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Monday March 18 2019 

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Huskies struck by a Bolt out of the blue
Dec 17, 2010, 10:10 am

Weymouth Ladies Basketball team took a diminished squad to Exeter police HQ on Monday 13-12-2010.  They were facing Isca Bolts who were 3rd in the league with an impressive +362 point differential.  With three of their starting five missing from the lineup the Huskies had an uphill battle waiting for them at the end of their 90 minute drive to exeter.

The first half started with the hosts taking advantage of their extra 4 players. They were running the ball on the fast break and keeping the team fresh with rolling substitutions.  The Huskies were putting everything into defence, but it was just a matter of time before the fast pace of the game took its toll on the under strength huskies side.  Some confident play on the offensive end saw Carly dean score 4 points for the Huskies with drives to the basket and Rosie Moore score 8 with some impressive shooting.  However the relentless attack of the Bolts broke down the Huskies and saw them run away with the game in the first half 65 - 12.

The second half was much better for the Huskies with defence proving to be more effective holding the Bolts to 37 points.  Unfortunately the Huskies could only manage 13 points themselves which wasn't enough to win the half.  Some more impressive shooting from Huskies MVP Rosie Moore took her total to a season best of 12 points for the game.  4 more points from Carly Dean, 3 from Nicole Cornish and 2 from Ellen Blackwood ended the game 102 - 25 to the hosts.

Coach Che Osborne said " The six girls that turned up tonight and traveled all the way to Exeter showed commitment to the team and determination on the court.  We played some great basketball at times and demonstrated some good shooting but were ran off the court by a physically fitter and stronger team, hopefully we'll have a full squad when they come down to us and achieve a much better result" 

Huskies MVP : Rosie Moore

Rosie Moore 12, Carly Dean 8, Nicole Cornish 3, Ellen Blackwood 2, Sadie Osborne, Rosin Greenup.

Dec 14, 2010, 10:29 am







Proof that having six too often isn't good for you
Dec 7, 2010, 9:02 pm

Broadclyst Bullets 71 Weymouth Raiders 58

For the second game in a row Weymouth Raiders could muster a squad of only six players for their travels, this time to table-topping Broadclyst Bullets. They managed to get away with it in the previous game in a thrilling climax against Torbay Tigers, but it was always going to be difficult for them to repeat the feat against Broadclyst who have now won seven games in a row.

The first quarter was a closely contested affair and set the scene for much of what was to follow. For Broadclyst Adam Mitchell signalled his intentions early on with three scores from outside the three-point arc while Tomas Misunias dominated inside. In reply Giles Heaman and Alok Bahl demonstrated that the Raiders’ best hope was to run the ball on the fast break. The first period finished with Bullets leading 20-17.

Although the Raiders would have been pleased with their first quarter efforts against a strong Broadclyst side, they always knew it would be difficult to stay in the game and so it proved in the second quarter. Only Bahl and Heaman could get on the score sheet for Weymouth as they managed only 9 points and Broadclyst pulled away to a 42 – 26 half-time advantage.

The third quarter continued in the same vein, but with veteran Ray Kirk leading the scoring for Broadclyst. Although Weymouth stayed in contention briefly at 46 -32, a scoring run of 14 points to 2 effectively ended the contest with the third quarter finishing on a score of 60 – 34.

Curiously it was the outnumbered Raiders who finished the game more strongly as they scored 11 unanswered points at the start of the 4th quarter. Even though Broadclyst sent on their big guns Mitchell and Misunias it was still Heaman and Bahl who had the final flourish with several fast breaks and a 3 point effort. Having been stifled in the middle of the game Weymouth took the fourth quarter by 24 points to 11 and left with a reasonably respectable thirteen point loss to the division leaders.

Speaking afterwards Weymouth coach Andy Blackwood said “In many ways I think that was possibly our best performance of the season even though we lost. They are a very tough side to stop with an effective combination of accurate shooting and strong inside players and we could easily have lost this one by 30 or 40 points. Given our small squad it was remarkable that we were the ones who finished the game stronger and we can take a lot of pride in our performance."

Raiders scorers: Alok Bahl 28 points, Giles Heaman 24, Rob Legg 4, Gerrard Stanley 2, Andy Blackwood, Mark Talmage.

Dec 6, 2010, 6:30 pm

A fully prepared and strong squad travelled to Southampton to face the Solent league 3 leaders the Southampton Eagles.

From arrival it was clear that the almost completely foreign side had a huge presence and Player Coach Eric Olson ensured the upbeat Cowboys to remain focused on the job in hand.

First quarter was as predicted, strong starting fives from both sides keeping the scoring low with tight but physical defence. Williams and Dodge taking opportunities to exploit the man to man defence showed glimpses of Cowboys potential but unfortunately the Eagles used basic offensive action to break down the Cowboys defence with the quarter ending 18-7 to the hosts.

Following some good team communication coach Olson took the decision to switch to a new defensive strategy which had a dramatic effect. The Eagles basic offense drills could not cope with the Cowboys re-structure and turnovers were key in Weymouth recovery. Outstanding defence from big men Legg, Board and Dodge allowed great quick basketball to be played which soon tired the hosts down. Unfortunately due to the physical side of the game fouls were committed on both sides with Howlett picking up three in three minutes. Nonetheless Cowboys battle on and ended the second 38-25.

Feeling up beat the Cowboys really came out the stocks in the third with solid defence and again turnovers that were converted by sharpe acts such as Williams and Speary. Fouls again became the flavour of the quarter and within minutes the Eagles were in team foul trouble. Several visits to the line allowed Weymouth to dominate the third quarter ending only three points behind.

It was clear that the home side were riled by the Cowboys determination and quality and the Cowboys were keen to continue with the onslaught. Williams, Speary, Scott and Campbell continued playing slick basketball and found fast break after fast break oportunities. Not surprisingly the game became quite messy with fouls soon notching up. Unfortunately Matt Board saw the bench with his fifth foul come quickly and with both teams in foul trouble meant the remainder of the fourth played mainly on each free throw line. In the last two minutes Williams again found the fast break and took the game two points up. Eagles then capitalised by hitting the line again with two free throws leaving a minute on the clock to play. Overtime was imminent and with the quality that cowboys played Coach Olson would have taken the overtime gladly. Dodge found himself on the fast break with the Eagles playing hard defence and unfortunately a scramble saw the Cowboys foul of the ball. Eagles stepped to the line and converted one of the free throws giving a one point lead and 18 seconds to play. Unfortunately the game ended 59-58 to the hosts.

Coach Olson quoted – ‘It took a little time to identify our strongest defence but when we did we were by far the better team. Everyone played their part in this superb game and should be a highlight of the season although the minor loss by one point. We still have half a season to go and there is no reason for the team not to finish in a competitive position after this performance’.

Williams 28, Speary 10, Dodge 7, Campbell 5, Legg 3, Olson 2, Scott, Board, Howlett.

Weymouth college crash out of cup to Petroc
Dec 1, 2010, 9:22 pm

In what was to be an expected successful cup run, Weymouth College did not find the start they wanted, even before the bus left when both Gaz Williams and Jack Speary weren’t able to play.

With both teams fielding only 6 players each, it looked to be the more determined would come ahead as both teamed looked to be of similar ability. Weymouth used their experience to push ahead as they bettered their hosts by 3 points at the end of the 1st period. The second period however was a darker affair for Weymouth, as despite several opportunities to score they managed a season low 3 points for the entire quarter while Petroc went ahead 21 – 13 at the half.

The second half begin in the same way the first half ended with frustrated guard Dan Campbell receiving a technical foul putting Weymouth even further behind. This however lit a fire under Weymouth, with Campbell on the bench they surged back into the game. Weymouth found an unlikely leader in Connor Doherty who mustered his best performance stealing the ball 3 straight times and scoring back to back baskets. As the forth period began it was now the turn of silenced forward Sam Dodge, who had spent much of the game becoming frustrated found his scoring touch hitting base line baskets and fast break layups. This was not enough sadly, as Petroc kept their lead and advanced to the next round with a 50 – 41 lead.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “a lot of things didn’t go well for us today, beginning from the lack of players on the bus. Connor played a great game but it’s disappointing for me to see some of the other guys not playing to their potential but it’s them who now miss out on advancing because of it.”

Roster/Scorers: Sam Dodge 18, Dan Campbell 13, Rob Williams 4, Connor Doherty 4, Joel Woolrich 2, Stuart Purnell

Hardyes get narrow first win
Dec 1, 2010, 8:11 pm

In their second game of the Dorset sixth form league, Thomas Hardyes faced the only other team in the division that had also not gained a win. Woodroffe School had crashed to Weymouth College by 50 points weeks before and though the Dorchester side kept it much closer to Weymouth, this looked to be a tough match.

The prediction was spot on as both teams struggled throughout the opening minutes, neither finding the goal until the visiting Woodroffe hit the first blow. Luckily Thomas Hardye was able to respond with a basket from Alex Skidmore and the two teams continued their streaky play managing only 9 point each for the period. In the second quarter the Dorchester side were not set on playing such a awkward brand of basketball and led by year 10 Francis Anyanjo and rebounder Nick Beer they catapulted their way to a 7 point half time lead and a winning formula.

It was not to be such an easy walk as again (as expected) Woodroffe came storming out, outscoring Hardyes 11 – 6 in the 3rd quarter. Hardyes looked to fall in the same way earlier in the season against Shaftsbury as they let their guests back into the game and the potential of being the only non winning team of the division.

The forth and final period was a nail biter as Woodroffe continued their toughness, finding fast break baskets which the defence Thomas Hardye could not halt. With minutes remaining it was only the sharp shooting of Alok Bahl who hit back to back 3 pointers to push the home side up by 4 with less than a minute remaining. All looked set as Hardye needs to just run out the clock, but their hero so nearly became the villain as Bahl then took a rushed long range effort and then after some solid defence from Francis Anyanjo, threw away the ball. Woodroffe were unable to capitalise on their opportunities and Hardyes came away with a 41 – 37 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “we won this game on Woodroffe’s inability to finish not our own ability to play, which is worrying. Great outing from Francis as a year 10 in a near adult league.”

Roster/Scorers: Alok Bahl 18, Francis Anyanjo 6, George Scott 6, Mikey Berger 4, Mike Toman 4, Nick Beer 2, Alex Skidmore 1, Henry Anyanjo, Pascal Anyanjo, Luc Scadden.

Huskies Hustle The Tigers
Nov 30, 2010, 8:55 pm

Thursday 26th November and the Huskies were on the road again.  Following defeat the night before to Exeter the Huskies had a hour and a half journey ahead of them before facing Taunton Tigers in the knockout cup.  Taunton who have won 3 of their last 6 games were an unknown side to the Huskies as they were not in the league last season.

The game got underway and the Huskies drew first blood, Sarah James scoring two and drawing the foul.  The free throw missed but the huskies were in the lead.  Taunton then turned up the heat and used their height advantage to put up 12 unanswered points and force the huskies to talk it over.

After the timeout Huskies came back on court with a more intense defensive effort, Ellen Blackwood and Carly Dean intercepting passes and stealing  the ball and with Nicole Cornish cutting through the Tigers defense for an 8 point scoring run the Huskies were within touching distance at the end of the first half ending it 18 - 12 Tigers.

In the second half Tigers scored 2 quick baskets before Huskies defense began pressurizing them into making mistakes again but in a generally low scoring quarter Huskies could only convert 6 points from their efforts and went into the final quarter 11 points down.

It was the final quarter and Taunton came out determined to bully the Huskies off of court, and  they did a good job, playing tight physical man to man defense, and pushing their way into position to win rebounds.  They turned the offense back up and clocked up 17 points in the last quarter including a 3 pointer on the buzzer which left a scorline which didn’t reflect the game 53 - 29 to the Tigers.

Coach Che Osborne said ” I was really impressed with the way the girls played tonight, they showed great determination and the defense was the best I’ve seen them play.  We need to make our free throws as this cost us 10 points tonight however the scorline does not do them justice. Overall I feel like it was a more evenly matched game than 53 - 29 would suggest and I consider it a positive performance.”

Huskies MVP:- Nicole Cornish

Huskies:- Nicole Cornish 14, Sarah James 5, Rosie Flaherty 4, Ellen Blackwood 4, Carly Dean 2, Rosin Greenup, Rosie Moore, Sadie Osborne.

University Lesson for Huskies
Nov 30, 2010, 8:52 pm

Wednesday 24th November and Weymouth Huskies first home game of the season.  Unfortunately for them they faced an unbeaten Exeter University side in top form.

The night began with the Eagles administering a full court press, putting the Huskies offense under pressure from the outset.  This proved tough for the Huskies to adjust to and although they made some decent moves towards the goal, they could not convert, with only 6 points in the half coming from Nicole “ out of my way” Cornish (4) and Rosie “I’m going to foul you” Moore (2), they just couldn’t match the skill and experience shown by Uni.

The Second half got underway and University carried on pressurizing the Huskies forcing mistakes whilst putting points on  the board at the offensive end.  This resulted in 11 unanswered points and a comfortable lead for the visitors.   

It was at this point the Huskies changed their defense to a man to man which slowed Exeter down and gave the Huskies more time at the offensive end.  Exeter also made a change to their defense and opted for a 2-1-2 zone. This type of defense better suited the huskies offense and they began to convert offense into points again.  4points from Jayne Guppy, 4 from Ellen Blackwood and 2 each for Carly Dean, Nicole Cornish and Reme Nurse  put the Huskies score up to 19.

This took them positively into the final quarter and despite some tough defense and good hustle, the damage had been done in the first half and the game ended 94 - 25 in favour of Exeter Uni.

Coach Che Osborne Said “ I think we went into this game expecting to lose which always makes games more difficult, but credit to the girls they never gave up even when they were 50+ points down.  I think this game also gave us a good chance to see where we need to be and what sort of things we need to work on for the future.”

Huskies Game MVP:  Carly Dean.

Huskies:-  Nicole Cornish 8, Jayne Guppy 4, Rosie Moore 4, Reme Nurse 4, Ellen Blackwood 3, Carly Dean 2, Rosie Flaherty, Rosin Greenup, Sadie Osborne

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