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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Raiders maintaining undefeated streak at home
Nov 13, 2014, 1:12 pm

Exeter & District Men Division 2

Weymouth Massage Riders 67 - 63 North Devon

Raiders came into this game against North Devon in form after a narrow win against Exeter Uni three in the cup. North Devon came to Weymouth with a six-man team even though it was a very experienced team.

Weymouth Massage started the game the brighter of the two teams were scoring the three points off the first offence. Raiders were able to maintain a high intensity through the whole first quarter by scoring 23 to 8. This was mainly thanks to Jeff Robertshaw. Also very good defending in order to keep the score low in North Devon this was done by Alan Ridout and Connor Doherty, while using excellent communication. By this being able to tell each other and the rest of the team where the holes were within the defence, and being able to use help- side effectively. The second quarter Weymouth Massage lost all intensity on offence that kept defence at a highly intensity, with the second quarter ending 4-10 to North Devon.

The second half Weymouth suffers a massive lacking concentration in both the offence and defence, as little mistakes were happening all over the team and not able to collect rebound or properly boxing out their man. This caused coach to change from a man-to-man back to a 2-1-2 defence, as this work so successfully in the first quarter. Unfortunately by then the damage had already been done with North Devon being able to catch Raiders twice scoring 18 to 8.

Fourth-quarter started quite frantically after coach Sorrell had some choice word that he gave to the team in order to motivate them. This was order to regain the confidence that they had lost during the middle two quarters. Robertshaw and Ridout answering their coach’s requested in being move direct in going to the basket. The final quarter was a nail bitter as both teams were trading points and hard defence where North Devon managed be up by 3 then Raiders would claw that back in by Max Gilmartin scoring a Three pointer. That was the last of the action as both teams were pushing for the win with the time out the game went to overtime.

Raiders went into overtime full of confidence thanks to Gilmartin. However this was very short lived as Robertshaw managed to get two technical fouls in a row and was ejected from the game, Robertshaw being Weymouth’s best player on the night. Coach Sorrell had to come up with a plan of action and quick he sent on Jerry Thompson who was nothing but exceptional for the remaining time. Piotr Larson could take full advantage by punishing them finishing a minute later with the final score 67-63.

Weymouth MVP: Piotr Lason

Roster /Scores:  Piotr Lason 23, Jeff Robertshaw 17, Max Gilmartin 12, Jerry Thompson 6, Dan Park 3, Alan Ridout 3, Connor Doherty 2, Tom Storey, Tommy Hodson, Rob Legg.

Home Record Remains Intact
Nov 13, 2014, 10:18 am

Exeter & District Men Division 1

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 75 – 40 Exeter University 2

In the latest game the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits play host to the travelling Exeter Uni 2 team. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits went in with a 100% win record on their home court and were looking to extend this record with another win.

The opening quarter saw the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits come out the blocks as the faster team, big Vitoldas Balciunas and Craig Sorrell opening the scoring for the game. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits played a nice controlling zone defence which kept the travelling team to a low scoring quarter. A flurry of points from Ian Manley and Andy Steel it allowed Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits to end the quarter with a controlling 24 – 9 lead.

The second quarter saw more of the action that had occurred in the first quarter. The Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits maintaining a high pressure defence while executing a well drilled offence. This quarter saw 7 different Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandit players add points to the board showing the opposition that everyone on the team was willing to put in the work to secure the win for the team. The quarter ended with the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits having a 28 point lead over their opposition.

The Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits started the third quarter a little slower than the first half of the game had been played. After dominating the first half of the match the story for the third started off very different. The opposition stepped up their pursuit to get themselves back in the game which saw an exchange of points from both sides. The quarter saw the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits score their lowest amount of points in the game. But with that said they still just managed to beat their oppositions score. The quarter ended 12 to 10 in favour of the home team.

After a quick team talk from acting coach Chris Canham, the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits came out of the break determined to bring the tempo and domination that they had in the first half of the game. This quarter saw the game’s leading scorer continue with his hot hand. Andy Steel at one point scored a nice fast break layup and followed this up on the next offence attack with a shot from beyond the 3 point arc. Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits managed to do enough to again beat their opposition, finish of the game with a win and maintain their current unbeaten run at home. The game ended with the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits having a controlling 35 point lead over their opposition.

MVP: Andy Steel

Roster/Scorers: Andy Steel 19, Craig Sorrell 12, Ian Manley 10, Chris Canham 8, Vitoldas Balciunas 8, Jim DeBertrand 6, Michael Willemse 5, Richard Camp 2, Carl Carter 2, Joel Franks 2.

Mission Fitness Bandits fall to Jesters
Nov 7, 2014, 2:08 pm

Exeter and District Mens Division 1

Exmouth Jester 92 – Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits 76

Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits entered the game looking to turn their form around after the first loss of the season the week prior to this game. The day didn’t start well as Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits lost two players to illness before the game even starting, meaning the Mission Fitness Bandits only taking 7 players to a strong Exmouth Jesters.

Exmouth took an early lead despite good defence from the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits which encouraged them to play harder on offence. This then sprung Weymouth starters Viltoldas Balcuinas and Michael Willemse into life scoring back to back baskets each levelling the score. The Jesters then were shocked by the introduction of Ian Manley a previous Player of the Year playing his first game back in the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits Red, solidified the Bandits defence and changed the game into a tight well thought affair.

With the continued experience of Manley playing on defence this allowed young Jake Kinder to do what he does best on the offensive end of the court racking up three pointers and fast break baskets, he combined well with Andy Steel who also had his share of three pointers and strong baskets from under the ring. This all looked in vain as the first half closed with the Exmouth Jesters starting to hit shot from all over the court including six three pointers of their own, closing the first half 47 – 35 ahead.

Unfortunately, the second half wasn't as successful as Exmouth’s big presence around the basket made it tough for Weymouth to guard. This led to Exmouth going on a 12 point scoring run without a Weymouth reply which turned out to be the difference in the game. This in hand with Jake Kinder picking up his fourth foul early on in the third quarter meant the sting had been taken out of Weymouth offence. In walked the trio of Michael Willemse, Viltoldas Balcuinas and Chris Canham to pick up the game and between the three of them scored 18 points with only 6 in reply from the Jesters. This meant the game still looked alive to the Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits which seemed to fill Craig Sorrell with confidence, who took control of the ball and he managed to weave the ball to Ian Manley on the inside on 3 or occasions which resulted in Manley converting the baskets. Exmouth still managed to keep control of the game until the end which left Weymouth leaving the seaside resort with the loss.

MVP: Vitoldas Balciunas

Roster/Scorers: Vitoldas Balciunas 19, Ian Manley 15, Jake Kinder 13, Michael Willemse 11, Chris Canham 7, Andy Steel 7, Craig Sorrell 4.

Coleman Insurance Cowboys still shaking the rust off their Spurs’
Nov 7, 2014, 2:06 pm

Exeter & District Mens Division 1

Weymouth Coleman Insurance Cowboys 31 - 58 Exeter University 2

Weymouth Coleman Insurance Cowboys lined up to play their third game of the season, and still looking for a win.

Coleman Insurance Cowboys got off to a great start, with Andy Steel having the hot hand hitting two threes to open and then finishing the quarter with ten of the Coleman Insurance Cowboys eleven points. Exeter University 2 managed to hold onto the one man wrecking crew’s coattails, only trailing the quarter by two. In the second quarter Exeter University 2, took a hold of the game, Robertshaw being a highlight for the hometown team, chipping in with five points. But it was the away teams quarter, making the half time score 21 -28 to Exeter.

The third quarter was a tight affair, neither team taking advantage of the others poor attacking performance. The away team increasing their lead, the quarter finished 6-11. In the fourth quarter, the away team went up through the gears, dominating on both attack and defence. Coleman Insurance Cowboys could only muster four points in the quarter to the away teams 19, leaving them 31-58 behind to finish.

Player Sam Brown said, "We had a good first quarter, but the lack of team cohesion and training showed, especially in the second half. Once Coach Doherty, has the opportunity to coach the team, the basic mistakes made in the game will reduce.”

Weymouth MVP: Andy Steel

Scorers/Roster: Andy Steel 12, Jeff Robertshaw 10, Tom Storey 7, Tommy Hodson 2, Simon Dean, Steve Reece, Kyle Houlden, Alex Legg, Sam Brown, Scott White.

Weymouth College Tropic Open Season with Double Whammy
Oct 28, 2014, 5:21 pm

Weymouth College Tropics 42 – 12 Solent Kestrels
Weymouth College Tropics 58 – 27 Tres Barriles Predators B

With only a single win all last season Weymouth College Tropics opened their new season with higher hopes and getting back to a winning trend.

In their first game of the day, Tropics (in their new kits) faced Solent Kestrels U15 team. Things didn’t seem to match the previous season as Weymouth charged ahead from the open basket and showed that last year’s lack of success was just a memory. Despite the emphatic start, Coach Alex Fuhrmann demanded that his team set the tone and enforced a full court press defence. Weymouth College Tropics were ignited again for the second half as they created steal after steal and found scoring success from Max Gilmartin and Jerry Thompson. As the closing seconds of the game ticked down, Kestrels did attempt to gain some scoring ground, unfortunately Weymouth would not let up and capped off the game 42 – 12 ahead.

In the Weymouth College Tropics second game they were quick to pick up on their success from the last game as they ran out to a 10 point lead, leaving the Predators a little shell shocked. With the second quarter underway, Weymouth returned to their press defence and became rejuvenated as they realised all players were finding success. Weymouth maintained a lead going into the second half with forwards Eric Robertshaw and Matt Williams-Davey dominating the rebounding, and making sure they were both mentally and physically dominant in a 58 – 27 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “That’s exactly how we wanted to start our season. It was really important to me that we set a tone for the season moving forward. I was especially impressed with our returning captains (Gilmartin / Thompson) who made sure we didn’t take our foot off the gas. This was supported with fantastic debut performances from Derek Marquez, Dan Hampson, Eric Robertshaw and Bruce Florentino, all of whom gave us great production.”

Weymouth MVP – Max Gilmartin

Roster: Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Ewan Goodwin, Bruce Florentino, Derek Marquez, Kim De Leon, Matt Williams-Davey, Luke Strong, Dan Hampson, Eric Robertshaw.

Cowboys attacked by Nomads
Oct 23, 2014, 6:31 pm

Weymouth cowboys 50 - 69 Exeter Nomads

Cowboys knew they had a tough game after being promoted into their new league. The first half started slow for Weymouth but Dan Campbell, got Weymouth's first points of the game. However, the Nomads did not let up playing very intense defence which seemed to stun Weymouth offensively. Weymouth's offence was not up to its normal standard despite some scoring runs by Campbell, Max Gilmartin, Jack Speary and Sam Brown, finishing 42- 21 to the Nomads.

In the second half Weymouth came out and matched their opponent’s intensity, with scores from Speary, Campbell, Simon Dean, Dan Park and Jeff Robertshaw. This run lead Weymouth to start cutting down the lead, but some controversial calls and events led to Weymouth losing a few players and the game finishing 69-50 to the Nomads.

Coach, Connor Doherty commented “If we were to start the game with more intensity the final outcome would have been a lot different as we saw in the second half.”

Weymouth MVP: Max Gilmartin

Roster/Scorers: Jack Speary 11, Jeff Robertshaw 10, Max Gilmartin 9, Dan Campbell 8, Sam Brown 5, Simon Dean 4, Dan Park 3, Jerry Thompson, Ben Stokey, Pavel Dimitrov.

Massage Weymouth Raiders schools Exeter College
Oct 23, 2014, 6:10 pm

Massage Weymouth Raiders 91 - 87 Exeter College

After winning the last match, Massage Weymouth Raiders was keen to keep a win streak. 

As the first quarter went underway, we played our best by putting strong defence and quick offence. This put Massage Weymouth Raiders in the lead of 25 to 16 to Exeter College. The second half Weymouth lacked energy and Exeter started creating more baskets. This finished the half with Exeter College 37 to Massage Weymouth Raiders 39.

The 2nd half really did have fast paced momentum throughout both teams. Both teams did not really miss any buckets. At this point, Piotr Lason gains his 3 point shot and scored back to back 3 pointers to reach the end of the third quarter as 68 to the Massage Weymouth Raiders and 61 to Exeter College. As the 4th quarter, both teams were eager for a win. Both teams playing lock down defence and rapid offence. As the final minutes proceeded, neither team had their mind set knowing they’d leave with a loss. As time continually pushed the buzzer finally went. 

Forward, Scott White commented “It was a good match to play. A lot of baskets traded which does make the game exciting in participating.”

Weymouth MVP: Piotr Lason

Scorers/Roster: Piotr Lason 31, Jeff Robertshaw 19, Dan Park 14, Alan Ridout 6, Tommy Hodson 6, Scott White 6, Robert Legg 4, Connor Doherty 3, Matt Clarke-Williams 2.

Mission Fitness Bandits Fall at Uni
Oct 23, 2014, 6:00 pm

Exeter University 1 76 – 64 Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits

After Weymouth’s great start to the season, they faced the biggest test thus far by playing last year’s cup and league champions, Exeter University 1.

The first quarter was one to forget for Weymouth as Exeter came out to a hot start scoring 13 unanswered points early on. However, some strong play from Vitoldas Balciunas displayed his dominance on the opposition’s big men and gave Weymouth some hope for the rest of the game. The second quarter started with a 17 point lead to Exeter which provoked a strong response from Weymouth, Craig Sorrell displayed his excellent shooting in the quarter combined with Balciunas’ continued dominance which therefore decreased the gap and gave Exeter something to worry about. 

After halftime, Weymouth stepped up their game once again. Mike Willemse started the 3
rd quarter very well by scoring 7 unanswered points which complimented the tough defence the whole Weymouth team played. Exeter scored a lot of points from the foul line due to the physicality of the defence but the points were made up from Jake Kinder’s three 3-pointers including a buzzer beater which saw Weymouth win the quarter by 2 points. The 4th quarter was similar to the 3rd in the sense that Weymouth won it by 2 points; however the offence wasn’t as consistent as the 3rd quarter even with a strong contribution from Andy Steel. This wasn’t enough to seal a victory.  

Team captain Chris Canham said, “It was an unfortunate loss for the team today. We played really well from the second quarter onwards (as was reflected by winning every quarter) but the first quarter lost us the game today. All we need to do is match their intensity early on in the reverse fixture and we can definitely get a win against them”.

MVP: Jake Kinder

Scorers/Roster: Vitoldas Balciunas 16, , Jake Kinder  14, Craig Sorrel 14, Mike Willemse 10, Andy Steel 8, Jim De Bertrand 2, Chris Canham, Carl Carter.

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