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Bandits get closer to Win
Nov 17, 2010, 1:01 pm

With this latest game in this first division, Bandits were still unable to notch up a win despite a valiant effort.

In the first quarter Bandits immediately came under pressure and the Bournemouth Bears went 7 points up within the first few minutes. Bandits then eventually broke through and started their own scoring with a 3 pointer by Jamie Harris. But the Bears soon retaliated with two 3 pointers of their own. Bandits kept up their scoring, at a steady pace, but couldn’t keep up with the great play from the Bears. However bandits had the last word in the quarter with 2 made free throws from Camp and Canham hit the last points in the quarter with a 3.

Bandits continued to score straight from the off in the second quarter with open shots from Lawes and Dunster. Bears managed to get a couple of points back before Weymouth high, intense defence locked them up and Weymouth managed to take advantage and lessen the margin. The majority of points in this quarter came from Fuhrmann, and Bandits finished the quarter on an 8-0 run. The Bears had a narrow lead at the half with the scores being 31-35.

The beginning of the third saw both teams going at each other each, taking it in turns to score. However Weymouth’s consistency dropped at the midway point of the quarter and the Bears managed to capitalise scoring 7 unanswered points. Weymouth once again finished the quarter strong with another 3 pointer from Fuhrmann and 2 made free throws from Lawes. Bears brought a 10 point lead into the fourth, the score being 57-47.

The Fourth quarter saw the Bandits slip behind, but they didn’t let their head drops and gave it their all till the end. Weymouth couldn’t capitalise on a number of free throws towards the end and didn’t deserve to lose by double digits.

Roster/Scorers – Alex Fuhrmann 22, Sam Pearce 10, Julein Lawes 6, Chris Canham 3, Jamie Harris 3, Ian Manley 3, Brett Dunster 2, Rich Camp 2, Gaz Williams 2, Sam Dodge.


Raiders' rollercoaster ride
Nov 14, 2010, 10:08 pm

Exeter Uni III 89 v Weymouth Raiders 61

It’s turning out to be a season of ups and downs for the newly formed Weymouth Raiders. After an encouraging win against Torbay they came back down to earth with a bump against Exeter University. Based on their records so far this should have been a fairly even match-up but it turned out to be very comfortable for the students.

Exeter were quick off the mark in the first quarter with Honyen Lin leading the way as they opened up an early 14-3 lead. However Weymouth re-grouped, as Greg Kazek, Dan Campbell and Alex Fuhrmann all managed to score, and they had closed the gap to 15 -13 by the end of the first period.

In the second quarter it was Honyen Lin again who was proving to be the difference between the two teams as he scored twelve of Exeter’s opening fourteen points. Weymouth, in contrast, were lacking an effective offensive response and had to rely on speculative shooting from outside. Although Fuhrmann and teenager Gerry Legg-Saunders both scored from outside the three point arc, Weymouth were finding points hard to come by and made matters worse by regularly turning the ball over to Exeter who were able to score easy points on the break. At the half-way mark Exeter were leading 37-26.

In order to counter the threat from Lin, Weymouth coach Andy Blackwood switched to a man-to-man defence at the start of the third quarter. Fuhrmann took responsibility both defensively and offensively, grabbing eleven points whilst trying to stifle the threat from Lin. The Raiders shaded the quarter by a point but went into the final period still trailing by ten at 56-46

At the start of the fourth quarter it was the turn of some of the other Exeter players, notably Ofe and Mayonga, to step up their game. More turnovers from Weymouth allowed Exeter to extend their lead to 69 -52 mid-way through the quarter and, as a last throw of the dice, the Raiders tried a press defence to try and get back into the game. The students were too smart for this though and broke through the press with ease, racking up even more easy points. As the Raiders heads went down the University students just piled on the agony, outscoring their opponents by twenty points to eight in the last four minutes to record a very comfortable win.

Afterwards Andy Blackwood expressed disappointment at the Raiders’ performance. “We simply didn’t get the basics right tonight” he said. “Our offense was sluggish and we gave the ball away too easily. Defensively we gave up far too many rebounds against a team that wasn’t particularly tall. On the bright side, our next practice session should be a busy one!”

Raiders scorers: Fuhrmann 21 points; Campbell 16; Legg-Saunders 7; Kazek 6; Bahl 6; Doherty 3; Legg 2

Weymouth gets great start over Dorchester
Nov 10, 2010, 9:54 pm

With Thomas Hardye loosing their first game of the season it was time to get back on track. Unfortunately for the Dorchester side they were to face Weymouth College, league favourites, who played their first game of the season.


From the opening tip Weymouth aimed to control the pace of the game, with quick baskets from captain Dan Campbell and new forward Gaz Williams. Williams notably led Budmouth to the Dorset title last season, but has elected to spend a year out in Weymouth enrolling at college for extra ucas points and to the luck of Weymouth college basketball.

The visiting Hardyes side did attempt to find the goal but it wasn’t until the 3 minute that their own captain Alok Bahl hit back to back 3 pointers to ignite the scoreboard. The teams traded baskets until the 2nd quarter when Weymouth college managed to hold Hardyes to only 2 baskets and went on to close the half 34 – 14 ahead.


The second half started well for the Dorchester side with Bahl finding success with 10 of his teams first 12 points, though still found the going tough as Jack Speary hit a fast break layup. As the end of the 3rd quarter ticked down it was obvious that the visitors could certainly compete as they ended the period scoring one more point than the college side. Still with a 19 point lead, the home side wanted to prove they were the team to beat as they rallied to score again and again increasing their lead. Hardyes still showed signs of resilience with strong play from George Scott, but it was not to affect the final result as it ended in a 73 – 42 score line.


Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “solid game of basketball played by both side, though its tough as I coach both these teams. Many of these players have previously played for me at U16 for years together and they bring all they have when they square off, good to watch. Weymouth did the job today, but Hardyes showed that they are defiantly worthy of a playoff place.”



Weymouth – Gaz Williams 23, Dan Campbell 16, Jack Speary 14, Sam Dodge 11, Gerry Legg 5, Connor Doherty 3, Josh Turner 2, Rob Legg, Stuart Purnell.


Thomas Hardye – Alok Bahl 21, George Scott 11, Henry Anyanjo 4, Mike Toman 2, Mikey Berger 2, Nick Beer 2, Rich Cowgill, Luc Scadden, Henry Dale.

Rough Riders get smooth start
Nov 7, 2010, 9:45 pm

First game of the season for Weymouth so was hoping for a good start. Start of the game Weymouth was quick on the ball pushing St Vincent defence back with Williams and Campbell scoring the majority of the points in the first quarter. St Vincent came back strong with a nice and1 by Valentine making it anyone’s game in the first. Still St Vincent couldn’t handle Weymouth quickness on the fast breaks leading to Dodge with some easy lay ups making the score after the first quarter 20–8 too Weymouth. Beginning of the second St Vincent started of better hitting back to back jumpers from mid range Weymouth had no answer to it, but still kept up a solid defence performance keeping them to only 8 points again that quarter. Scores at half time begin Weymouth 24 St Vincent 16.


Start of the second half sides was matched but thanks to an open three pointer from Jack Speary, Weymouth started to pull away. St Vincent would try to penetrate the Rough Riders defence but the team kept strong forcing the offence to take bad looks at the basket. Amazingly Weymouth’s hard work on defence meant that the opposition only score 5 in the 3rd quarter.


Weymouth 33 St Vincent 24 was the scores leading into the final quarter. Good passing from Bahl and Scott lead to an open jump shot from Romano for his first points of the game. Still the good passing kept going for Weymouth leading to Romano hitting a three pointer for his second basket of the game. St Vincent only choice was to press on defence meaning Weymouth had to stay focused. The team work well together creating space for an easy looped pass over the top to Bahl for a another easy lay up. St Vincent was getting fatigued leading to another three pointer from Speary ending the game with a comfortable victory for the Riders 53 - 23.


Scores : Speary 16 Williams 12 Campbell 6 Dodge 6 Romano 7 Scott 2 Bahl 2 Dougherty 2 

Referees factor result as Cowboys fall
Nov 7, 2010, 1:23 pm

In a game that was over-shadowed by some questionable refereeing calls, Weymouth Cowboys were unable to clinch their second win of the season. Even though the referees decided this match on overall play the cowboys showed some convincing stuff especially in transition.


The first quarter was a very close affair, with some nice work on the fast break from Sam Pearce and Gaz Williams. However due to the lack of height that the Cowboys gave up some easy points from offensive rebounds, points that kept the Southampton Ravens in it. Baskets were exchanged throughout and the quarter ended with a fair 17-17 score line.


The second quarter was when the game got turned on its head. After a very impressive defensive and offense display from the cowboys, that left them with a 10 point lead, the referees began to factor the game and the result was the diminishing of all cowboys’ hard work in the first half of it. The big worry was that the calls were continuously being called on Sam Dodge, Connor Doherty and Gaz Williams, the three biggest players on the team. This meant that Cowboy’s had to have a relatively small side on the court which added to their downfall. Even though Ravens hit a huge percentage of their free throws they only went into the half time break 1 point up; 37-36.


The third was were the game went beyond help. Three second calls were getting called on every one of cowboy’s offences, give or take a few. However when the ravens were on offence one of there big men was happily allowed to just stand under the rim for ten seconds at a time. These calls were just the start as Dodge continued to pick up fouls for performing perfectly fine low post moves. Frustrations grew in the cowboy’s ranks until it boiled over as Dan Campbell snapped. Campbell ended up receiving two technical fouls and was ejected from the game. Unbelievably Ravens had a string of about 16 free throw attempts, most which were made. This was the story off all the third quarter and when nearing the end of this horrific display of gamesmanship from the referees, they managed to get Sam Dodge fouled out of the game. Good basketball was no longer able to be played in this quarter and the Ravens ended up outscoring the Cowboys’ 33-6.


Going into the fourth quarter Steve Howlett, the stand in coach for the cowboy’s, tried to rally his troops and get them to try take the game to the opposition, even though a win was very unlikely by this time. However, Cowboy’s did respond with some spirited play from Pearce and Williams. This was short lived as Doherty picked up his fifth foul of the game and was also ejected. Then bad went to worse when Howlett rolled his ankle while hustling on offence and was deemed unable to play the rest of the game. This meant that Cowboys’ had to play out the rest of the game with only four men on court. Even with the one man advantage Cowboy’s began to play some of the best basketball of the game and managed to get the final result to a respectable 16 point deficit, 85-69.

Gaz Williams 22, 
Sam Pearce 14, Filippo Romano 7, Connor Doherty 5, Steve Howlett 4, Dan Campbell 3, Sam Dodge 2,  George Scott 2.

Huskies get taste of new season
Nov 7, 2010, 1:13 pm

Weymouth Huskies played their first game of the season on Monday 1st November and an easy game it was not.  The Huskies travelled down to Exeter where they faced a very strong and well drilled Exeter Eagles (White) side.  Weymouth started the game very well and for a while were matching Exeter and working well as a team. It wasn't long until Exeters height advantage came into effect as they began to dominate the offensive and defensive rebounds.  With control of the boards Exeter began to get 2nd and 3rd looks at Weymouths basket which was giving the hosts a comfortable lead.  Weymouth hit back with 7pts of their own, 4 from Nicole Cornish, 2 from Rosie Flaherty and 1 from Jayne Guppy was enough to motivate the huskies and carry them into the second quarter wanting more. 


The second quarter saw the Huskies put away 6 unanswered points in 4 minutes.  2pts from Sarah James followed by 2 from Ellen Blackwood and 2 more for Rosie Flaherty put the scorline at 27 - 13 in favour of the Eagles.  It was in the 5th minute of the second quarter that the hosts decided to substitute 5 players from the bench with the five on court.  This meant a new team came out and with that team came a new defensive strategy and fresh legs.  This was difficult for the Huskies to deal with at first and meant turnovers for the visiting side which the hosts converted at the other end.  The Huskies decided to make some changes to deal with the ever increasing pace of the Exeter attack and managed to slow it down for a while, but the Eagles were relentless.  They were meeting the Huskies at halfcourt with a 1-3-1 trapping defense, causing quick turnovers and fast break points.  A timeout was called and the Huskies gathered to talk it over and take a breather.  The Huskies came back to the game with a new offensive approach which allowed them to deal with the halfcourt trap.  This is when Jayne Guppy managed to get to the basket and draw a foul, sending her to the line for a chance to break a 4 minute scoring drought.  She made both free throws to take the visitors score to 15 for the half.


The Halftime break was welcomed by the Weymouth side and they entered the second half with some great interlinking team play which cut through the Eagles defence. Unfortunately they were unable to convert at the basket, with a handful of missed opportunities the Huskies were not getting any closer to the Eagles scoreline despite their impressive second wind.  The Eagles began scoring at will and the Huskies became too tired to stop them midway through the third which meant took the third 23 - 6 and put the game out of reach for the Huskies.  67 - 21 was the scorline and the 4th quarter would be all about damage limitation for the visitors.  


In the forth the Huskies were conrolling the ball well and putting together some good passing moves that broke into the Eagles defense.  Nicole Cornish was driving to the basket well but the huge Exeter number 20 was there to meet anybody who got to the basket making it extremely difficult to score close range.  Some great defense from Carly Dean and Ellen Blackwood was giving the Huskies extra chances to score which were converted by Guppy and Cornish but the tired huskies couldn't fight any longer and The Eagles kept breaking upcourt time and time again finishing the game 83 - 25.


Coach Che Osborne said " I think we need to remember that there is a lot of teams in this league that play in the National womens basketball league to a very high standard, they train more than we do and play a lot more games than we do which makes them very tough opponents.  I think we played some really good basketball on the night but were unfortunately out classed by a much bigger, fitter and stronger team.  These games help to give us a good sense of things we need to work on to make ourselves a better team for the future."

Nicole Cornish 8, Rosie Flaherty 6, Jayne Guppy 5, Ellen Blackwood 2, Sarah James 2, Rosie Moore 2, Leanne Handley, Sadie Osborne, Carly Dean, Rosin Greenup

Portsmouth Smuggle Out Bandits
Nov 5, 2010, 1:21 pm

Weymouth Bandits first home game of the season did not go as well as the team had hoped for. Mondays the 1st of November’s game was against the Portsmouth Smugglers, the current league leaders in the 2010/11 season so far.

The first period saw the Smugglers set the tempo for the game as they made their way to a total of 31 points including 4 shots from beyond the 3point line. In comparison the Weymouth Bandits started a little off the mark, but managed to make 13 points from baskets scored by the three forwards, Sam Dodge, Ian Manly and Carl Carter and also some points scored by guards Sam Pearce and Alex Fuhrman.

The second quarter saw Weymouth Bandits step up their defence pressure and managed keep the Smugglers to scoring 21 points, 10 points less than the first quarter. although the defence had been stepped up, the Bandits could still not get their efforts on offence to increase and so saw another low scoring quarter of 12 points for the team. The points for this quarter once again came from the same players as the first quarter as well as 2
points from Julian Laws.

After the halftime break both teams got back into the game repeating the efforts from the first half. The Smugglers managed to outscore the Bandits in both quarters, 46 points to Weymouth’s 28 points. But Weymouth were inspired by some impressive lay ups by Jamie
Harris, who seemed to glide through the Smugglers defence and make a couple of what looked like impossible shots. A sad start to the season for Weymouth so far, but as a team newly promoted to the division one league, the first few games of the season act as a guide of the standard of basketball that they will have to train for so that they can compete and aim to stay in the league at the end of the of this season.

J Lawes 10, I Manley 9, J Harris 8, S Dodge 6, S Pearce 5, C Carter 4, C Canham 4, A Fuhrmann 3, R Camp 2 

Oilers take big hit on first game of the season
Nov 1, 2010, 1:06 pm

Weymouth Oilers crashed to defeat in their first league fixture of the new season against Dorset Storm at Ashdown Leisure Centre on Friday the 29th. It was a learning experience for the Weymouth youngsters who were outmatched by their more experienced rivals. Several Weymouth players were making their basketball debuts, and although they showed moments of individual skill they failed to gel as a team. Coach Eric Olson commented that “we have a ways to go as a team. We made lots of basic errors and need more time to learn how to play together so that we can be more competitive next time we play the Storm.”  

The match started with a pair of baskets by Dion Benson before the Storm went on to score 12 unanswered points. Max Gilmartin converted one of two free throws to finish the quarter which saw the Storm moving the ball around well and launching rapid counterattacks when Weymouth lost possession. The Oilers increased the tempo in the second quarter but still couldn’t manage to stop the Storm’s players from scoring. Charley Dalkins scored for Weymouth and several Oilers were fouled but didn’t convert when they went to the line. The third quarter saw the oilers create several chances, but a failure to convert at the rim meant that Josh Purslow and Dion Benson scored Weymouth’s only points for the period. Weymouth heated up in the final quarter with baskets from Matt Clarke, Adam Dregunas, and Taine McKay but it was too little too late as the outcome of the game was beyond doubt. Toby de Kretzer and Joe Stickley also put in spirited performances for the Oilers.  

Final Score: Weymouth 27, Dorset Storm 94.

Weymouth Oilers: Dion Benson 10, Charley Dalkins 8, Josh Purslow 2, Taine McKay 2, Adam Dregunas 2, Matt Clarke 2, Max Gilmartin 2, Toby de Kretzer, Joe Stickley.

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