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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Raiders suffer in season opener
Oct 2, 2011, 7:31 pm

Raiders leave North Devon empty handed

North Devon 81 – 20 Weymouth Raiders

Given the scale of the defeat in their opening game of the season, the mood amongst the Weymouth Raiders on the long trip back from North Devon was surprisingly buoyant. The Raiders included eight debutants in their eleven man squad and had had only one training session together prior to their encounter with the highly experienced North Devon team. To make the challenge even tougher North Devon were playing in the top division of the Exeter District League last season and have started this campaign by winning both their opening two games convincingly.


An upset looked possible for about a minute of the opening quarter as the Raiders took an early lead through Andy Steel. Unfortunately the young pretenders were quickly put in their place, and the pattern of the match established, as a string of baskets from Ellis and Wrey let the Raiders know it wasn’t to be their lucky night. A single shot from outside by Andy Blackwood was all the Raiders could manage in reply as the first quarter ended 21- 4 to North Devon.


The second quarter continued in much the same vein. Raiders did not help themselves by giving the ball away too frequently with careless passing and this enabled North Devon to regularly break away for easy baskets. There was a little glimmer of hope for Weymouth towards the end of the quarter when Gerry Legg-Saunders scored back-to-back baskets but a half time score line of 39-12 left Raiders with little hope of staging a recovery.


In the third and fourth quarters Weymouth continued to show plenty of spirit but still found points very hard to come by. The final score of 81-20 was an accurate reflection of a very comfortable win for North Devon.


The Raiders are very much a “nursery” team – aiming to give experience to young players in the hope of developing the skills to enable them to progress up to Weymouth’s other two teams – the Cowboys and the Bandits. For this reason there is no attempt to keep the “best” five players on the court and to substitute bench players in only occasionally. Instead the philosophy is to give everyone, irrespective of ability or experience, a fair share of court time. The down side of this policy is that, occasionally, as in this game, they may end up on the wrong side of a heavy defeat. For coach Andy Blackwood however there were some positive things to take from the game. Speaking afterwards he said “It was always going to be a difficult opening game for us and, although it’s never fun to lose, I’m not too down heartened by the size of the defeat. We have many inexperienced young players who are sure to learn a lot as the season progresses. I suppose what pleased me most was the positive attitude that everyone displayed. Nobody’s head dropped and everyone kept working hard. If we can maintain that, then we should have an enjoyable season.”


Raiders MVP: Jamie Dixon


Raiders scorers: G. Legg-Saunders 6 pts, A. Steel 6 pts, A. Blackwood 4pts, D. Dale 2 pts, J. Dixon 2 pts, M. Ayles, C. Brown, M. Dixon, J. Durston, K. Houlden, S. Reece

Training times from now on...
Sep 29, 2011, 9:29 pm





2011/12 Opening Team Rosters
Sep 20, 2011, 4:43 pm

Members, please see the below rosters to see where you are allocated. These will always be subject to change throughout the season. (some players feature on multiple rosters and have been contacted/agreed with coaching staff)

Julian Lawes
Alex Fuhrmann
Chris Canham
Ian Manley
Carl Carter
Dzintars Kalkis
Brett Dunster
Filippo Romano
Jack Speary
Sam Dodge
Dan Campbell
Richard Camp
Ben Stokey
Sam Prior
Matt Board

Dan Campbell
Sam Dodge
George Scott
Filippo Romano
Jack Speary
Rob Legg
Eric Olson
Ben Stokey
Giles Heaman
Steve Howlett
Chris May
Mat White
Chris Edmonds
James Ward
Wayne Shering
Phil Wilson
Adam Bradley
James White

Andy Blackwood
Mark Talmage
Matt Ayles
Mike Dixon
Jamie Dixon
Jake Durston
Kyle Houlden
Callum Brown
Henry Dale
Stephen Reece
Gareth Jenkinson
Andy Steel
Alok Bahl
David Payne
Harrison Reid
Freddie Chapman
Gerry Legg 

Young Huskie selected for South West England
Sep 6, 2011, 9:49 pm

Weymouth Huskies are delighted that their youngest member, 16 year old Ellen Blackwood, has been selected for the South West England regional squad in the under-17 age group. Having been invited to attend squad selection sessions in Bristol and Paignton during the summer, Ellen will be representing the South West region at a prestigious tournament in Nottingham during the weekend of 24th + 25th September where she will face the very best young players from across the UK.

Huskies coach Che Osborne said “Ellen has made a great deal of progress in just two seasons with the Huskies. Having played only a little bit of basketball at school and with no previous experience of competitive matches, she has learned very quickly and grown in confidence enormously. At our end of season presentations this summer she deservedly won the award for Most Improved Player.”

Ellen was quick to pay tribute to Osborne’s influence and help. “It’s been a steep learning curve for all the Huskies playing in the Exeter District League against much more experienced teams, but Che is always positive and encouraging. I feel very excited about the chance to for the South West England team.”

Ellen is the daughter of veteran Weymouth Bandits player, and now player-coach of Weymouth Raiders, Andy Blackwood. He said “I try to keep her in her place by reminding her she’s still only the second best player in the family but she’s improving so quickly I don’t think that will be true for much longer! Ellen isn’t particularly tall and enjoys several sports including netball, sailing and tennis. It would be nice to think other girls might be encouraged by what Ellen has done and consider taking up basketball even if they have little or no experience of the game.”

Weymouth Huskies have just started pre-season training on Wednesdays at Weymouth College from 8.00 p.m. New players are very welcome to turn up and join in or contact Che Osborne through www.weymouthbasketball.co.uk for further details.

Presentation Evening
Jul 13, 2011, 4:25 pm

Weymouth Basketball has held their annual presentation at the Aura on the seafront. This marked the end to yet another successful season, the Club has again grown in size in terms of Teams and Members.


This season Weymouth started another senior men’s side, this was mainly a development side but has proved throughout the season that they are more than capable to play along side the strongest sides in the Exeter and District leagues.


Weymouth also continued their youth development programme, co-ordinated by Alex Fuhrmann, on Saturday afternoon, these under 12’s to under16’s sides all competed in the SABA (Solent Area Basketball Association) central venue leagues and once again dominated the competition.


The men’s teams, Bandits and Cowboys both played in the SABA divisions this year again with mix fortunes. Where the Cowboys showed their youth and enthusiasm, winning some very high profile games in the respective division. The Bandits played with spirit and strength but only managed a couple of wins in the top division. Even so the experience was proved to be valuable to the club.


The women’s team yet again showed character and promise playing to a good standard in the Exeter and District leagues.


Player Awards as follows:


Weymouth Giants U12
Clubman Trophy: Miles Kimbell-Smith
Most Improved Player: Jerry Thompson
Best Defensive Player: Andre Morris
MVP: Max Gilmartin


Weymouth Oilers U14
Clubman Trophy: Joe Stickley
Most Improved Player: Josh Purslow
Best Defensive Player: Taine Mackay
MVP: Matt Clark-Williams

Weymouth Tropics U16

Clubman Trophy: Jay Willson
Most Improved Player: Louis Edwards
Best Defensive Player: Henry Dale
MVP: Francis Anyanjo

Weymouth Rough-Riders U19

Clubman Trophy: Dan Campbell
Most Improved Player: George Scott
Best Defensive Player: Jack Speary
MVP: Sam Dodge

Weymouth College

Clubman Trophy: Rob Legg
Most Improved Player: Connor Doherty
Best Defensive Player: Jack Speary
MVP: Gaz Williams

Clubman Trophy: Carly Dean
Most Improved Player: Ellen Blackwood
Best Defensive Player: Rosie Moore
MVP: Nicole Cornish

Weymouth Raiders
Clubman Trophy: Giles Heaman
Most Improved Player: Luc Scadden
Best Defensive Player: Connor Doherty
MVP: Alok Bahl

Weymouth Cowboys
Clubman Trophy: Eric Olson
Most Improved Player: Filippo Romano
Best Defensive Player: Sam Dodge
MVP: Dan Campbell

Weymouth Bandits
Clubman Trophy: Jamie Harris
Most Improved Player: Gaz Williams
Best Defensive Player: Ian Manley
MVP: Alex Fuhrmann

The presentation finished off with two more awards, firstly a new award, the Coach of the Year award. This was put forward because of the strength of the coaches at the club, also the because of the amount of coaches Weymouth has manage to produce. This was to be awarded to an individual that has showed commitment, especially towards the team they are coaching and ability to get their message across.


Coach of the Year:

Connor Doherty


Secondly the Huw Price Memorial award, this award is awarded to an individual for their services to the club. This particular individual had been battling away for three years getting the club’s name pushed forward in the community, with schools and colleges, developing the coaches at the club and provided key support in the clubs’ mission to be rewarded with the ClubMark 3star award.


Huw Price Memorial Award:

Alex Fuhrmann.


Weymouth would like to thank all members and parents for attending the evening, for what was occasion. Also they would like to thank the local sponsors Dusk and Aura for their support throughout the year, it has been a tough year.


Training for Weymouth Basketball club will start as of the first week in September at the Weymouth College Sports hall, keep an eye on the web site for details.

Jun 10, 2011, 9:30 am

Weymouth Giants U12s capped off a great season recently by securing their place as the Solent Area Basketball Association League champions. The league was clinched with 1 win out of 2 against regular opponents Dorchester and Dorset Storm.

The Giants came out of the gate with speed in the first game and looked to attack Dorset Storm on the break, this paid off as Miles Kimball-Smith and Jerry Thompson could find the basket easily with simple lay-ups. Not only was the Giant’s offense good, but they showed their championship mentality with a strong defence that was always consistent in blocks and steals. Defence lead to more offence for the Giants as steal after steal was made my Mikey o Donnovan and Andre "Boris" Morris which then turned into a easy fast-break score. The Giants closed out a great first half which finished 16-4 to the Weymouth side. The second half showed more of the same from the Giants as they continued to play unstoppable defence. Max Gilmartin took on the offensive load and guided his team through the second half with bucket after bucket. Jonah Osment showed his defensive skills with great footwork and deflected passes which helped the Giants sail to victory and finish the game 32-14, officially crowning them champions.

The Weymouth side then took on Dorchester who ended up showing no team should be complacent when they play them. The Giants took to the floor and seemed lazy, they immediately fell behind to the Dorchester side and never really found their way back into the game. Things took a turn for the worse when captain Max Gilmartin went down with a knee injury that saw him being carried off court. Weymouth were then shaken up and committed turnover after turnover. Dorchester continued to make use of Weymouth’s mistakes by pushing the ball up court and catching the Giants off guard. The game ended up with a 18-10 win for Dorchester but the season ended up with Weymouth on top.

Coach Connor Doherty said ‘The guys showed fantastic skill and ability in the first game against a very strong Dorset Storm team, but then slowed their pace in the second game with was disappointing to see as a coach. I’m just happy they won the league, which is all that matters in the end. Overall, they showed great promise for the future of Weymouth Basketball’.

Roster: Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Micheal O Donnovan, Andre Morris, Andrew Dumbrell, Josh Westlake, Jonah Osment, Miles Kimball-Smith, Daniel Hampson, Louis Weaver, Gage Aradagh.

Weymouth College Win Dorset Title
May 25, 2011, 6:03 pm

Weymouth College 53 – 19 Poole High

Over the past 8 months, teams from all over Dorset have been competing in the Dorset C6 basketball league, inviting college and sixth forms to vie for the title of best in the county. In recent weeks Weymouth College and Poole High have both won their respective east/west leagues along with making their way through the semi finals to setup a rematch of lasts years semi finals, in which Poole high were the better side.

From the get go it was not going to be an easy game for either team with both picking up quick fouls. The sides went back and forth with neither being able to score, both sides putting up a defensive wall and being unable to score. As the first period continued Weymouth did find a gap with Sam Dodge and Jack Speary finding the basket. With the improve on offence, the home side still kept focused on defence allowing their opponents to score only 1 point over the entire quarter. This was identical in the second period as again the home college side allowed only 2 baskets, though they still found their own problems finding success, as only Dodge scored all 8 of their points to close the half.

The second half was clearly a time for change as College reviewed their tactics and moved towards a more free flowing style, finding Dan Campbell for a 3 pointer despite frustration on both ends of the court. As the game became more heated and it was visibly an aggressive game, Weymouth raised themselves above their mental fatigue and went to their capable play. In closing the third period and continuing into the forth, Weymouth continued to perform well as Zack Phillips seemed to grab every rebound and a rejuvenated Gaz Williams scored back to back baskets. With minutes remaining both Connor Doherty and Dodge pressured the Poole defence, passing well and hitting the open baskets. Tempers almost boiled over in the closing seconds, though Weymouth refused to loose their cool and took the title with an impressive 53 – 19 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Though the players probably don’t think so, this was their best game of the season. Our first half was highlighted with frustration and low scoring and them a transformation in the second half. A team’s performance can be judge on an ability to adapt to an opponent which we did very well, while we maintained a dominating defence. It been such a great pleasure coaching these guys and me hope they will continue to find success in what ever they do.”

Roster/Scorers: Dan Campbell 14, Sam Dodge 13, Gaz Williams 12, Jack Speary 12, Connor Doherty 2, Zack Phillips, Rob Legg.

Tropics miss out on double win
May 21, 2011, 10:31 am

Weymouth Tropics 25 – 26 Dorset Storm B
Weymouth Tropics 63 – 31 Dorchester Tigers

In their final games of the season, Weymouth Tropics faced off against the counties other teams in hope of a positive close to the season.

In their first game, the young Tropics squared off against Dorset Storm B side who had played much of the season in their A teams shadow and were out to make their own mark. From the opening tip it looked as though Storm were going to get the upper hand as they went to an 8 point lead and forced Weymouth call a time out and regroup. With a few well placed substitutions and a change in tact, Weymouth fired back as they levelled the lead. As the game entered the second half Weymouth gained a slim lead led by guards Errol Marquez and Jay Willson, both pushing the ball and finding open team mates. With only a minute remaining Tropics found themselves 1 point down and with a chance to win, turned to stand out Gerry Legg, who unfortunately did not find the mark as he found an open path to the basket, resulting in a 25 – 26 loss.

In their second game, it was a south Dorset derby as they faced Dorchester Tigers. With a lack of experience Dorchester were on the back foot from the start as Weymouth racked up a 10 point lead. Henry Dale and Josh Turner lit up their rivals as they were unstoppable in getting to the basket, though Tigers did find a strike back basket. As the game continued, Weymouth were able to rotate their entire team allowing all to have a good amount of game time and finding solid play from Louis Edwards and Matt Brown. Dorchester did find some success but Weymouth reinforced their defence, closing out any chance of a Tigers fight back and finishing the game 63 – 31 ahead.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Solid finish to an up and down season, which should have found a double win, though I think these close games are a good learning curve. Though we didn’t repeat on last season’s success of winning the league, we certainly have put the foundations for a strong side next season with only 3 players moving up an age group.”

Roster: Henry Dale, James Gillespie, Josh Turner, Gerry Legg, Errol Marquez, Matt Brown, Jordan Daniels, Steven Reece, Louis Edwards, Jay Willson.

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