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Feb 3, 2011, 10:25 am








Weymouth taught a lesson by the Students
Feb 2, 2011, 5:18 pm

The Bandits seemed to be well prepared and up for a game against a side they managed to score their highest total of the season against. Even so they knew it would be a quick and tough game.

As the game started, Weymouth proved they can dominate the away team with a flurry of quick strong attacks from Chris Canham and Alex Fuhrmann, this was only to be answered by the Uni sides own offence to level the score. Ian Manley also got off to a good start picking some baskets inside. This again was answered by the Students to level up. Weymouth and the Southampton based side manage only to exchange baskets for the rest of the quarter and the score ended 19-19.

With a change of defence instigated by Jamie Harris the Bandits switched to a zone defence and a hope of preventing the Uni side from scoring, a good move until Weymouth came onto the court only to find that the opposition had the same idea. This only added to the frustrations of both teams, even though both teams defended well it meant they where both exchanging baskets again. Nevertheless Harris managed to influence the younger player Sam Dodge and Gaz Williams into life who both weighed in with great looking shots, one of which from Gaz Williams, any NBA player would’ve been proud of. This quarter also saw Dan Campbell take part in his third game of the season for the Bandits, and Jack Speary for his first. The half ended 40-41 to the Students.

Canham asked the Bandits to raise the intensity for the start of the third quarter, the idea was to attack and build a lead. This seemed to work at the start, with Dodge, Fuhrmann and Harris all driving in a drawing the fouls, each made their free throws counts. Gaz Williams, Ian Manley and the inclusion of Rich Camp were at their best inside taking second chance shots from great rebounds. This was all in vein; as Weymouth lost there star forward Manley to his fifth foul. Southampton managed to end the quarter stronger and drag the score all the way back and take the lead. 64 – 56 at the end of the quarter.

Weymouth again went out at the start of the final quarter with their never give up attitude, and Alex Fuhrmann took it upon his self to take control and scored a massive 16 points in one quarter. Unfortunately that combined with some excellent defending from Carl Carter, couldn’t prevent Southampton playing out for the win. Weymouth 81-Uni 86.

Canham said “Really pleased with they way we never give up, unfortunately results are not going our way. Also with the likes of Dan Campbell and Jack Speary showing they can play at this level is a positive move in the right direction for the future of Weymouth basketball club.”

Scorers: Alex Fuhrmann 28, Ian Manley 15, Jamie Harris13, Gaz Williams 11, Sam Dodge 6, Chris Canham 6, Carl Carter 1, Jack Speary 1, Rich Camp, Dan Campbell.

U16's loose first of the season to national league
Feb 1, 2011, 11:04 am

The Weymouth under 16’s team had been undefeated all season long following in true form from their previous team mates who secured the title last year in the Solent junior league.

It was clear from the first of their double header games in Poole that the Dorset Storm team were out to be more competitive by fielding some of their national league players including a 6’6 15 year old. This did not deter the side as they were happy to rely on their shooting and hustle. This didn’t last for long as the 6’6 man child was going to be the clear factor, collecting several rebounds from the outset and putting his side ahead. The game did have its moments for Weymouth who found some scoring success from Francis Anyanjo and their own rebounding from Freddie Withnail-Dunn. It wasn’t enough as the game concluded with Weymouth losing their first of the season 43 – 18.

In their second game Weymouth had a shift in luck as they squared off again league new boys Dorchester Tigers. Both clubs share friendship from players up to coaches as all was in great spirit though Weymouth’s 3rd year in the league was a clear edge. From the outset the Weymouth players were not in the mood for another loss as both Josh Turner and Matt Brown hit multiple baskets and put the Tropics ahead. Dorchester with their own 6’6 Franklin Van Nes were showing flashes of potential but as the game clock ticked down Weymouth held onto the lead and a 32 – 27 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann “you can’t teach height in basketball and we certainly felt that this evening with our tallest player of 5’10 feeling a little under pressure. Its still great thought to see our guys competing with national league players of Storm and as well seeing the Dorchester team is making huge improvements.”

Roster: Francis Anyanjo, Freddie Withnail-Dunn, Josh Turner, Matt Brown, Stephen Reece, Lewis Edwards, Joe Lillington, Cieren Paul, Max Gilmartin, Jay Willson, Gerry Legg.

Huskies comeback too late to take the game
Jan 30, 2011, 9:53 pm

Weymouth Huskies arrived at Middlemoor Police HQ on Monday 24th January in positive spirits.  Spirits which lifted further when the opposition appeared to only have 5 players compared to the Huskies squad of 9.  With the advantage in favour of the visitors and the fact that there was only one place between them in the league, this would be a crucial game that the Weymouth team needed to win. 


The first half got underway and the Peelers didn't take long to state their intentions. They drew first blood and scored the first four points of the game in the first minute. The Huskies came back with 2 from Ellen Blackwood but struggled to find an offensive answer to the Peelers 2 - 3 Zone, which suffocated them for the remainder of the quarter.  Meanwhile the hosts were feeding the ball into the post and taking it strong to the basket, with Peelers MVP ( G. Twine ) making 10 of her final 30 points in the first quarter.  With the Devon Zone forcing the visitors to shoot from the perimeter ,the second quarter was much the same as the first,  the Peelers outscoring the Weymouth team 17pts to 8 bringing the first half to a close in favour of the home side 31 - 14.


The second half started and the Huskies were using their numbers to push the ball up the court hoping to tire out the depleted Peelers.  The tactics began to work and the Peelers were tiring but the Huskies could not convert at the other end to shrink the Devon sides lead, the only Weymouth baskets coming from Blackwood, Cornish and Guppy the third ended 41 - 22 and the visitors had it all to do in the fourth.  The final quarter was where the Huskies mounted an all out effort to steal the game back, continuing to run at the Peelers and now converting the breaks into points they were closing the gap.  With some good defence the Huskies put 12 unanswered points on the board thanks to baskets from Sarah James and Jayne Guppy.  But it was Nicole Cornish with 10pts in the fourth Quarter who earned the MVP title from the Devon Side.  Unfortunately the game ended on a negative note when one of the Peelers ( V. Constantin ) hobbled off court with a suspected torn calf muscle leaving the home side to play the las 3 minutes with 4 players.  It did nothing to alter the end result though with the Peelers taking the game 54 - 40.


Huskies:- Cornish 15, Guppy 11, James 6, Blackwood 6, Handley 2, Dean, Moore, Greenup, Osborne.


MVP:- Nicole Cornish


Next Game:- Vs Newton Abbott Pacers Wednesday 16th February @ Weymouth College tip off 8:15pm


Report Sponsored by:- Dusk Weymouth


Bandits take cup/league loss
Jan 29, 2011, 9:52 am

Despite Weymouth’s rather poor performance in Bournemouth last week, the Bandits were looking to get some form back in this double header against Solent Kestrels. 

The quarter started with some fairly even scoring from both sides with Williams and Manley picking up points from some good inside moves, until half way through the quarter when the Kestrels stepped up their game and scored 11 straight unanswered points. Bandits picked up a few more points but still trailed at the end of the quarter 12-23.

With the majority of the Kestrels points coming from inside Weymouth started the second quarter with a change on defence, switching to a zone. Although the Kestrels came out with 7 straight points, Weymouth did not let their heads drop and the quarter became a much closer affair with baskets being exchanged quite evenly and some good shooting from Willemse and Manley. The half ended with the Bandits 44-26 behind.

The third quarter began with a change in defence again for Weymouth, back to their preferred man to man defence. This change seemed to pick up the home side as they began playing some much better basketball, offensively as well as defensively. Some good shooting from Fuhrmann ensured Weymouth stayed in this match. A much more optimistic Bandits side won this quarter by three points, going in to the fourth 57-42 behind.

With the end in sight Weymouth really needed to maintain the high standard of play they showed in the previous quarter. The quarter started evenly for both teams with Willemse scoring the first 8 points for the Bandits, although the Kestrels did not shy away also scoring similar points. Weymouth tried to stay in the game with baskets from Harris and Carter but it seemed they had given everything in the third quarter and began to drop off as the Kestrels pulled away. Weymouth lost the game 60-84 but remain in high spirits after showing glimpses of what they can do against a top level team.

Scorers/Roster: Gaz Williams 19, Ian Manley 15, Mike Willemse 12, Alex Fuhrmann 8, Jamie Harris 4, Rich Camp 2, Carl Carter 2, Chris Canham, Dan Campbell, Rob Legg.

Thomas Hardye host revenge
Jan 27, 2011, 11:30 am

In their first game of the season Thomas Hardye sixth form basketball lost to north Dorset side Shaftsbury School in a bitter last second basket defeat.

With only 2 points separating the last meeting it seemed as though this was a continuation of that game as both teams started on level terms and did so for much of the first quarter. Point guard George Scott seemed to find his form at last this season netting 8 straight points in reply to Shaftsbury’s sturdy offensive, though the guests still managed to find the same 2 point lead. As the game went into the 2nd period Hardyes scoring then dropped off with Scott needing a well earned rest on the bench. Despite some solid defensive from year 10 Francis Anyanjo they could not find their scoring spark and watched as Shaftsbury shot to a half time lead of 31 – 24.

Thomas Hardye looked as though they were shaken by the score line though this would not stop coach Alex Fuhrmann giving his side some heavy hitting choice words and a change in the defence.

Though Shaftsbury opened the second half with a basket, this was to become something of luck as Thomas Hardye turned around a game in such a matter, it is rarely seen. Scott re entered the game and showed his offensive skills once again scoring 9 of his teams 17 points over the quarter, while the defensive led by Henry Anyanjo and Luc Scadden held Shaftsbury to an amazing 4 points only and a 41 – 35 home lead.

With the game in control and 1 quarter remaining, Hardyes were set on not letting their opponents back into the game. This effort was seen across the team as Alex Skidmore, Mikey Berger and Alok Bahl all found scoring opportunities along with holding Shaftsbury to a further amazing total of only 3 points for the entire period. Shaftsbury clearly were not happy with themselves or Hardyes, as several arguments had to be quieted by the officials and the game played out to a 61 – 38 win for Thomas Hardye.

MVP George Scott, “We’ve been kind of lacking a killer instinct up to this game. Though our coach is always talking about 110% we never really had all 10 players on the same page with that ideal. It shows how good we can really be when we all buy into work ethic and can go from a 2 point losing team to a 20 point win team.”

Scorers/Roster: George Scott 27, Alok Bahl 18, Mikey Berger 6, Alex Skidmore 4, Francis Anyanjo 3, Nick Beer 2, Mike Toman 1, Henry Anyanjo, Luc Scadden, Ed May.

Giants Remain Undefeated
Jan 24, 2011, 11:02 pm

Weymouth Giants U12 team went to Ashdown leisure centre on Friday 7th January looking to extend their winning streak to 8 games.  


They faced dorset storm in their first game of the night, who the Weymouth outfit had already beaten this season but were not to be underestimated.  The game started and within minutes Weymouth had drawn first blood through Max Gilmartin driving hard down the left side of the floor off the assist from Micheal o Donovan to lay it in for 2.  Storm tried hard to get control of the game with some great basketball at the other end of the floor,  but just couldn't penetrate the tough Weymouth defence headed up by Andre "Boris" Morris.  More baskets from Gilmartin combined with baskets from Jerry Thompson and Josh Westlake took Weymouth into the 2nd half with a comfortable lead that they needed to hold on to for the next 20 minutes.


The second half begun and storm came out strong taking 3 unanswered baskets bringing the score back within 4 pts.  It wasn't long however before the Giants reclaimed the game for their own with Miles kimball Smith stepping up to make two difficult and crucial baskets to swing momentum back in Weymouth's favour.  The giants began scoring at will shortly afterwards with baskets from Thompson, Gilmartin, Dumbrell, and Morris finding the net finishing the game with a comfortable final score of 31 - 14 Giants.


The second game came immediately after the first and saw Weymouth going toe to toe with geographical neighbours Dorchester Tigers.  The Tigers were on a high after taking their first game Vs Storm in the dying minutes,  this wasn't going to be an easy game for the Giants and could prove to be the defeat they were so desperately trying to avoid.


The game started and The Giants won the tip off but couldn't convert the advantage to points.  The ball moved up and down the floor a couple of times with both teams struggling to score.  The deadlock finally being broken by Jerry Thompson of Weymouth with an offensive rebound that he put back in for two.  Max Gilmartin decided to join the party with two baskets and Andre "Boris" Morris got one himself with a nice little 10ft Jumpshot.  Dorchester put some points on the board and the first half ended 12 - 6 in favour of the Giants.


In the second half the Giants came out playing some great passing basketball but could not convert, Luis Weaver found himself at the end off three great moves only to be denied at the ring by the narrowest of margins leaving the youngest player on the Giants side still searching for his first points in competition basketball.  The Giants were then on the receiving end of some great Dorchester play which resulted in them brining the score to within 4.  Giants coach Che Osborne made a few changes and the Weymouth side began scoring once more with back to back baskets on the break from Jerry Thompson assisted by Jonah Osment and a couple from Max Gilmartin and Josh Westlake the game ended 24 - 12 in favour of Weymouth.


Coach Che Osborne said " I'm really happy with the way the kids seem to improve every single game, they show so much commitment to the game and put in a lot of practice on saturday afternoons and at home in their own time, this all shows in the fact that they are still undefeated this season.  I think that if these children keep up this level of basketball training were going to see some very good players locally in the not so distant future" 

College continue stampede
Jan 24, 2011, 1:06 pm

Weymouth College continued their successful season when they travelled Woodroffe School from Lyme Regis who were lucky enough to have the new basketball court marking.

Weymouth never looked back from the opening shot from Dan Campbell, hitting a three pointer from the new 3 point line. The home side couldn’t seem to find any luck as the Weymouth continued their march, knocking down multiple layups. As the 2nd period began, Woodroffe did have moments of good play on their fast break, though Weymouth were quick to counter. With a 30 – 9 lead going into the second half, Weymouth looked great in keeping their perfect record.

The second half was as successful as the first, with Weymouth focusing on fast break baskets racking up 12 straight points led by a several steals from Jack Speary. As the 4th period sunk in, Weymouth continued to keep their lead with some strong rebounding from Rob Legg and Gaz Williams. As the game finished Campbell was visibly irate at a sharp poke to the eye, though all was subdued as Weymouth closed the game an impressive 67 – 19.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Solid game and a great opportunity for the lads to play on the new court. You could immediately tell that there is more room out there which clearly led to our more spread out game today.”

Scorers/Roster: Dan Campbell, Gaz Williams, Jack Speary, Sam Dodge, Connor Doherty, Rob Legg.

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