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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Mission Fitness Bandits continue undefeated home run against Jesters
Feb 22, 2015, 7:00 pm

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 81 - 57 Exmouth Jesters 1

The Exmouth side currently sitting just behind The Mission Fitness Bandits in the league table, could only manage to bring 8 players to take on a strong 10 man Weymouth squad which gave the home team a slight advantage before the game had even started.

With the first quarter under way, the Jesters took an early lead scoring the first 4 points of the game but Mission Fitness Bandits soon responded with Joel Franks opening the home sides score with an 'and 1' and Chris Canham firing a 3 pointer from down town. Baskets were traded between both sides but the home sides aggressive defence gave them the lead finishing the 1st 23-12 to the Mission Fitness Bandits.

The 2nd quarter was much like the 1st with forced turnovers made by Weymouth's strong defence, creating fast breaks for Craig Sorrell, and getting the away team into foul trouble helped the Mission Fitness Bandits continue to grow the lead, ending the half 42-23.

The Jesters went into the 2nd half with a new life of energy, knowing they were unable to break through the Mission Fitness Bandits defence, they were creating accurate outside shooting and more control of the home sides quick fast break situations, managing to match Weymouth's score for the entire 3rd quarter with 21 points each going into the 4th still trailing to the home side 63-44.

The final quarter was all about holding the lead for Weymouth and that's exactly what they did. With strong efforts from Vitoldas Balciunas down both ends of the court, Mission Fitness Bandits always looked like the stronger team in this mid table match up and finished the game with a comfortable 81 – 57 win, remaining undefeated at home all season.

Weymouth player Craig Sorrell said "this was a smart win for us today, a great team performance which highlighted just how strong we can be."

Weymouth MVP: Vitoldas Balciunas

Scorers/Roster: Vitoldas Balciunas 16, Ian Manley 16, Craig Sorrell 14, Chris Canham 13, Jim DeBetrand 8, Joel Franks 6, Andy Steel 4, Carl Carter 4, Richie Camp, Brett Dunster.

Tropics Storm on the League Continues
Feb 15, 2015, 12:06 pm

Solent Junior Basketball Association

Solent Kestrels U15 35 – 65 Weymouth College Tropics
Winchester 30 – 90 Weymouth College Tropics

In their latest round of games in the Solent Junior League, Weymouth’s U16 travelled to take on teams in an effort to keep up their 100% winning season.

In their first game against Kestrels is was a slow start as Weymouth could not convert their layups and allowed their opponents in to stay within 10 points. After the initial jitters it was back to form as Max Gilmartin found Eric Robertshaw multiple times to give the Tropics a comfortable lead. The second half opened up even more for the Dorset side as Dan Hampson joined Robertshaw as they dominated the rebounds and put their side 35 – 65 ahead to close the game.

For their second game, Weymouth faced a tricky opponent in Winchester who previous had tested the side with a 6’5 centre in the middle. Unfortunately for Winchester they were without their centre and Weymouth was more than willing to expose this from the opening tip. Gilmartin pushed the tempo towards a cutting Jerry Thompson while Ewan Goodwin and Luke Strong lead a surging second unit to gain a 40 point lead for the half. The second half Tropics were able to rest their tested players but the game didn’t drop as Rev Santos and Kim De Leon were relentless at driving to the hoop, securing an impressive 90 – 30 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “The scores reflect a very one sided day for our team. However, we’re still not satisfied until we have the league title in our hands. We are starting to gel as a team and its clear the expectations are being raised each game.”

Roster: Jerry Thompson, Max Gilmartin, Luke Strong, Rory Legg, Dan Hampson, Eric Robertshaw, Ewan Goodwin, Rev Santos, Kim De Leon, Matt Williams-Davey.

Cowboys Still After A Win
Feb 14, 2015, 9:56 am

Weymouth Cowboys 39 – 91 Exeter University 1st Team

Men’s Exeter and District Division 1

Match Sponsor: Coleman Insurance Brokers

With only five players available and what could possibly be the youngest adult team put out by Weymouth, the spirits were surprisingly high. On arrival it was seen that Exeter Uni were eager to get the win as they had put out a squad of 9 experienced players but there were still positive thoughts going into the game from Weymouth.

Upon starting the game it was a slow start offensively for both teams in the first few minutes but Exeter soon picked up their scoring. Exeter’s height at the centre position proved to be difficult for Weymouth to stop and therefore took advantage of the Weymouth’s defensive struggles. Weymouth continued with their scoring troubles and was only able to score 6 points in the first quarter compared to Exeter’s 23.

Going into the second quarter Weymouth were a lot more relaxed and able to get into more of a rhythm offensively with Max Gilmartin controlling Weymouth’s pace. This allowed Scott White and Jay Willson to get open lay-ups and for the guards to score multiple three pointers. Throughout the second quarter it was a very back and forth game as both Exeter and Weymouth scored 17 points, ending the half with Exeter still up 40 – 23.

The third quarter also mimicked the second by being very back and forth but the pace was slowly slipping in Exeter’s favour. Exeter brought out plays to use and they were slowly taking their toll on the Cowboys by creating open shot attempts and mismatches inside the paint. This style slowed down the Cowboys offense a bit but Tom Storey and Gilmartin were still able to create and score some great shots to keep the Cowboys going.

The fourth quarter was a hard quarter for Weymouth as fatigue kicked in, resulting in multiple turnovers and defensive lapses allowing Exeter to go on a big scoring run with little response. Despite great rebounding efforts from Rob Legg and White to keep the game alive, the game ended 91 – 39 to Exeter University.

Player, Jay Willson “It was a shame we couldn’t bring our whole team to this game as it definitely could have made a big difference if we had, but it was a great performance from everybody considering we had 5 young players. It has shown what my teammates are capable of and that they are very ahead of their age as players.”

Weymouth MVP: Max Gilmartin

Roster/Scorers: Jay Willson 10, Max Gilmartin 10, Tom Storey 10, Scott White 8, Rob Legg 1.

Raiders Start Slow Finish Strong
Feb 6, 2015, 5:40 pm

Exeter & District Mens Division 2

Massage Weymouth Raiders 61 - 48 North Devon

After their lose in the cup, Massage Weymouth Raiders travel away to north Devon in a must win game to stay in the chase for the division 2 title.

With half the Raiders team getting lost on route and turning up with 5 minutes till tip, Raiders started cold and slow. Luckily North Devon found themselves in early foul trouble putting Massage Weymouth to the line 6 times in the first quarter helping Raiders stay within 6 points. With a large portion of the points including a 3 pointer coming from Piotr Lason in the second quarter Raiders still finish the first half trailing 31-34.

The second half saw a much different Raiders side, with points coming from all players. Any Steel with a 3 to start the half, great team defence, with fast breaks from Dan Park saw Massage Weymouth start pulling away from the tired looking North Devon side. The 4th quarter saw Raiders out score north Devon 15-4 again with great team defence, fast breaks and a 3 pointer from Park to finish the game 61 - 48.

Coach Craig Sorrell, “Overall it was a great team effort with every player contributing to the game in some way,whether it was through scoring, rebounding or just great hustle defence.”

Massage Weymouth MVP: Piotr Lason

Roster/Scorers: Piotr Lason 24, Dan Park 14, Andy Steel 9, Scott White 5, Simon Dean 5, Pavel Dimitrov 4, Jerry Thompson.

Mission Fitness Fall in Cup
Jan 27, 2015, 6:17 pm

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 67 – 78 Crediton Chargers

In the latest 1st team action, Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits took a road trip to Middlemore to face off against the Crediton Chargers for a semi-final cup game. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits went into this game looking to make a start to ignite their away performance as they have only managed one away game win so far this season.

The opening of the game saw Vitoldas Balciunas win the tip off and allowing Ian Manley the game but hard play on both ends of the court from both teams saw the score for the game remain very close throughout. Three straight points from big man Joel Franks followed by four free throws made by guard Craig Sorrell kept the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits neck to neck with the Crediton Chargers. The quarter ended with a nice open three point shot from Andy Steele to see the first quarters end the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 16 – 17 Crediton Chargers.

The second quarter was much like the first, both teams attempting to get out in front of the other team and take a hold of the game. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits opened the scoring for the quarter with Chris Canham getting his first points of the game. But once again for every point the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits scored, Crediton Chargers managed to answer with points of their own. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits showed a change in defensive strategy attempting to stop points from coming from the inside scoring. While this tactic worked it meant that Crediton Chargers had to change up their strategy, which sadly started to work for them as they finished the quarter having scored three 3 point shots for the quarter. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits managed once again to land a three pointer at the end of the quarter but sadly was not enough to bring the scores level. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits went into the half trailing the Crediton Chargers 39-34.

After the half time break Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits were looking for a strong quarter to comeback from their current five point deficit. Sadly the quarter opening did not go as well as they had hoped as Crediton Chargers managed to score eight points to the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits two points. The next three minutes saw the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits spark their offence as they scored back to back points from players Jake Kinder and Vitoldas Balciunas. That though marked the end of the run in the quarter for the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits and the final minutes of the quarter saw the Crediton Chargers score five unanswered points and allowed them to maintain the lead at the quarters end. The scores going into the final quarter: Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 45 – Crediton Chargers 55.

The fourth quarter needed some huge plays for the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits to claw back the score going into the quarter with a ten point deficit. A quick flurry of points once again cut the scores to within eight points. But then disaster struck and Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits guard Jake Kinder suffered an injury that saw him have to sit out the rest of the game. The remaining seven players battled hard against the Crediton Chargers with Ian Manley scoring eight points for the quarter. But once again the Crediton Chargers found their rhythm on offense and managed to maintain the lead throughout the quarter. The final whistle went and the game ended along with Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits dreams of advancement within the cup competition. The final score for the game, Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 67 – 78 Crediton Chargers.

MVP: Craig Sorrell

Scores/Roster: Craig Sorrell 19, Joel Franks 13, Ian Manley 10, Vatoldas Balciunas 11 , Jake Kinder 7, Andy Steel 5 , Chris Canham 2, Carl Carter.

Raiders fall to Exeter College
Jan 24, 2015, 12:10 pm

Massage Weymouth Raiders 58 - Exeter College 59

On Thursday night the Massage Weymouth Raiders were defeated in a one-point loss by Exeter College, breaking the Raiders unbeaten home record.

The Massage Weymouth Raiders took to the floor looking strong in the first quarter, pushing the fast break against the smaller side with Jack Speary and Jeff Robertshaw helping to keep up the tempo with drives in the paint. However Robertshaw was sidelined late in the first quarter with an ankle injury and did not return. The quarter ended with the score 19 – 16 to Massage Weymouth Raiders. The second quarter was just as fast paced with Piotr Lason and Pavel Dimitrov making shots under pressure from around the key. Strong rebounding from Josh Turner and Connor Doherty helped to keep the Raiders in the game, but they were behind at half time 29 – 31.

The second half began with 6 straight points from the opposition and the Raiders began to struggle under bad referee's calls and missed shots. Coach Sorrell switched the defence up, and slowly the Raiders began to claw their way back into the game with Speary and Andy Steel both hitting 3's when they were needed most. After raising the momentum and with strong team spirit, the Massage Weymouth Raiders won the quarter 15 – 11. The final quarter was a close affair with both teams trading points, but ultimately the Raiders couldn’t deal with the pressure and the outside shooting of Exeter College and in the final minutes they couldn't make the bucket to win.

Coach Craig Sorrell remarked, “If our shooting had been more accurate and if the referee were a little more even, the game would have been comfortably ours. Raiders still sit second in the table in Exeter & District Basketball League Division 2, so I'm still positive going forward."

Massage Weymouth Raiders MVP: Piotr Lason

Piotr Lason 16, Jeff Robertshaw 11, Jack Speary 9, Josh Turner 8, Pavel Dimitrov 6, Andy Steel 5, Rory Legg 2, Matt Clarke-Williams, Connor Doherty, Jamie Dixon.

Weymouth College Tropics Continue Domination
Jan 20, 2015, 7:03 pm

Weymouth College Tropics 63 – 32 Gosport
Weymouth College Tropics 49 – 14 Winchester

In their third bout of games, Weymouth College Tropics travelled to take on a new set of opponents. It’s been a stellar season thus far, with the team winning all their games in an impressive fashion.

In their first game of the day they took on a taller Gosport side, who despite not having many ball handlers, were looking strong in the warm up. Stifled by the height Weymouth did start by trading baskets, though after sharpening defence, it was the Tropic side that soon gained advantage and ran to a double digit lead. Led by Max Gilmartin on offence and Rev Santos on defence, Weymouth was able to mount an impressive 30 point lead allowing all players to rotate in and take a 63-32 win.

The second game was a much more confusing affair as though Winchester lacked some of the height of Gosport they were able to put up a solid zone defence. This allowed them to keep Eric Robertshaw and Dan Hampson off the Weymouth rebounds and for at least the first quarter, allowed a very competitive score line. This seemed to fuel the Tropics side as they soon switched their offence set and Jerry Thompson stepped up to guard their opponents 6’5 centre. Thompson worked hard through the game to maintain his team’s defence and allowed the offence to race out to a large 49-14 lead. With the lead stretched, they again were able to rotate the entire roster in and show why they are aiming for a league title in their debut season.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Fantastic day of basketball, capped off with some great individual performances from our role players. It’s wonderful to see how this team has made a decision win, regardless of who is scoring. We’ve got a great maturity going forward; I just hope we can maintain it for the coming months.”

Roster: Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Luke Strong, Dan Hampson, Kim DeLeon, Rev Santos, Bruce Florentino, Eric Robertshaw, Ewan Goodwin, Matt Williams-Davey.

Tropics Continue the Thunder
Dec 19, 2014, 5:41 pm

Weymouth College Tropics 71 – 36 Tres Barrilles A
Weymouth College Tropics 42 – 28 Kestrels Academy

In their second game day of the season, Weymouth College Tropics kept rolling as they squared up against fresh opponents but still kept the winning script.

In their first game against Tres Barrilles they faced a side that put out their A team and looked for revenge as Tropics took apart the B team in the last game day. Weymouth started very well implementing their press defence and showing why other teams in the division are wise to fear their defence. Eric Robertshaw and Matt Williams-Davey solidified the play but dominating the offensive boards and allowing Max Gilmartin and Luke Strong to score easily. The game ran away for Weymouth as their opponents could only watch as the score increased and finished with a 71 – 36 win.

In their second game it was the 2 hour rest that was their worst enemy as the U16 Weymouth side looked like a team of elderly players, attempting to shake of aching muscles to get back on course. The first half was very tight despite multiple opportunities they failed to score consistently and allowed for a much closer game that the teams should have had. As the second half kicked in, the amazing 40 potential missed layups began to drop as the Tropics found form from Gilmartin and Jerry Thompson, building a strong lead. Followed by strong defensive outings from Kim De Leon and Rev Santos, Weymouth gave the final push and the 42 – 28 win, including a top place in the division.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “Fantastic couple of games to continue our run of form. We got unlucky with the 2hr break, but it just shows how good this team really is. I was happy with our intensity in terms of effort and it was great to see a first game showing from a couple guys who got their season debuts.”

Roster: Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Luke Strong, Matt Williams-Davey, Kim De Leon, Rev Santos, Daniel Hampson, Eric Robertshaw, Ewan Goodwin, Rory Legg.

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