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Hardyes Fall from Playoffs
May 17, 2011, 7:33 pm

Thomas Hardye 32 – 63 Poole High

In what was the closer to a successful season, Thomas Hardye went up against Dorset East League winners Poole High in the C6 Dorset semi finals, with the winner facing Weymouth College.

The game started well for the Dorchester home side as Alex Skidmore found an easy lay to set the tone of the game in favour of the underdogs. This was very short lived as Poole struck back immediately and never looked back, with a steal and score on the next possession. Hardyes did find some success with a substitution and defensive change, but it could not stop the run of Poole as they continued their dominance throughout the first half running up a 37 – 15 half time lead.

The second half was a different story from the previous periods as Hardye managed to keep their intensity at a high level and went basket for basket with their guests. With some strong rebounding from Nick Beer and Ed May they were able to take advantage of Poole’s lack of high. Unfortunately this did not remain as the game entered the final quarter, as Poole were allowed to score at will and take the game. Some determined play from Francis Anyanjo showed there was still some fight left in the side, though all was late as the guests rapped up a comfortable 32 – 63 win and a finals place against undefeated Weymouth College.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Regardless of the result, I’m really pleased with the guys this year and their effort. We set out to qualify for the playoffs as we missed out last year and we did it. Though this game didn’t reflect our potential, we achieved our goal and can be proud of it.”

Scorer/Roster: Alok Bahl 10, Alex Skidmore 8, Francis Anyanjo 6, Nick Beer 4, George Scott 4, Henry Dale, Ed May, Luc Scadden.

May 14, 2011, 10:07 am


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Hardyes silence critics and set course to semi finals
May 4, 2011, 9:47 am

Thomas Hardye 64 – 36 Shaftsbury School

In potentially their last game of the season Thomas Hardye sixth form squared off against grudge opponents Shaftsbury School sixth form.

The game started in good form though it wasn’t long before both sides were clearly out for blood as a single basket kept them apart for the opening 5 minutes. This was broken when captain George Scott hit a 3 pointer soon followed by his co –captain Alok Bahl who had the same effect. As the quarter continued Shaftsbury hit back with baskets of their own and again put the difference at 1 point.

With a change in defensive tactics, Hardyes suddenly jumped into a changed team with multiple stops, leading to several fast break baskets. As the Dorchester home side continued to dominate and counter any Shaftsbury fight back it was clear of the frustration. With Shaftsbury only managing 2 baskets and Hardyes putting up 14 straight points, tempers ignited as 5’9 George Scott fouled Shaftsbury’s 6’3 centre which was responded by a strike for the player. This forced the referees to award a disqualifying foul, putting Shaftsbury’s strongest player out of the game at the close of the half time 36 – 14 score line.

With momentum on their side and the guests at a disadvantage, Hardyes continued to roll finding forwards Ed May and Nick Beer in the low post for back to back baskets. Though the guests did try to fight back and score, they were too far in the red to get back to the lead. As the game went into the final period Thomas Hardye were able to play all of their least experience players as the game closed 64 – 36 in their favour.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Fantastic performance from the lads. We shot the ball well, we took the right passes, played tough defence and took advantage when the opportunity presented itself. We’ll have a tough game against Poole High, though I’m sure we can beat them on our best day.”

Roster/Scorers: Alok Bahl 19, George Scott 16, Nick Beer 7, Ed May 6, Henry Dale 6, Francis Anyanjo 6, Alex Skidmore 4, Tom Wilen, Luc Scadden.

Tropics don’t find revenge
Apr 18, 2011, 3:02 pm

Weymouth Tropics 33 - 24 Dorset Storm B
Dorset Storm A 42 - 30 Weymouth Tropics


After their last second loss to Dorset Storm A team last month, Weymouth’s under 16 team were looking to plot a revenge when they faced both Storm A and B in their latest fixtures.


In the first game their was a very worrying start as the Tropics who usually produce a fast paced effort were some what slow in their approach as it was the normally slower Storm B side were pushing the pace. This may have been due to nerves as the second half saw a drastic change with Tropic players spurring ahead led by Louis Edwards rebounding and Josh Turner shooting. As the game continued the Storm B side did manage to find their own success with back to back baskets, though it was not enough as the young Weymouth side capped the game with a 33 – 24 win.


In their second game, Weymouth squared off against Storm A with hopes of revenge from their previous defeat. With this in mind, they raced out the gate as they ran up a 10 point lead in the first quarter and showed a renewed sense of determination, which continued through the first half. It was hoped that this would have the domino effect in the 3rd quarter, though this could not be said as the Tropics allowed their opponents to get back into the game, closing the score line to only 4 points. With the final period, 2 basket lead, multiple turnovers and a lack of determination on defence it led to Storm A commanding the lead and building upon it. Tropics did attempt a fight back lead by Turner and new boy Errol Marquez but all was lost as they eventually fell 30 – 42.


Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Again we are in the same place. Perfectly capable of winning a game and then taking the pressure off the opponents and letting them get back in. Its frustrating as a coach as I really want the lads to get the results they deserve, but at the end of the day I cant force them to put in the effort. We do play them again, so I hope the lads take the opportunity when it comes around.”


Roster: Francis Anyanjo, Gerry Legg, Josh Turner, Matt Brown, Jo Lillington, Henry Dale, Jay Willson, Steven Reece, Louis Edwards, Errol Marquez

Apr 15, 2011, 9:04 am

The Weymouth Oilers travelled to Poole to take on their usual opponents of Dorchester and Dorset Storm for the last time this season. Throughout the year Oilers have been sent home with losses to both teams but things changed under the helm of Coach Connor Doherty.
The Oilers were up first against a Dorchester side which showed plenty of height, something the Oilers didn’t have. Weymouth came out of the gates though scoring three quick baskets on their opponents. The points began to flow as Charlie Dalkins, Jake Kinder and Harry Bown all scored fantastic fast-break lay-ups. Weymouth then started getting complacent with their lead as lay-up after lay-up was being missed. Dorchester fought their way back into the game during the second quarter leaving the halftime score line at 12-6. Coach Connor Doherty got his players together and ensured that no game is won in the first half. Weymouth listened well and came out in the second half scoring basket after basket, showing real promise for the future of Weymouth Basketball. Joe Stickley played crucial minutes for the Oilers scoring 4 points from 2 great mid-range shots. Younger players such as Max Gilmartin and Jerry Thompson also showed the Oilers could play unstoppable defence. Josh Purlow and Brad Webb contributed to the team through fantastic passes and controlling the floor throughout. the final score ending up 37-12 to the Oilers, securing a memorable first win of the year.
Weymouth were then up against a very strong Dorset Storm side who fielded 2 national league players. Coach Doherty focused completely on defence, and had his players make sure that the player they were marking had no easy way of scoring a basket. Weymouth started the game fantastically with Irah Day scoring consecutive baskets. Early on, it looked like the Oilers might be able to pull off an upset as they continued to stop the Storm scoring. Dorset showed they were the stronger side however going into the break leading 22-10. Weymouth continued to focus on their defence and it paid-off as debutant Harry Bown played fantastic defence on Storms 6'1 national player, stopping him from easy baskets and on the other end using great post moves to score. Matt Clarke-Williams showed his quickness and handles also as he managed the find the basket through a number of Storm players. The height and skill of Dorset Storm was too much to match however as the final score line ended 42-18.
Coach Doherty said, "I don’t usually coach these guys but in the absence of Coach Olson I coached the team today not knowing what to expect. It ended up that this Oilers team is a fantastic bunch of players and a good group of kids that have a lot of potential. I’m very happy I managed to get them their first win of the season as they deserve nothing less."
Players/Roster: Brad Webb, Joe Stickley, Matt Clarke-Williams, Irah Day, Charlie Dalkins, Josh Purlow, Jake Kinder, Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Harry Bown.

Giants go down to the wire twice in one night
Apr 11, 2011, 11:44 pm

Weymouth Giants U12 team went to Ashdown leisure centre on Friday 1st April and after last months defeat to Dorset Storm were hoping to settle a score.  With the keen return of key player Jerry Thompson from a hand injury the Weymouth side were hoping to give the Storm all they had, unfortunately it was not to be though as both Gage Ardagh and Andre "Boris" Morris were missing due to illness.

The first game was against Dorset Storm and Weymouth started strong with some tight defence.  This was followed by precise shooting from Miles-Kimball Smith giving them an early lead.  Play went back and forth and the two teams were exchanging baskets for a while with Giants main scoring contributions coming from newly inducted South West England Players Max Gilmartin and Jerry Thompson.  Storm were answering every point back though with some great offence keeping the score tight, and it was not long before they turned up the defence on Gilmartin which slowed the Weymouth sides scoring rate and forced them to make turnovers  which they could not afford at this crucial point in the game.  The teams went in at half time with Storm leading by 2 points.

At the start of the second half Weymouth were playing tough defence lead by Jerry Thompson, who was doing a great job of containing Storms big centre.  Josh Westlake and Micheal O Donovan netted baskets at the other end keeping the Giants within touching distance of Storm but still behind.  It wasn't until the last 2 and a half minutes of the fourth quarter that Weymouth tied the game with a strong drive and layup from Gilmartin putting the Giants in unfamiliar territory.  With the game tied, 2 minutes left on the clock and storm in possession of the ball the game was getting high pressured, but it was there for the taking.  Weymouth need a defensive stop, one good offence and then to keep the ball and run the clock down.  Storm began their offence and were met at the half court by a tough Weymouth defence, Storm worked the ball round well and some good off the ball movement by the Dorset Number 14 got him open enough to get a shot off which reached high into the ceiling before touching nothing but net on the way down and putting Storm back in front by 2pts.  Weymouth pushed the ball back the other way quickly in order to level the score, but a clever stand up defence by Storms number 10 saw Gilmartin commit a charging foul on his way to the basket and although the ball went in the score didn't count.  This meant Storm had the ball back with a 2pt lead and 50 seconds on the clock.  They moved the ball well eating up as much time as they could before the ball finally ended up in number 14's hands again who took a  15ft jumpshot which went straight in to clinch the game for the hosts, final score 26 - 22 Dorset storm.

The second game came almost immediately after the first and giants opted to start the game with an altered starting lineup.  They were facing Dorchester Tigers who started the game strong, playing some fierce defence and stopping the Giants in their tracks.  The Dorchester sides main focus their being containing Weymouths two south west players Max Gilmartin and Jerry Thompson. Tigers were doing a great job of stopping "The monkey brothers" offensive but it was coming at a cost, with at least one Dorchester player reaching foul trouble within the first quarter. The offensive play was all in Dorchesters favour as well, with the county town moving the ball around well and choosing some good shots affording them a considerable 14 - 4 lead which would be difficult to come back from in the second half.

The second half was about to begin and the Giants had a 10 point defecit to recover, with one of the oppositions best defenders in foul trouble the Giants wasted no time in going on the offensive.  Max gilmartin chalking up a couple of drives to the basket finishing in layups, and Jerry Thompson grabbing an offensive rebound to finish strong at the basket.  The gap was closing and Weymouth were within 4 points, holding off the persistent Tigers offence as the game went within the last 2 minutes.  Dorchester were on the attack and were struggling to break through with the clock ticking away when Luis Weaver intercepted a pass and hit Thompson on the break to bring the game within 2.  Dorchesters next offence was well worked but ended unconverted and left the Giants with a chance to tie the game at a crucial point.  The Weymouth side worked the ball around looking for an opening but Dorchetser were playing a tight man to man.  The ball ended up in the hands of Gilmartin, he drove the ball hard to the basket beating his defender and laying it up to tie the game 14 - 14 with 1:30 seconds left in the game.  The Giants called timeout and put out the starting five to try and stop Dorchester scoring with the added rebounding advantage of Andrew Dumbrell and Josh Westlake to pick up any missed shots.   The Dorchester offence was taking its time ensuring that their final shot was a good one and with one minute left on the clock the ball worked round into the hands of the Tigers guard who was in position and open, the shot went up and bounced off the backboard hitting the ring and dropping down into Westlakes waiting hands who secured the rebound and passed to Gilmartin to bring the ball up the court.  As the Giants set up their offence there was now 54 seconds left on the clock.  The ball moved through three passes before ending up back with Gilmartin who again drove hard to the basket with the defence draped all over him, he put up the pull up jumpshot which dropped short, but luckily Westlake was there to grab the offensive rebound and with ten seconds left he put the ball back in to secure the win for the Giants 16 - 14 and bring an end to what had been two very tough and closely contested games for the night.

Coach Che Osborne said " I think all players on all sides played extremely well tonight and both games were really tough for us. This has been a great lesson for the young players, to go down to the wire and experience what it is like to win and lose a game in the closing seconds, is the sort of thing you train for, but cannot recreate in a practice session. With the end of the season closing in we need to finish strong in the next two games to secure top spot and win the league. This will certainly not be an easy task as Storm and Tigers get stronger with every game we play."


Josh Westlake, Micheal o Donovan, Miles-Kimball Smith, Andrew Dumbrell, Emily Screen, Luis Weaver, Jerry Thompson, Max Gilmartin,

Weymouth Cowboys fall in final game
Apr 8, 2011, 1:37 pm

Weymouth Cowboys 51-70 Petersfield Rockets

Weymouth Cowboys travelled to Portsmouth for their final game of the season looking for a win to cap of a great first season together in the solents devision 3 league. 

Both teams started out slow as there were only a couple of baskets in the opening minutes but the Rockets soon stepped up the pace and went on a run allowing them to open up a 15 point lead. The young Weymouth side seem sluggish and struggled to control the pace of the game early so coach Eric Olson called a quick time out to adjust the teams defense. This proved to slow down the aggressive Rockets offence slightly but the Cowboys had themselves a big deficit to over come at the end of the opening period. With some good long range shooting from Dan Campbell and aggressive play from veteran guard Steve Howlett the Cowboys finally managed to put some points on the board and put a little preasure on the Rockets.

Starting the second half with all of Weymouths young players on the court they looked to make a quick jump on the homeside. Jack Speary and Filippo Romano played some impressive defense on the oposing teams best player whilst Sam Dodge and Gaz Williams picked up easy baskets down low on the other end. Despite the better effort in the second half it seemed the Cowboys had dug themsleves into to big of a hole to get out of as they didnt manage to bring the score back within single digits all game. The Weymouth side finished of the game strong and in good spirit but unfortunately it was too late for a come back as the game finished 51-70.

Coach Eric Olson "It was a real shame not to finish the season on a high after the great run we have just had. Overall the season was a real success and i wish the best to Connor Doherty and Gaz Williams next season as they will be leaving us to go to university."

Roster: Dan Campbell, Gaz Williams, Sam Dodge, Connor Doherty, Jack Speary, Filippo Romano, Eric Olson, Steve Howlett, Rob Legg.

Hardyes fall to line up deciding game
Apr 6, 2011, 1:33 pm

Thomas Hardye Sixth Form 33 – 44 Woodroffe Sixth Form

Holding 2 strong wins over their opponents this season, it seemed an easy task to travel to Lyme Regis and dispatch Woodroffe and seal their place in the Dorset C6 playoffs.

After league success it was to great surprise that Woodroffe gained the upper hand finding both success on offence and defence. Nick Beer hit a basket to push Hardyes forward though it was not enough as the first half continued. Despite Hardyes finding their own scoring purpose they could not muster the effort to stop their opponents. By the close of the first half Woodroffe held a 21 – 18 lead and looked a very determined side.

With the second half in motion, the Dorchester side found shooting form from co-captains George Scott and Alok Bahl. Though they eventually drew even with outstanding effort from Ed May, Woodroffe kept it to their advantage. As the closing minutes of the game crept upon them, Hardyes did attempt one last run, though not enough as the Lyme side extended their lead and eventually ended the game 44 – 33 ahead.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “All credit for Woodroffe who set the tone from the opening tip and didn’t let up for a second. I think the 2 previous wins against them didn’t help as we may have been somewhat too confident and saw the result of such actions. Now we have to refocus in light of playing Shaftsbury in a decider to see who gains 2nd place and qualifies for the playoffs.”

Roster/Scorers: Alok Bahl 15, George Scott 10, Nick Beer 6, Francis Anyanjo 2, Henry Dale, Luc Scadden, Alex Skidmore, Ed May, Tim Wilen.

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