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Giants winning streak halted by Storm
Mar 23, 2011, 5:36 pm

Weymouth Giants 12 – 8 Dorchester tigers
Weymouth Giants 22 – 32 Dorset Storm

Weymouth Giants U12 team went to Ashdown leisure centre on Friday 9th March and were very apprehensive as to what was in store for them.  The Weymouth outfit were without key player Jerry Thompson who suffered an injury to his hand during a school game earlier that very day.  They also new that after the close game they had with Dorset Storm at their last meeting in February, the opposition would have been training hard hoping to overcome the Weymouth side in this next encounter.

Before concentrating on the Storm game Giants still had to face an ever improving Dorchester side in the first game of the evening.  Weymouth started the game slowly and it was Dorchester who drew first blood with some tough defensive play and well placed shooting putting them in the lead 8 points to 0.  Both sides had a few new additions but it was Tigers new boys who were providing the edge early in the game and it looked like Storm were the least of Weymouths worries.  Weymouth called a timeout and came back out with a change in lineup.  This changed momentum slightly and the giants grabbed a couple of baskets back, 4pts from Max Gilmartin and 2 each for Josh Westlake and Micheal o Donovan made the score even and the end of the first half.

In the second half the play went end to end with both teams playing some tough defence but unable to score on the offensive end.  Weymouth's new forward Gage Ardagh was doing well on the boards and some really intense defence from Andre Morris and Miles kimball Smith meant plenty of possession for Weymouth.  Unfortunately there were still no more points, until Luis Weaver recieved the ball wide open at the end of a 10 pass offence. He converted confidently for two to break the deadlock and put Weymouth in the lead 10 - 8.  This was quickly followed by a drive to the basket by Max Gilmartin to finish the game 12 - 8 in favour of Weymouth. 

The second game of the night came in the later slot of 9:05pm which meant that the Weymouth side got a break while their next opponents Storm faced Dorchester in their first game of the night.  This should give Weymouth the advantage as Storm had to play two games back to back and fatigue should set in during the second game.

It wasn't to long into the Second game before The extent of Storms improvement became apparent to the Giants.  Storms big centre who took lots of rebounds during their last game but was unable to convert them to points began displaying his new offensive skills, hitting Weymouth on the break on several occasions and giving Storm a commanding early lead.  Weymouth had a talk at the start of the second quarter and came out moving the ball well, which allowed some space for some clean drives to the basket for Max Gilmartin, Andre Morris and Josh Westlake.  Weymouth were now matching Storm basket for basket but were not closing the gap that Storm created early in the first quarter. The half ended 18 - 12 in favour of Dorset Storm.

The second half was very much the same with play going from end to end.  Gilmartin was controlling the Weymouth offence with support from Andrew Dumbrell, Gage Ardagh, and Josh Westlake on the boards, but the big and physical Storm side continued to rebound strong on the defensive glass and transition quickly with fastbreak baskets.  Weymouth continued to hastle the Storm offence and create turnovers but only managed to create points from 50% of their offences.  Storm went back to their starting lineup and were controlling the defensive play well suffocating Weymouths last efforts to take the game and using up the clock at the other end of the court.  The last baskets of the game were claimed by Storm from some strong offensive rebounding and the hosts took the game 32 - 22 completing the Giants first loss of the season.

Coach Che Osborne said " I'm really pleased with the way the Giants played tonight, they fought hard in both games and turned out a good win in the first game and an unfortunate loss in the second game.  It's unfortunate that we lost our unbeaten record this evening but there is no doubt that Storm played the better basketball and deserved to win the game.  It has definitely given us some good feedback on areas we need to improve in practice, which can only provide the team with new skills and potential improvement in future competitions".

Roster: Max Gilmartin, Miles Kimball-Smith, Josh Westlake, Andrew Dumbrell, Luis Weaver, Emily Screen, Gage Ardagh, Andre Morris, Jonah Osment, Micheal O Donovan.

Last shot to sink U16 Tropics
Mar 23, 2011, 5:31 pm

Weymouth Tropics 58 - 26 Dorchester Tigers
Weymouth Tropics 34 - 36 Dorset Storm B

With only one defeat in the Weymouth’s under 16 season, they faced a double header against Dorchester Tigers and Dorset Storm in hopes of strengthening their title chances.

The first game pit them against Dorchester Tigers who despite being in their first year, showed a vast improvement. Weymouth failed to impress as they started the game with 5 straight turnovers which forced a complete overhaul in hopes of sending a message that sub par performance wasn’t acceptable. As the game continued Weymouth built a small lead, though none could feel comfortable as Dorchester kept finding the hoop and staying close. As the second half got under way, Tropics found their stride as James Gillespie scored 4 times in row to give his team a decent lead. Tigers did fight back until the very end, which pushed Tropics as they turned to Stephen Reece on the fast break. Luckily the Weymouth side had done too much damage closing the game - .

In their second meeting against Storm, it was going to be much tougher match and go down to the final seconds. The game did look to be going Storms way as they easily found the basket on multiple occasions, dashing any hope of a Weymouth win. However this was not in Weymouth’s plans, as from the beginning of the second half they suddenly awoke. Francis Anyanjo jump started the offence, joined by the face paced Henry Dale. Over and over again Weymouth found the open man to convert the shots and claw back to the score. With only 2.9 second remaining and 1 point down, Gillespie was fouled and earned a shot at potentially tying or winning the game. Unfortunately missing the first but then making the second attempt, Weymouth would at least go into overtime. It was then up to Storm as they called a time out, received some coaching advice and then put a well placed pass deep into the key, scoring a winning basket finishing the game - .

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “First game was the expected result, but a pleasant surprise was the form of Dorchester who looks to be improving every time they play, great for local basketball. In our second game we simply didn’t make all our easy shots and in the closing seconds despite my calls the boys lost a bit of focus and as a result missed an easy steal which resulted in the winning basket.”

Roster: Francis Anyanjo, Henry Dale, James Gillespie, Josh Turner, Stephen Reece, Lewis Edwards, Matt Brown, Joe Lillington, Jay Willson, Gerry Legg.

Oilers Still Drilling for Win
Mar 23, 2011, 5:29 pm

Weymouth Oilers 12 – 41 Dorset Storm 1
Weymouth Oilers 31 – 35 Dorset Storm 2

The Weymouth Oilers U14s were left still chasing their first win of the season after suffering back – to – back losses against Dorset Storm I and II at Ashdown leisure centre in Poole.

The Oilers first match was against a strong Storm I side who proved too much for the seasiders. Weymouth fought hard and created chances throughout the match, but failed to convert multiple opportunities. Charley Dalkins scored one basket in the first quarter and Matt Clarke-Williams added one free throw. The second period found Weymouth going cold on offense with Taine Mackay scoring a single free throw for the Oilers only point, leaving them on four at half-time. Mackay netted again in the third before Dalkins, and Clarke-Williams again added to the teams total. The first match finished Weymouth 12 to Storm I 41.

Weymouth suddenly came to life during their second match against Storm II. The Oilers played fast, aggressive basketball and were rewarded by scoring more in the opening period than they had in the entire first match. Charley Dalkins, Matt Clarke-Williams, and Joe Strickley all combined to give Weymouth a 14 – 8 lead heading into the second period. The mercurial Oilers then went cold again and didn’t score until Irah Day netted three times during the third period. The Oilers were playing much better basketball throughout with Jamie Tamayo and Brad Webb playing aggressive defence and also nearly scoring. The fourth period saw the Storm surge back into control of the match, although the Oilers continued to play hard. Charley Dalkins scored four times in the period to narrow the Storms lead to 4. The match finished Weymouth 31 to Storm II 35.

Weymouth coach Eric Olson said: “I was very proud of the way we played as a team tonight. Even though we lost both matches we played well, and came away with one of our best results as a team so far. We just need to keep focusing on taking our chances and improving as a team.”  

Roster: Charley Dalkins, Matt Clarke-Williams, Taine Mackay, Brad Webb, Jamie Tamayo, Irah Day, Joe Strickley.

Ross Bowes: 12th of October 1981 - 15th of March 2011.
Mar 15, 2011, 11:28 pm

Unfortunately it is with great sadness that I have to tell you all of a loss of friend and player of Weymouth basketball club. On the afternoon of March 15th, 2011 we sadly lost Ross Bowes at the age of 29.


Ross was a great friend of mine, a basketball enthusiast, a spirited person and had many friends who were drawn in by his outlook and opinions on life. He enjoyed many things but his first love was basketball.


From the age of 10 he has been a baller, his influence encouraged others individuals, including myself, to play as well, then from there he was able to stand out for his Wey Valley School basketball teams. At 15 years old Weymouth Basketball Club got hold of him, where he was inspired playing alongside the experienced individuals, then most recently instilling the game and his game philosophies on the youth of taday into his late 20's. Ross was an exceptional player from a young age, he developed into an explosive, competitive player, striving for the extravagant shot and even known to dunk on occasion (as long as the weather was right).

Over the last 18 months Ross has had a long hard battle with leukaemia, though always remaining positive and upbeat, he on many occasions would confide in me, advising me on how basketball should be played and inspiring Weymouth to push our boundaries in the Solent League.

I have grown up with Ross from a very young age, Rob Ritchie and myself consider him our closest friend. We’ve had scraps and scuffs, cuts and bruises, laughter and tears with many of you. I wouldn’t have changed any of it and I’m sure he wouldn’t either. For those of you lucky enough to have known Ross over the years, know how full of life he was, with a very much live life to the full attitude. Please remember how lucky we all are and I can tell without a shadow of doubt Ross would tell you all to carry on, tackle all front on, enjoy yourselves and most of all don’t give up.

We have had taken from us a Son, a Friend, a Teammate, an Inspiration, A HERO in my eyes and the only comfort we can take from this sad loss is that he is now at peace, no longer having to fight.

Please join me in sending our thoughts and love to Gina and Ross’s Family, giving them all the support they need at this sad time.


Rest in Peace Brother.


Mar 11, 2011, 1:15 pm

Dusk's Weymouth Huskies faced a very tall and strong Exeter Eagles White team on Wednesday 9th March @ Weymouth college.  

The Eagles who are currently in second position in the Exeter district basketball association's womens league table, with an impressive 14 games with 3 losses record were going to be very tough opposition for the Huskies, in what was to be their last league game of the 2010/2011 season.

The game began and the visitors wasted no time, winning the tip and running the ball in quickly for first blood.  The Huskies were working hard on defence but the sheer size and strength of the Eagles meant that they were collecting all of the rebounds at both ends.  This left the Huskies with few options on offence and the hosts struggled to get into the game with just twelve points in the first half 8 from Jayne Guppy and 2 each for Ellen Blackwood and Nicole Cornish.

The Second half began and the Huskies changed their defence to man to man hoping to slow the Eagles attack and get some much needed turnovers.  Although  the change in defence slowed the visitors for a spell and allowed Weymouth MVP Sarah James to grab a couple of baskets, it was short lived as the visitors took a timeout and changed tactics.  The Huskies were now dealing well with the full court press which was killing them early in the game, but their shots were just refusing to fall.  The Huskies worked hard on defence for the last quarter and played some good possession basketball on offence but it wasn't enough to stop the Eagles finishing the game comfortable winners 95 - 24.

Coach Che Osborne said " It was always going to be a very tough game tonight and I think we lacked at times on the defensive end of the court.  I think we played some good basketball at the offensive end at times, but we really struggled to finish at the basket which is what puts the points on the board at the end of the day.  That being said most of the girls always manage to stay positive and approach every game with an excellent attitude.  It hasn't been easy this season and we have very rarely been up to full strength if at all. We will have plenty of stuff to work on ready for next season where I hope we can improve our league standing by this time next year".

Jayne Guppy 12, Ellen Blackwood 6, Sarah James 4, Nicole Cornish 2, Carly Dean, Leanne Handley, Sadie Osborne, Rosie Moore, Rosin Greenup,

College win out in local derby
Mar 8, 2011, 8:01 pm

Weymouth College 79 – 47 Thomas Hardye School

Weymouth College got an additional win to extend their impressive lead at the top of the west Dorset college basketball league. Despite being shorted handed and against league improving Thomas Hardyes, they were taking no chances as they took the trip over Ridgeway.

Both teams started well as opposing guards Dan Campbell and Alok Bahl traded baskets to get their respective teams off the mark. Campbell continued his form as Hardyes turned to captain George Scott to keep the game within a couple of baskets. The 2nd quarter proved very different as Hardyes seemed possessed. Weymouth could only watch as all the Dorchester team rebounded well and found multiple scoring opportunities. Gaz Williams re entered the game with 2 minutes left in the half, even this could not stop Hardyes as they remained on their roll with Bahl hitting back to back 3 pointers to cut Weymouth’s lead to only 31 – 35 by the half.

The second half of the game then took a familiar form as Weymouth inspired by Sam Dodge who hit multiple off balanced layups to lead his team to a 20 point lead and show why they deserved to be at the top of the table. Thomas Hardyes refused to let up as they even went on a mini run of their own scoring several baskets and giving a flash of their potential. This was not enough sadly as Connor Doherty defence denied the basket and allowed Hardyes only 6 points for the entire period. With 1 quarter remaining the Dorchester side refused to give up as their opponents piled on points, finding a great 1st appearances from Tom Lawday and Joe Lillington. With the game almost over Weymouth then found a sudden bounce of form as Williams though missing many layups through the game, went on a scoring run to cap his near 40 point performance, closing the game 79 – 47.

Alex Fuhrmann, coach “Nice game for start to finish. Weymouth showed their continuing form with the scoring load being taken by the usual suspects. I was most pleased with Hardyes performance overall, as in the 2nd period they outscored Weymouth and showed superb team play. Focusing on how they played and what they did, Hardyes had a solid game.”

Roster/Scorers –

Hardyes: Alok Bahl 19, Francis Anyanjo 10, George Scott 4, Henry Dale 4, Tom Lawday 4, Joe Lillington 2, Luc Scadden 2, Nick Beer, Alex Skidmore.

Weymouth: Gaz Williams 39, Sam Dodge 20, Dan Campbell 18, Connor Doherty 2, Zack Phillips, Josh Turner, James Gillespie.

Dusk Bandits get Biggest Win of the Season
Mar 8, 2011, 2:37 pm

Dusk Weymouth Bandits 74 – 56 Winchester Wasps

With the season soon coming to a close and only 1 win to their name, Weymouth Bandits played host to the travelling Winchester Wasps. The Bandits were desperately seeking a win in an attempt to securing a position above the relegation zone of the Solent division one.

The first quarter saw Winchester Wasps set the tempo, after opening points from guard Alex Fuhrmann the wasp’s offence then went to work, managing to take control of the game for the opening eight minutes of the quarter. After a few changes to the on court players a flurry of six points in the final minute of the game allowed the Weymouth Bandits to cut the deficit to 5 points.

The second quarter saw the Bandits carry on the momentum from the first quarter. A combination of an improved offensive and a zone defence allowed the home side to catch up with the Wasp score, with the offense of the quarter being led by forward Gaz Williams and Fuhrmann. This partnership managed to score twelve points within the second quarter, allowing Weymouth to cut and take the lead from the Winchester side. Weymouth also stepped up in the defensive pressure with centre Matt Board making his mark on the game with a huge block and grabbing some vital defensive rebounds. Weymouth finished the first half with a 33 – 27 lead over their opponents.

The opening to the third quarter saw Weymouth give away a couple of early fouls allowing the Wasps to start the quarter with four points that would remain unanswered for four minutes. The Weymouth team then sprung into life and once again ran an offense that required the full effort. With points scored by the likes of Filippo Romano and back to back points by Carl Carter, it was Weymouth’s turn to go on an unanswered scoring run that lasted for 5minutes. Weymouth managed to close out the quarter with another flurry of points ending the quarter with a lead of 52 to 35.

Weymouth opened the quarter with back to back three pointers from Chris Canham and Fuhrmann, having taken the lead, knew that they could control the tempo of the game from here on out. They slowed down the tempo of play and looked more to playing a half court game that allowed decent shot selections while running down the game time. Ian Manly and Fuhrmann then closed out the quarter scoring three baskets each and shutting down any chance of Winchester catching up with a strong 74 – 56 victory.

Alex Fuhrmann, “This game was our best game of the season, we passed, shot well and played defensive as a unit from start to finish. I missed a couple of easy baskets, but it didn’t really matter as every time I had either Board or Manley collecting the offensive rebound. Shame our best basketball seems to be happening so late in the season, but we’ll keep pushing on.”

Roster/Scorers: Alex Fuhrmann 25, Ian Manley 11, Mike Willesme 9, Filippo Romano 8, Gaz Williams 6, Carl Carter 6, Chris Canham 6, Dan Campbell 2, Matt Board 1, Rich Camp.

Rough Riders back on track
Mar 7, 2011, 5:18 pm

After losing two games on there last trip to southampton the rough riders were keen to get back on track and prove that they are the team to beat in the solent under 19's league.

Their first game was against a strong Havant side who had added some new players to their team and looked to be the biggest challenge of the day for the seasiders. The game started of slow with the first quarter ending 12-8 in favour of the weymouth side. They soon picked up the pace with some smothering defence and aggressive offence which gave them a 29-10 lead going into half time. Feeling confindent going into the second half weymouth kept up the intensity and carried on scoring at will. Weymouth big men did an excellent job of rebounding and the guards passed well finding the open man for an easy scoring opportunity everytime up the floor.

The second game against the Winchester Warriors was an easy game from the start for Weymouth as they had a big size and speed advantage over the younger worriors. Gaz Williams and Jack Speary showed of there athleticism on the fast break converting on a number of acrobatic lay-ups. Sam Dodge finsihed the game with a very impressive long range effort from well behind the 3 point line and the more experienced Rough Riders finished with a convincing win proving that they are still the top team in the league.

Player Coach Dan Campbell, "We were very eager to get these wins after dropping our last 2 games. Everyone came out and played hard and we did a good job of re-establishing ourselves as the top team in the league."

Roster: Dan Campbell, Gaz Williams, Sam Dodge, Jack Speary, Filippo Romano, George Scott, Henry Anyanjo.

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