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Wednesday December 19 2018 

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Massage Weymouth Relaxes Raiders
Aug 31, 2014, 4:59 pm

With a boost in support for the Weymouth Bandits team in the recent weeks, it is now the turn of the Weymouth Raiders; Weymouth’s other men’s team to gain the support from a local business. Local business ‘Massage Weymouth’ has stepped into the fold and as well as giving their financial support, they are teaming up with the club in an effort to specifically support the treatment of injuries and therapies.


With the increased popularity of sport amongst all demographics, basketball has been no stranger to its share of injuries. Weymouth 1st Team Player/Coach Alex Fuhrmann has been out of action for nearly a year with shoulder surgery soon to come.


Fuhrmann, “I’ve personally been taking advantage of the treatments Massage Weymouth has to offer for over a year and they have drastically decreased my lower back pain. Specifically with their links within formation clinic they have helped me go through the process with my current shoulder injury and allowed me to get generous movement despite the need for surgery.”


Alongside their agreement the club has renamed the team ‘Massage Weymouth Raiders’ in respect to their new partners.


Massage Weymouth, Gordon Sharp “We’re really happy to be supporting the basketball club. I’ve been aware of their setup for several years and as a business that deals with many sports injuries it seems a great opportunity to cross promote. We’ll be keeping in contact with club officials so we can assist in any injury treatment and help rehabilitate players”.


Fuhrmann, “I’m not just pleased that we have been able to strike up another partnership involved with sport, but it’s of added benefit is that our registered players will now be able to follow a direct line between sports related injury and getting back on court.”


If anyone is interested in therapy or treatment they should contact Massage Weymouth - www.massageweymouth.co.uk, or alternately if you’re interested in seeing how you might help the club or want to start playing yourself, visit the club website - www.weymouthbasketball.co.uk

Mission Fitness Teams with Bandits
Aug 16, 2014, 11:47 am

Over the past several years the popularity of basketball in the local area has shown a great deal of interest, Weymouth Basketball Club boasting 9 separate teams and having one of the biggest sporting influences in the sports community.

Without a true Olympic Legacy it has been the local business community that have stepped up in their effort to assist the boroughs sports fans. Mission Fitness of Dorchester Road have taken the initiative giving their support, stepping forward and forming an agreement with Weymouth Basketball to be the leading sponsor of the clubs first team.

Weymouth Basketball Development officer Alex Fuhrmann, “Mark Kinder (director) contacted me a few weeks ago and we discussed a potential partnership and how Mission Fitness could assist and benefit from the partnership. Mark was very keen to maintain a sporting presence with Mission Fitness and with our increased membership and popularity they seemed like a great fit.”

Alongside their agreement the club has renamed their first team the ‘Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits’ in respect to their new partners.

Mission Fitness Director Mark Kinder, “Fitness Mission Gym is thrilled to be sponsoring The Weymouth Bandits, now known as Weymouth Mission Fitness Bandits for the coming season. Having a family member within the club (Junior stand out Jake Kinder) and having played myself while attending secondary school, it seemed the perfect fit. As an addition to the partnership we hope to offer Strength and Conditioning options for players within team and club”.

Fuhrmann, “We are really happy how the basketball club could develop in the coming years alongside the community. With the added exposure and the benefits of social media, it’s a great time to be involved and highlights how closely the Weymouth & Portland community can work together.”

If anyone is interested in any aspects of fitness and health they should visit Mission Fitness on Dorchester Road, or alternately if you’re interested in seeing how you might help the club or want to start playing yourself, visit the club website at www.weymouthbasketball.co.uk

End of Season Presentation 2013/14
Jun 8, 2014, 2:32 pm

Weymouth Basketball Club marked the end of their 2013/14 season with their annual presentation, celebrated at Aura Restaurant and Bar on the seafront.

The club continues to find success, developing their 9 teams; as well as having 2 junior players called up to Dorset regional team and the senior men winning the Exeter & District Division 2 playoffs.

Highlights also include improvements in the youth development programme, co-ordinated by Alex Fuhrmann, on Saturday afternoons. The U12/U14/U16 all competed in the Dorset Storm central venue leagues, with U12 and U14 both finding top half success in their respective leagues. The U9 program also continues to grow as the club registered a record number within the age group, offering sessions for only £1 per child.

The men’s teams; Bandits, Cowboys and Raiders all showed a completive spirit in their respective leagues with mixed results. Cowboys showed their worth, winning some very high profile games in their respective competition; Bandits had the hardest task in Solent Division 1 finishing bottom of their table and Raiders with their first year in Solent Division 4, were able to stay away from the bottom of the table with a solid run to close the season.Weymouth Huskies showed determination and promise, switching back to the Exeter & District ladies competition and landing of a very respectable 5th place in their most successful season to date.

Presentations were made to individual players from each team in the club, these included: Most Valuable Player, Most Improved, Best Defensive and Hustle Award. Three more awards were also made to those in the club who had made the effort off the court, giving out Coach of the Year to Eric Olson for his continued work with the U14 team as well as running the Cowboys team. There was the annual Huw Price Service to Basketball Trophy who also went to Olson in recognition of his willingness to represent the club as a county referee. There was also the creation of a new award to the club, allowing players to vote for their own players’ player. It went down to the line as the contest was decided by a single vote was winner Vitoldas Balciunas.

Club Development Officer, U16 Coach and 1st Team Coach Alex Fuhrmann said: “We would like to thank all members and parents for attending the evening, and especially Aura for their support. We will still strive to have a positive impact on our community and are excited about moving forward.”

The club maintains training throughout the summer and welcome those who wish to attend. For more details of current training and the new season in September, visit www.weymouthbasketball.co.uk.

Tropics Get Fruity Finish to the Season
May 17, 2014, 11:03 am

Weymouth College Tropics 32 – 35 Dorset Storm A

Weymouth College Tropics 45 – 24 Dorset Storm B


In their final games of the 2013/14 season, Weymouth College Tropics travelled to Poole in games that had little effect on their league position (4th), but would hopefully allow for a positive ending to a very disappointing season.


In their first game they squared off against league topping Storm A team that required just a game to seal their title hopes. Weymouth had previous suffered tough loses to the side, but with the last game of the season, things weren’t going to repeat themselves. Weymouth was extremely aggressive from the tip off, with Max Gilmartin finding his form and getting the rest of the team involved. Kim De Leon continued his scoring stride, making sharp cuts and finding the basket. It was only until the final period Weymouth were unable to maintain their composure as Storm A took a 6 point lead, and with Gilmartin hitting a lonely 3-pointer, Tropics fell to a 32 – 35 score.


In their second game, Weymouth refused to let the previous score line reflect their mood as they raced out to a quick lead. Gilmartin further dominated while linking up with Jerry Thompson and finishing on a 8 – 0 run to finish the first half. In the second half Weymouth continued to score as Dion Benson was able to shut down Storm’s biggest scorer and Luke Strong used his full repertoire of post moves. It was to the benefit of Weymouth as Storm put out rather odd line-ups, allowing them to take advantage of the slowing and smaller matchups to keep their lead growing and finish the match and season with a 45 – 24 win.  


Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “What a surprise, last game of the season and we play our best basketball, the story of a junior sports coach. We had outstanding effort across the entire team today and without Dion coming in from injury I’m not sure we would have done so well. The silver lining is that we only lose 4 players out of the age group next season, so have a very good team going forward… let’s just hope they don’t leave their top form so late next season.”


Weymouth MVP: Dion Benson & Max Gilmartin


Roster: Dion Benson, Kim De Leon, Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Taine Mackay, Luke Strong, Ewan Goodwin.

Tropics Find Change of Scene Tough
May 17, 2014, 9:56 am

With only 6 players Weymouth College Tropics travelled to Southampton, invited to take part in a new U16 program competition.


Weymouth College Tropics 8 – 32 Solent Kestrels

In their first game of the day, they squared off against an established side that features seasoned players from the Solent national league program. The game was evenly matched in the first quarter as Taine Mackay found back to back baskets and the Tropics side could stay with their opponents. Unfortunately that was the only success Weymouth saw for game, as Kestrels turned up their defence and ran away with a 32 – 8 win.


Weymouth College Tropics 16 – 23 Weston Wolves

In their second game Weymouth felt confident that they had settled into their grove, showing scoring promise from Kim De Leon who was able to claim a quick 2 point lead. This again was short lived as the Weston side suddenly begin hitting multiple shots from the outside and allowed them to gain the advantage. Solid defensive rebounding from Mackay and Matt Williams-Davey allowed Weymouth to stay in the game, but with a lack of scoring, Weston got away with a 23 – 16 win.


Weymouth College Tropics 20 – 26 Winchester Wolves

With the day continuing and only 6 players, Weymouth looked far more worn down than any of their opponents and it started to show. Similar to their previous effort, they were able to stay with their opposition for a majority of the game, until it came to the closing minutes. De Leon remained a threat for the Tropics but with a lack of subs, Winchester kept on their pressure and slide away with a 26 – 20 difference.


Weymouth College Tropics 14 – 16 Tres Barrilles Predators

In their final game of the day, a tired Tropics team had their most successful game against a team they should have ultimately defeated. Running up an 8 point lead for most of the first half, Weymouth allowed Predators to level the score within the closing 1 minute of the half. In the second half the teams traded baskets until the final 2 minutes when Weymouth gave a technical foul away allowing Predators to take the lead. Weymouth did have a chance to tie the game with 13 seconds but were unable to hit their free throw, leaving a 16 – 14 loss for their effort.


Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “extremely impressed with the performance from our limited squad today and missing nearly half the team, playing against new opponents and in a totally new setup was all up against us. However the lads played all their games and gave a good account of what they could do next season with a full squad.”


Roster: Taine Mackay, Ewan Goodwin, Kim De Leon, Tim Hendy, Matt Williams-Davey, Joseph Southcott.

Weymouth College Tropic Finally Get Win and Scupper Spires
May 6, 2014, 5:17 pm

Weymouth College Tropics 21 – 19 Salisbury Spires
Weymouth College Tropics 23 – 35 Dorset Storm A

Without a win all season Weymouth College Tropics travelled to Poole in hopes of getting at least 1 win for the season against the top 2 teams in the league.

In their first game of the evening they faced title chasing Salisbury Spires who Coach Alex Fuhrmann had previously clashed with. Weymouth were not welcomed well as in the opening quarter they were unable score as Spires took a 8 point lead. Things didn’t seem to change as the second period continued, Tropics only finding 3 points from the free throw line and Spires maintaining their 8 point lead at the half 11 – 3. Coach Fuhrmann had choice words for his team in the break and elected to put full court pressure on the Spires who previous had shown trouble dealing with the full court press. Weymouth College Tropics were ignited for the second half as they created steal after steal and found scoring success from Max Gilmartin and Jerry Thompson. As the closing seconds of the game ticked down, Weymouth drew level and with yet another steal on the press were able to seal the game with a Gilmartin 3 point play and win 21 - 19.

In the Weymouth College Tropics second game they were quick to pick up on their success from the last game as they ran out to an 11 point lead, leaving the Storm a little shell shocked. With the second quarter underway the Storm side became rejuvenated as they realised the reality of losing the league based on the result. Weymouth maintained a lead going into the second half but this was short lived as the fatigue from the previous game set in, alongside an injury to Jerry Thompson. Starting guards Kim DeLeon found success with an inspired 3 pointer, however the pressure was not damped as Storm continued to build confidence and run up a final 35 – 23 win.

Coach Alex Fuhrmann, “An added storyline to the evening as Salisbury would of claimed the league title had they beat us with no more games to play. As of now Dorset Storm A has 2 games in hand, requiring 1 win out of games against Weymouth and Dorset B next month. Although we might not be a top of the league, it’s great to see the lads fighting for games and letting the top side know that there are no easy games up until the end of the season.”

Weymouth MVP – Max Gilmartin

Roster: Max Gilmartin, Jerry Thompson, Ewan Goodwin, Tim Hendy, Joe Southcott, Kim DeLeon, Taine Mackay, Luke Strong.

Raiders blown away by Flyers
Mar 29, 2014, 11:15 am

Weymouth Raiders 47 – 76 Poole Bay Flyers

Solent Men’s Division 4

The Weymouth Raiders travelled away to Poole to face up against the Poole Bay Flyers who had previously got the upper hand on the Raiders in their last game. Travelling with a team of only 5 players the Raiders were not in the best of hopes but still had high spirits.

The first quarter consisted of a very back and forth game between both teams, with Turner opening up the scoring for the Raiders. Mid-way through the quarter the determination and hustle of the Weymouth players was starting to get the better of the Flyers with numerous rebounds, forcing the Flyers to take a time-out. With the Raiders keeping the pressure on and attacking the basket, the quarter finished 10 – 15 in favour towards Poole.

The second quarter was very much the same as the first, both teams trading baskets. The Flyers used their deep bench to their advantage, by substituting for a 5 man swap to get fresh players on. The Raiders were still playing great defense and allowed few inside shots. Weymouth’s scoring was kept alive by White and Turner who were assisted greatly by the passing of Gilmartin. The Flyers also kept a good pace to the game, with many fast breaks in an attempt to wear down an already disadvantaged Weymouth side. With Weymouth keeping up the offensive pressure the Flyers were forced to foul many times, giving the Raiders a chance to level the game but many free throws failed to convert, finishing the quarter and the half 27-34 to the flyers.

Leading into the third quarter it was visible that the fatigue had started to kick in for the Weymouth side. The defense seemed a lot slower but great rebounding efforts and outlet passes from Houlden created some successful scoring breaks for Turner and Gilmartin. The Flyers started to get a rhythm with their scoring which was proving hard to stop as they brought their large physical presences into the game. This was answered by two straight long range three point shots from Willson. The fatigue of the Weymouth side was shown as the Flyers then went on to score four three pointers at the end of the quarter, this scoring streak allowed the Flyers to finish the quarter with a 57 – 38 lead.

The fourth quarter consisted of the same style of play although Gilmartin and White made many hustle plays but many of them failed to convert into points at the offensive end. The Flyers veterans took advantage of the fatigued defense by scoring many points from distance. The Flyers ran away with game in the last few minutes despite great scoring efforts from Turner.

Player, Jay Willson “It was a shame we couldn’t bring our whole team to this game as it definitely could have been a close game if we had, but it was a great performance from everybody considering  we had 5 players”

Game MVP: Josh Turner

Roster/Scorers: Josh Turner 32, Jay Willson 8, Max Gilmartin 3, Scott White 3, Kyle Houlden 1.

U19 Rough Riders Rise
Mar 29, 2014, 11:14 am

Weymouth 53 – 40 Winchester
Weymouth 38 – 25 Kestrel Academy
Weymouth 20 – 19 Kestrel Under 15’s

Weymouth’s new under 19’s team were greeted to 3 very tough games. Weymouth had to prove to these well-established teams that they could play to their standard of play.

Weymouth’s first match up was against Winchester. The team didn’t really know what to expect coming into the game but inspiring words from the more senior players in the team encouraged the players to come out of the gates flying. Early scores from Scott White and Josh Turner solidified Weymouth’s strong first quarter performance. Weymouth kept up the intensity and finished the 1st half strongly; they were up by 20 points. Weymouth decided to rotate the team a lot in the second half to rest players and in turn make sure they play as hard in the next 2 games. This meant that Weymouth didn’t really settle on defence however the scoring did continue. Winchester managed to decrease the deficit however Weymouth’s first half performance was too strong and eventually Weymouth finished with an impressive 53 point offensive effort.

Weymouth then went straight into another game against Kestrel Academy, a team which were well known to be very strong. Weymouth devised a plan before the game to attack them hard and get some early scores, similar to the last game, only this time Weymouth looked to exploit the fast break more. Solid fast break play from Max Gilmartin and a valiant effort from Rory Legg on the defensive end put Weymouth in the driving seat early on in the game. Even with some strong play from Weymouth, the opposition kept coming back with some very tough plays. Weymouth managed to grind it out for the rest of the first half and finished it with a 16-12 advantage. Kestrel Academy looked really strong ending the half so the leaders on the Weymouth team emphasised on strong defence and to push them hard on offence. Fortunately, the plan worked and the opposition had a weaker 3rd quarter. Both teams traded baskets but scores from Jake Kinder and Josh Turner closed out the quarter to increase Weymouth’s advantage. Weymouth’s strong performance was too much for the Academy to keep up with in the 4th quarter and a score from Matt Clarke-Williams sealed the tie.

Weymouth knew their hardest game was yet to come. They were playing a young Under 15’s side with a few older additions who were proved to be a very strong team. They are a national league team so Weymouth knew they had to play their best basketball of the day to defeat the Under 15’s side.  The tactics in the last game was to be very physical and to get every rebound possible. The opening of the game went in Weymouth’s favour when they jumped into an early lead with baskets from Turner and Gilmartin. However, after a few scores Weymouth showed a half of weakness as the Under 15’s team jumped into the lead; 9-6. The defence from both teams was a fantastic spectacle due to the pure effort and determination put into it. This lasted throughout the whole game which therefore made the game much more aggressive and heated. Just before the start of the second half, the Weymouth players reminded each other the real possibility of coming home with three wins which unlocked a burst of energy when the game did resume. Half way through the 3rd quarter, Weymouth took the lead by a small 4 points. Like all great games, the opposition were not going to sit back and give up the game. They brought back the score and Weymouth had a 1 point advantage going into the 4th quarter. Thankfully, Jerry Thompson was in fantastic form and played incredible defence; his effort was probably the difference in the game thus far. The start of the 4th quarter was a nail biter and no one in the area knew who was going to come out victorious. The defensive effort from both teams was as strong as ever because of the hunger to win the game. The Under 15’s side briefly went ahead but the man in form Thompson, who was probably the youngest player on the court, scored to leapfrog the opposition into the lead. The under 15’s side scored again and time was running out. With less than 30 seconds left, Kinder secured a rebound off of a missed shot and managed to score to make the difference of the game.

Player Jake Kinder said after the games: ‘It was a really tough set of games today, especially playing all 3 games before any other team. We really stepped our game up and everyone should be proud of how they played today. We have some players who haven’t played for more than a year and they really proved their worth today. It also helped that we had players like Jerry in form to strengthen our overall squad. If we keep this up, we will be the team to beat in this competition’.

Roster: Josh Turner, Max Gilmartin, Jake Kinder, Scott White, Rory Legg, Jay Wilson, Jerry Thompson, Matt Clarke-Williams.

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