopeful by drilling two three pointers and Jack Speary also converted two consecutive lay-ups, but by half-time the Barracudas had doubled their advantage and jumped out to a 16 point lead.  The second quarter ended 39 - 23. 

The second half saw the Cowboys playing a style of basketball which, if it was still not technically skilful, was at least more spirited and physical after the half-time rocket delivered to the team by Coach Alex Fuhrmann.  Phil Romano and Ben Stokey combined to score 17 of Weymouths 24 second half points as the Cowboys had finally seemed to be realizing their potential.  Unfortunately, it was too little too late, and even though the Cowboys outscored the visitors by 5 points in the final quarter the match ended with Barracudas the winners by a twenty point margin. 

Coach Alex Fuhrman was frustrated, but refused to look on the negative side when he said “this was only our third game of the season, so I am not too worried and I expect a bounce-back in form.  We know that we didn’t play as well as we could, and that is frustrating.  The main thing for us is to just forget about this result and move on with our season.  We are looking forward to getting back in the sports hall and training hard on Thursday.”

MVP: Phil Romano

Scorers: Phil Romano 12, Jack Speary 10, George Scott 8, Ben Stokey 7, Phil Wilson 6, Giles Heaman 4, Eric Olson, Steve Howlett, James Ward, Wayne Shering.        

Giants start there season!
Nov 8, 2011, 4:43 pm

The Weymouth Giants (U12) had their first two games of the season Friday night, heading to Bournemouth to take on the Dorchester Tigers and Dorset Storm.

The first game was against their rivals Dorchester, Weymouth came out of the gates fast despite only having 7 players to start the game because 3 players were running late.

The Giants opened up the scoring for the game with a strong rebound and put back coming from Emily Screen, the scoring then continued with multiple fast breaks coming from the sea side team. Weymouth seemed to be more energetic side throughout the first half finishing with a convincing lead. The second half started of slowly for the Giants as they seemed to be tired due to the lack of players. Luckily for the young Weymouth side the other 3 players turned up just in time and coach Dan Campbell them straight in the game and they managed to pick up the pace again and hold onto the lead Weymouth had already built. The game finished with a nice shot from Joshua Westlake which sealed the deal for Weymouth 27-23.

The Giants then faced Dorset Storm who appeared to be a more capable and physical side than the Dorchester Tigers. The Giants had to go straight into this game with only 5 minutes rest from the previous victory and unfortunately for them the home team jumped out to a quick 11-2 lead. Weymouth quickly changed there line up to give them more size to face the physically superior Dorset Strom, they showed great fight by never giving up and playing some excellent defense for the rest of the game impractical from Jacob Coombs who used his speed to shut down the apposing teams attack. They also had some success on the offensive end with a spectacular long range effort coming from Louis Weaver. Despite 100% effort and good team play the Weymouth side were unable to come back from the lead the home team had gained earlier in the game and finished the game 28-17.

Roster: Louis Weaver, Jacob Coombs, Charlie Durant, Daniel Hampson, Rev Santos, Kieron Scott, Emily Screen, Derek Marquez, Joshua Westlake, Jonah Osment.

Cowboys Fall in Cup
Nov 5, 2011, 9:39 am

Poole Barracudas 79 – 47 Weymouth Cowboys

In the cowboys second game of the season they found themselves up against the experienced Poole Barracuda's in the Solent cup. Neither team got off to a great start, both committing numerous turnovers and missing some shots that should of be made. Dan Campbell got things rolling for Cowboys with a 3 pointer and continued this by making another as the game continued. Towards the end of the quarter Weymouth’s young legs were getting the better of the opposition, especially Jack Speary who scored consecutive fast break lay-ups, ending the quarter with the cowboys leading 19-16. The Barracuda's got off to a strong start in the second period outscoring the Weymouth side 8-2 points. Weymouth responded well to the displeasure of Barracudas and when they got a fast break they charged down court and finished with an intimidating dunk, finishing the half 32-29.

Mirroring the 1st period in the 3rd, Weymouth opened the scoring with a 3 pointer from Campbell but the Bournemouth side came back strong scoring 6 unanswered points, but Weymouth once again responded well with another 3 pointer from Sam Dodge. Weymouth picked up their game after this with a number of good baskets, in particular a great put back from Ben Stokey. Going into the final quarter there was 11 point gap between the two sides. Trailing by a slim margin the fourth period wasn't the best for the Weymouth side, who seemed unable to deal with the fast breaks that allowed the opposition to gain a large lead. The Weymouth side never dropped there heads, still having some nice baskets, James Ward contributed well with a great spin move closing the game 79 – 47 to the home side.

Weymouth MVP – Dan Campbell

Roster/Scorers – Dan Campbell 13, Jack Speary 10, Sam Dodge 9, Ben Stokey 8, Wayne Shering 2, James Ward 2, Filippo Romano 2, Rob Legg 1, Phil Wilson, Adam Bradley.

Razors cut Bandits out of the cup
Nov 5, 2011, 12:12 am

Weymouth Bandits 38 - 59 Bournemouth Razors

Monday 31st October was the date Weymouth Bandits finally stepped onto court for their first game of the 2011/2012 season.  It was the first round of the Solent intermediate cup and they faced Bournemouth Razors at Sir David English sports centre.  Bandits were without a couple of key players due to injury, which gave a good opportunity for a couple of Cowboys players to play up.

The Game began with Bandits winning the tip off but unable to convert the offence into points.  This was to continue for most of the first quarter as the Razors well organised offence carved through the Bandits defence scoring 14 unanswered points in the first 8 minutes of play.  The Bandits decided to call time in a bid to break the Razors momentum and kick start some offence.  This provided the Bandits with points from Ian Manley and Sam Dodge taking them into the second quarter behind by 9pts.  The second quarter started with 3 points for the Bandits from Dan Campbell followed by 2 from Ben Stokey, but the Weymouth teams scoring soon dried up.  The Razors tough 1-3-1 zone defence was forcing the Bandits out of the scoring zone and calling for perimeter shooting, which was proving difficult for Weymouth. As the Bandits struggled to convert from outside the Bournemouth side found their rhythm again, out scoring the Bandits 11pts to 5 in the second and at halftime the score read 26 - 11 in favour of the hosts.

In the second half Weymouth scored first with 2pts from Giles Heaman, but despite some good ball movement, continued to be shut out by the hosts.  Strong defensive rebounding and quick transition basketball gave the Razors a string of easy scoring opportunities which they converted taking 17 pts against the Bandits during the third.  The Bandits were putting points on the board with 4pts from Cowboy prospect Fillipo Romano alongside 4 more from Stokey and a free throw from Campbell, but unfortunately they were still slightly off the pace only answering Bournemouths 17 with 11.  Weymouth had a 21 point deficit to make up when they entered the fourth quarter which they knew was going to be difficult, but the game wasn't over yet.  Both teams stepped onto the floor and began trading baskets end to end.  Three pointers from Brett Dunster and Jack Speary along with some aggressive offensive rebounding from Stokey and Manley provided the Bandits with their best quarter of the game.  The Weymouth side matched the Razors 16pts at the last but it was too late to impact the final result and the hosts ran away with a 21pt victory leaving the Bandits with a score to settle when they meet in the league.

Bandits coach Che Osborne said " Every team struggles to shake off the rust in their first game of the season.  To then have 4 strong players missing from our lineup as well was a bitter blow.  That aside I think we were good defensively but we didn't look after the ball well enough on offence and couldn't make our shots consistently enough to really challenge their defence.  The Razors shut us out well and gave us very few second chances on offence and I think the best side won on this occasion"

Weymouth Bandits:

12 Ian Manley, 6 Ben Stokey, 5 Brett Dunster, 4 Fillipo Romano, 4 Dan Campbell, 3 Jack Speary, 2 Sam Dodge, 2 Giles Heaman, Matt Board

Attention all Bandits
Nov 4, 2011, 8:33 pm
Mondays game Vs Portsmouth Navy is postponed to be played at a later date. Cowboys have a home fixture now on Monday 7th November now so there will be NO TRAINING.

Thursday 10th November, Cowboys training will now be open to all Bandits players. Training is 8:30 - 10pm.

Next Bandits game is Monday 21st November Vs Salisbury Suns@Weymouth college.

Darts defeat the Huskies
Oct 29, 2011, 4:24 pm

Weymouth Huskies 26 - 78 Aldworth Darts

On monday the 17th October Weymouth Huskies traveled to Basingstoke for their first match of the season.  Considering their recent move into the Solent league from Exeter district, the huskies were feeling positive about their first game against Aldworth Darts.

The first quarter started steadily with strong rebounding from the Huskies defence. Despite the Darts being first on the leader board the huskies quickly replied with a strong layup from Sarah James, cutting through the Darts defence. As the first quarter continued it was clear to see that the Huskies were going to be chasing the baskets scored by the Darts, But the huskies continued to push with baskets from Ellen Blackwood and a second basket from James ending the first quarter 18-6 in favour of Aldworth Darts

Going into the second quarter the Huskies knew they needed to change it up a bit, so coach Kingman brought some fresh legs on giving the starting players a rest.  This proved a wise move for the Weymouth team, creating more chances and proving to be the Huskies best quarter with 10 points being scored.  Good passing and movement saw Carly Dean, Jo Telfer, Nicole Cornish and Rosie Moore at the basket allowing them to add vital points to the Huskies scoreline. Basingstoke continued their strong shooting however scoring 22 points in the second.

The third quarter was a poor quarter for the Huskies who found it hard to break the Darts defence only scoring three points through a shot from Telfer and free throw from Blackwood. Going into the fourth quarter the Weymouth Huskies knew that the game was out of their reach now so went out to enjoy the last quarter as their first experience in the solent league. With 7 points being added to their score through Telfer with two successful baskets and James driving through the Darts defence to be fouled in the process of shooting and adding a further point to the Huskies score the game ended 78 - 26 in favour of the hosts. 

Coach Tim Kingman said " This was my first step back into the coaching fold for many years and it couldn't have gone any better for me. Ok we came home empty handed but the girls never gave up and kept pushing for the entire game. They were always enthusiastic about the basketball itself. These girls are true ambassadors for what local league and Weymouth basketball is all about for me, its about the team, enjoying the game with a friendly and competitive edge".

Roster/Scorers: Jo Telfer 8, Nicole Cornish 6, Sarah James 5, Ellen Blackwood 3, Carly Dean 2, Rosie Moore 2, Rosin Greenup, Jo Flint, Sadie Osborne

Wizards put Cowboys in a wiz'
Oct 29, 2011, 3:49 pm

Winchester Wizards 71 - 57 Weymouth Cowboys

The Winchester Wizards had already won their previous 2 games of this season, Weymouth went into the opening game of the season full of optimism and giving three players their debuts.

The first quarter, Weymouth started with more experienced players to see how the Wizards would start out. Weymouth started very positively, scoring the first two baskets and appeared the Cowboys where in complete control. As Cowboys stepped off the gas, the Wizards came back into the game through multiple fast breaks and free throws. The second quarter started very well with Jack Speary defending very well and scoring back to back baskets. Weymouth kept in touch with the Wizards for the rest of the second quarter trailing 44 - 31.

The third quarter started just how the second quarter ended with Speary and ‘Big Easy’ Eric Olson defending with purpose to help keep the score respectable. As the game continued Weymouth gave away too many fouls and the Wizards punished Weymouth giving them a 20 point lead. Has the game went into its closing minutes the Wizards where getting tired this is where Weymouth’s fitter players were able to reduce the score, though it was too big for Weymouth to come back from, ended the game 71 – 57 to Winchester.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Superb start the season even though we had a loss. We’ve got so many new players this year I was happy to see we were working together in an effort to defeat a far superior physical team. Everyone got a look at the basket alongside great debuts from Stokey, Ward and Bradley. If this is anything to go by I’m sure we’re going to see improvements and look very competitive in this league.”

Weymouth MVP – Giles Heaman

Scorers/Roster: Giles Heaman 18, Jack Speary 12, Dan Campbell 8, Adam Bradley 4, Eric Olson 4, Ben Stokey 4, Steve Howlett 2, George Scott 2, James Ward 2, Robb Legg 1.

URGENT - Driver needed
Oct 29, 2011, 9:48 am

Raiders have a game in Torbay on Monday night but only one car driver. We need someone from Bandits or Cowboys or perhaps a parent to help us out. You will have your petrol costs covered and we'll pay for your food/drink. If you can help please contact Andy Blackwood on 07763768250 or andrew@blackwood5.f9.co.uk

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